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by Moysís
2020 Jan 26, 08:33
Forum: Club All Star Teams
Topic: Juventus All Stars
Replies: 62
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Re: Juventus All Stars

Ryuu wrote:Even Gianpiero Combi's stats is not existed. Angelo Peruzzi for replacement might be good.

Exist, here it is..

by Moysís
2019 Oct 13, 16:55
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Shay Given
Replies: 108
Views: 42615

Re: Shay Given

Brezza any clue about his classic set? This is PES 5 set..
by Moysís
2019 Oct 11, 10:46
Forum: 80's
Topic: Enzo Francescoli | 1984-1986 | 1994-1997
Replies: 19
Views: 44554

Re: Enzo Francescoli | 1984-1986 | 1994-1997

Alex wrote:34 years playing for River against Boca:

It’s a link of Jimmy Greaves..
by Moysís
2019 Oct 07, 18:17
Forum: 00's
Topic: Dario Šimić | 2003-2007
Replies: 1
Views: 760

Re: Dario Šimić | 2003-2007

Where are the stats :?:
by Moysís
2019 Sep 24, 15:33
Forum: Other All Star Teams
Topic: La Liga All Stars | All Time
Replies: 6
Views: 4253

Re: La Liga All Stars | All Time

Well, you can look ironically on all those players from the past but Jose Santamaria has been the best defender on the world in his time for long years and if you want you can spend some time for searching old tapes on the net and see how quality players have been for it’s time taking in account all...
by Moysís
2019 Sep 24, 10:18
Forum: Other All Star Teams
Topic: La Liga All Stars | All Time
Replies: 6
Views: 4253

Re: La Liga All Stars | All Time

I'm looking more on pure quality of player rather than all that achievements and played matches.. if we look on played matches Miguel Angel Nadal should be in front of Puyol..! and I don't think that lot of people will say that he is better than Puyol.. Carles is inside of the first team of 23 playe...
by Moysís
2019 Sep 19, 04:14
Forum: West Asia
Topic: Marko Marin, Al-Ahli Saudi FC
Replies: 156
Views: 99416

Re: Marko Marin

Milan Borjan was fantastic..
by Moysís
2019 Aug 08, 20:05
Forum: 80's
Topic: Franco Baresi | 1988-1990
Replies: 74
Views: 90406

Re: Franco Baresi | 1988-1990

Pure world class in every move..
by Moysís
2019 May 27, 17:05
Forum: NT All Star Teams
Topic: Argentina All Stars
Replies: 187
Views: 154484

Re: Argentina All Stars

AMC wrote:Does anyone have stats for Carrizo and Marzolini please? Cheers.

I have. You can contact me via PM..
by Moysís
2019 May 26, 09:45
Forum: 80's
Topic: Jozef MLYNARCZYK | 1986-87
Replies: 3
Views: 10268

Re: Jozef MLYNARCZYK | 1986-87

@oriello: what do you think about this set? Did you worked on him? I remember you said you will re-work all Polish legends so I am curious about Młynarczyk set since I would like to have him in my classic database as one of better keepers during 80's..
by Moysís
2019 May 01, 10:21
Forum: Other All Star Teams
Topic: All Time Europe All Stars
Replies: 74
Views: 59591

Re: All Time Europe All Stars

Did Breitner play RB much IRL? I ask only as Maldini, Facchetti and Breitner can all play LB, but Thuram is the only RB in the squad although Breitner can play both sides according to his stats. He could play both side as truly two-footed player, but almost all time he played on the left side as of...
by Moysís
2019 Apr 23, 12:18
Forum: Club Era Teams
Topic: Celtic FC | 1966-1970 | Lisbon Lions
Replies: 4
Views: 8333

Re: Celtic FC | 1966-1970 | Lisbon Lions

R.I.P. Billy, captain of Celtic's European Cup-winning team, the first British player to lift the European Cup as captain of the Celtic side that won the trophy in 1967.
by Moysís
2019 Apr 16, 18:28
Forum: Other All Star Teams
Topic: All Time South America All Stars
Replies: 85
Views: 49870

Re: All Time South America All Stars

AMC wrote:Looks like Chilavert has replaced Carrizo in the squad despite not even being a reserve before, and Carrizo doesn’t even make it in as a reserve now.

That's funny.. The best southamerican goalkeeper of 20th century has been now released from this selection..
by Moysís
2019 Mar 14, 14:01
Forum: Other All Star Teams
Topic: Bundesliga All Stars | All Time
Replies: 2
Views: 4782

Re: Bundesliga All Stars | All Time

Replaced with Thomas Müller.
by Moysís
2019 Jan 13, 21:40
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: David de Gea
Replies: 340
Views: 180271

Re: David de Gea

Dave saves today and always, no doubt about the best currently..
by Moysís
2019 Jan 12, 21:18
Forum: 00's
Topic: Juan Román Riquelme | 1998-2001 | 2005-2008 | 2011-2012
Replies: 189
Views: 119578

Re: Juan Román Riquelme | 1998-2001 | 2005-2008 | 2011-2012

Argentinian version of Robert Prosinecki..

btw. happy birthday to the “Veliki Žuti” (great blonde)
by Moysís
2018 Nov 18, 12:51
Forum: 50's
Topic: Vladimir BEARA | 1952-1958
Replies: 10
Views: 18844

Re: Vladimir BEARA | 1952-1958

@vinnie: can you look on these videos above since we already mentioned Beara in earlier converstations..
by Moysís
2018 Nov 13, 09:49
Forum: GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Topic: Bruno Petković
Replies: 6
Views: 4418

Re: Bruno Petković

Surely first candidate for the goal of the season in HNL and obviously this guy develop from match to match.. really glad for him..
by Moysís
2018 Nov 10, 07:32
Forum: SSC Napoli
Topic: Kalidou Koulibaly
Replies: 61
Views: 64239

Re: Kalidou Koulibaly

by Moysís
2018 Nov 09, 06:56
Forum: Club Era Teams
Topic: The Southamerican Champions Thread
Replies: 51
Views: 9859

Re: The Southamerican Champions Thread

I've worked on some Sao Paulo players 92-93 so if you want I’ll send on PM some sets for them.

Also I’ll check on Penarol players from 1960. in my OF so I can help around them as well..

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