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by BigStu
2019 Apr 23, 20:26
Forum: Tottenham Hotspur FC
Topic: Fernando Llorente
Replies: 268
Views: 122605

Re: Fernando Llorente

Finished, movement non existent, physically not the strong target man this makes him and pretty useless aerially.
by BigStu
2019 Apr 23, 13:39
Forum: Everton FC
Topic: Theo Walcott
Replies: 520
Views: 233463

Re: Theo Walcott

yep, which is starting to fade, think he's a a yellow now
by BigStu
2019 Apr 23, 10:25
Forum: Brighton & Hove Albion FC
Topic: Mathew Ryan
Replies: 25
Views: 15380

Re: Mathew Ryan

I don't have a problem with GK82, but yep def looked a few points to high
by BigStu
2019 Apr 17, 21:07
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Eden Hazard
Replies: 460
Views: 318792

Re: Eden Hazard

Yep no doubt arguable if he’s is no3 far behind those two
by BigStu
2019 Apr 14, 21:59
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Gonzalo Higuaín
Replies: 1138
Views: 347943

Re: Gonzalo Higuaín

Kinda like that set, actually captures him well at a general glance, I’m happy to make changes
by BigStu
2019 Apr 11, 18:01
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Ashley Young
Replies: 284
Views: 140441

Re: Ashley Young

brought him down to green for accuracy
by BigStu
2019 Apr 09, 19:29
Forum: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Topic: Morgan Gibbs-White
Replies: 3
Views: 824

Re: Morgan Gibbs-White

godsplan wrote:Just want to say I view his Tec and DA much higher than this. Low yellows for both is what I have in mind

And yellow SPA as well, His stand our attribute
by BigStu
2019 Apr 09, 08:21
Forum: West Ham United FC
Topic: Robert Snodgrass
Replies: 29
Views: 18534

Re: Robert Snodgrass

About time this set is needed, he is a shadow of this set and not sure he ever was this good anyway
by BigStu
2019 Apr 05, 20:29
Forum: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Topic: Jonny
Replies: 8
Views: 11565

Re: Jonny

Another who’s shown to be a different player to what the sets suggest like dedoncker, much more of an offensive fullback and whilst he looks solid going the other way, not 74 for def, though attack wise should be under Doherty though he should be on. Green now, I’d go 72/69 with raises in da and pas...
by BigStu
2019 Apr 03, 07:43
Forum: Fulham FC
Topic: Maxime Le Marchand
Replies: 5
Views: 5827

Re: Maxime Le Marchand

yellow def and green TW stand out,
by BigStu
2019 Apr 02, 23:11
Forum: Burnley FC
Topic: Dwight McNeil
Replies: 1
Views: 342

Re: Dwight McNeil

Certainly looks potentially a high SA player, I’d be inclined to lower ST a few points and have SA on the 75
by BigStu
2019 Apr 02, 23:06
Forum: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Topic: Leander Dendoncker
Replies: 5
Views: 10786

Re: Leander Dendoncker

Hasn’t actually given the set on here much attention, but when he’s played he’s looked much more technical and intelligent all round midfielder and far less the defensive holder this makes him out to be
by BigStu
2019 Apr 02, 22:58
Forum: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Topic: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Replies: 1
Views: 4551

Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Insane season, 7th as the season draws to a close and with an fa cup semi final. Obvious they were going to do ok but they’ve excelled, best of the rest of the league as a promoted team with mostly the same squad, and the hey could yet depending on results and the various permutations and playsoffs ...
by BigStu
2019 Apr 02, 12:59
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Mateo Kovačić
Replies: 293
Views: 171903

Re: Mateo Kovačić

godsplan wrote:SPA and SPS could be nerfed even further, outside of his bonkers ball carrying ability he doesn't have much going for him. A textbook definition of a bang average player, jack of all trades master of none.

I had though looks like someones partially reversed it
by BigStu
2019 Apr 02, 09:50
Forum: Norwich City FC
Topic: Matt Jarvis
Replies: 48
Views: 19516

Re: Matt Jarvis

Oklahomastate010 wrote:I have real doubts on the level he is currently at. He struggled a lot over the past few years and has seemingly slid into irrelevance

Yep, have to keep an eye on walsall, suspect he's finished as even a championship player
by BigStu
2019 Mar 31, 00:02
Forum: Liverpool FC
Topic: Virgil van Dijk
Replies: 125
Views: 89194

Re: Virgil van Dijk

For what it’s worth I don’t see him as red def currently, and it doesn’t sit right making him so compared to prime JT, Carvalho, Rio and Vidic. But the argument over the realitive qualities of attacking play really has merit. I’d have him on 92/93 for the time being.
by BigStu
2019 Mar 25, 21:42
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Callum Hudson-Odoi
Replies: 4
Views: 7280

Re: Callum Hudson-Odoi

impressive sub debut and start for the senior england team, created a goal in each
by BigStu
2019 Mar 23, 00:22
Forum: Manchester City FC
Topic: Raheem Sterling
Replies: 326
Views: 193617

Re: Raheem Sterling

Never been much of fan of sterling wether I’m being fair or not but I’m with Jurgens on this, sterling should be a 90 da, though I’m not as sure with 90 dS, I might say the current values should swap
by BigStu
2019 Mar 17, 23:03
Forum: Huddersfield Town FC
Topic: Juninho Bacuna
Replies: 1
Views: 2480

Re: Juninho Bacuna

Jumps something to keep an eye one, for his goal va West Ham he showed a good leap that might warrant a value well into the yellow range
by BigStu
2019 Mar 17, 22:58
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Marcos Alonso
Replies: 46
Views: 78411

Re: Marcos Alonso

Seems to be getting worse each week, total liability at the back and increasing less effective attackingwise

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