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by petreleo
2021 Feb 24, 22:44
Forum: AC Omonia Nicosia
Topic: Jan Lecjaks
Replies: 16
Views: 5821

Re: Jan Lecjaks

Defensively, he is a very solid Full-Back and because of his great physical-characteristics; strength, stamina, sprinting-speed, and aerial ability, opponents find it very difficult to get past him this Season. His end-product attackingly might not been good, as he is mainly defensively-minded, but...
by petreleo
2021 Feb 19, 22:40
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Daniel James
Replies: 37
Views: 27810

Re: Daniel James

He is actually a decent finisher and can place his shots well when he has a chance to, and his finishing is also quite strong too. The goalkeeper might get a hand on them, but still go in because of the power. This Season he has scored a good number of goals given he has not been playing often as we...
by petreleo
2021 Feb 19, 22:08
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Fred
Replies: 80
Views: 60852

Re: Fred

Not starting quality for the likes of Man City and other top teams in the Champions League? Yes. Not an amazing passer? Probably. Not great tactically? Definitely. However, even though Fred might not be brilliant individually, he is really important to the team, like a past-it Milner who was release...
by petreleo
2021 Feb 18, 12:48
Forum: Nottingham Forest FC
Topic: James Garner
Replies: 5
Views: 5460

Re: James Garner

How brilliant he has been for Nottingham Forest so far? Well, we know he had a mixed time at Watford where he started playing as a starter under Ivic at the start of this Season, apparently not doing bad as well, but then he was left out of the starting line-up under Watford's new manager. The decis...
by petreleo
2021 Feb 15, 20:20
Topic: Emilio Nsue
Replies: 47
Views: 18576

Re: Emilio Nsue

He started this Season playing LB because of the injury of Wheeler and the sale of Ioannou, then after Wheeler returned from his injury Nsue played as RB for the majority of the Season, before recently moving to RCB in a back-three, and I do think the RCB position fits him best at this period in tim...
by petreleo
2021 Feb 02, 02:10
Forum: UEFA Southern-Mediterranean region
Topic: Giannis Gianniotas, Apollon Limassol
Replies: 29
Views: 11199

Re: Giannis Gianniotas, Apollon Limassol

After a bright start since signing at Apollon Limassol last Season, his form gradually started falling off and it is currently considerably lower than his previous high standards during his prime APOEL years (2016-17). He started this Season in poor form and then around December his form improved, b...
by petreleo
2021 Feb 01, 18:34
Forum: UEFA Southern-Mediterranean region
Topic: Nikolaos Kaltsas, Anorthosis Famagusta
Replies: 2
Views: 2326

Re: Nikolaos Kaltsas, Anorthosis Famagusta

He is truly one of the most underrated Wingers in Cyprus during the last 18 months since signing for Anorthosis, as well as one of my favourites. He might not be pretty to watch, and technically speaking not the greatest dribbler as a Winger, but he is very fast, great crosser and finisher, as well ...
by petreleo
2021 Feb 01, 11:53
Topic: Ítalo
Replies: 1
Views: 242

Re: Ítalo

He is a deeplying, link-up Target Man type of Striker with two good feet as well as surprising decent speed and ability to dribble for a Target-Man player, but ultimately his goal-scoring ability (except long-shots) is letting him down. Playing for his whole career in Brazil's lower Leagues before s...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 23, 22:18
Topic: Artur Jorge
Replies: 1
Views: 72

Re: Artur Jorge

Artur Jorge is a tough, strong Center-Back who is good in the air and had signed this Summer for APOEL Nicosia from Vitória Setúbal. He is not fast, not good technically, not much of a leader, and sometimes vulnerable to some errors due to lack of concentration, but he is seems to be the most consis...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 22, 15:27
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Anthony Martial
Replies: 123
Views: 181331

Re: Anthony Martial

Martial being nothing like he was 2 years ago, isn't talked about enough at all. He is nothing like that dribbler-speedster with great finishing that he was prior to the 2019-20 Season. Now he is a deep-lying forward, much smarter than before, doing great link-up plays and one-twos, but he is nowher...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 22, 00:39
Topic: Miguel Silva
Replies: 1
Views: 575

Re: Miguel Silva

He is playing for _cyp APOEL Nicosia since the Summer, and his Shirt No. is 1. Silva started the Season looking shaky, brought in mainly as back-up but ended up playing as starter because the other GK (Uzoho) was still injured since last Season, and SIlva was performing average at first. Then his fo...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 21, 11:42
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Luke Shaw
Replies: 66
Views: 112415

Re: Luke Shaw

Since Telles came to the team, he somehow improved a lot, I think that transfer motivated him. He's been consistent, quite solid in defending, made some good overlaps to support his LW, and his crossing looked better, even sometimes he took a corner with decent accuracy. Both his attack and defence...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 20, 00:36
Topic: Rafael Santos
Replies: 4
Views: 1026

Re: Rafael Santos

With Artur Jorge being the only relatively consistent Center-Back of APOEL this Season when he is fit, Santos has been one of his partners this Season, as well the youngster Shelis and the veteran Merkis, but all three of them have troubled Seasons and that's why none of the three of them has been a...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 15, 12:48
Topic: Konstantinos Apostolakis
Replies: 2
Views: 409

Re: Konstantinos Apostolakis

I like this Set. He is fast, energetic, attacking-minded, and aggressive with the ball to try and get forward, but he is too sloppy technically with the ball making mistakes, and weak defensively, as well as mentally. Despite being promising, currently he seems far of what you would normally expect ...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 13, 23:55
Topic: Atdhe Nuhiu
Replies: 19
Views: 7315

Re: Atdhe Nuhiu

There is little essence in his game, and more importantly he also is not scoring (only one goal so far this Season). He is huge but he is not winning as many battles as he probably should, because he has extremely poor jumping, terrible agility, and he is generally sluggish. He is showing effort and...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 13, 23:31
Topic: Ben Sahar
Replies: 27
Views: 14572

Re: Ben Sahar

Ben Sahar seems to be the best of the three players APOEL had signed from Israel last Summer, with the other two being Atzili and Geraldes that have already returned to Isreal. He has not been amazing at APOEL Nicosia his Season, but at least you can see a style of play in him. You can see what he i...
by petreleo
2021 Jan 13, 23:05
Forum: Maccabi Tel Aviv FC
Topic: André Geraldes
Replies: 1
Views: 665

Re: André Geraldes He is back at _isr Maccabi Tel Aviv on a 1.5 plus 1 year contr...
by petreleo
2020 Dec 07, 15:46
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Arnau Puigmal
Replies: 3
Views: 2339

Re: Arnau Puigmal

He might not be regarded as highly rated as Mejbri, Garner, Levitt, and even Galbraith in terms of ceiling and potential, but we should appreciate how consistent he has been lately scoring 7 and assisting 2 goals in 7 appearances this Season, playing in a range of positions including CM, AM, RB, RWB...
by petreleo
2020 Dec 03, 16:54
Topic: Georgios Efrem
Replies: 57
Views: 15989

Re: Georgios Efrem

Attack: 71 (-4) Defence: 36 (-4) Balance: 69 (-3) Stamina: 69 (-4) Top Speed: 76 (-2) Acceleration: 81 (-1) Response: 73 (-2) Dribble Speed: 79 (-2) Short Pass Speed: 73 (-2) Long Pass Speed: 74 (-2) Shot Accuracy: 73 (-2) Shot Power: 77 (-4) Shot Technique: 76 (-2) Jump: 63 (-8) Aggression: 77 (-3)...
by petreleo
2020 Nov 06, 01:16
Topic: Viktor Klonaridis
Replies: 14
Views: 9919

Re: Viktor Klonaridis

His decision-making has been dump, and he messes up the team's attacking moves a lot and gives the ball away when he has even the slightest of pressures. I know that he had been a good player in the past for AEK Athens, and mainly a useful player I would say because even though quality-wise he was n...

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