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by chanman
2012 Oct 04, 02:28
Forum: Manchester City FC
Topic: İlkay Gündoğan
Replies: 98
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Very good team-up with Bender yesterday in Manchester. Ilkay had a few individual moments in which he flashed up the potential to become a world class midfielder in the future, especially talking about his big chance just before the halftime and had two other formidable scenes in the 2nd half. His ...
by chanman
2012 Oct 03, 00:14
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Sami Khedira
Replies: 297
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Gonna update him... just one more thing, anyone else believes he could do without Enforcer? He works defensively but not on a Makelele-Lass level. Also box-to-box for the NT is probably too much, he just plays in a more attacking role there, that's all. I think these stats are good for him but i ag...
by chanman
2012 Oct 01, 23:01
Forum: Borussia Dortmund
Topic: Marco Reus
Replies: 263
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Re: Marco REUS

and i wand wondering why Konami gave him Def Awernesse: 3 forgot about the awareness, yeah, that's another way to improve the defensive behavior of offensive players. Although I always wondered, does it make players just track back more often when their team lost possession as a kind of replacement...
by chanman
2012 Sep 30, 20:46
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Sergio Ramos
Replies: 893
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Re: Sergio RAMOS

I may be biased, but lets not be ridiculous here, 83 is quite frankly absurd for him, let alone 80. Looking at it may seem absurd but how it plays is one thing and that is what is important to me at least on PES 13, any other version of PES I can't speak for but like I said earlier I am going on wh...
by chanman
2012 Sep 30, 20:39
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Sergio Ramos
Replies: 893
Views: 338528

Re: Sergio RAMOS

Been testing some values out with him and his KONAMI ATK/DEF values at 73/80 have him play pretty realistically aslo along with the card Lunging Tackle. What do you guys think?
by chanman
2012 Sep 30, 04:46
Forum: Wisła Kraków
Topic: Jakub Błaszczykowski
Replies: 153
Views: 90541


I think his TS and DS could be swapped, looks really fast on the ball at times. Also technique could come down as well 83 seems a little to high for Kuba. Also he could get the Darting Run card instead of increased Attacked that will make him join in attack more often.
by chanman
2012 Sep 30, 04:37
Forum: FC Bayern München
Topic: Ivan Perišić
Replies: 121
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Some things I noticed about Perisic; his Short passing is a lot better than this while his LPS is too high. Majority of his crosses are pretty lofty not lacking as much speed as the current value listed produces. Also ATK value could be green, I know at Brugge he showed how dangerous he can be in AT...
by chanman
2012 Sep 27, 09:22
Forum: Preston North End FC
Topic: Scott Sinclair
Replies: 41
Views: 44210


Agree with the previous posters, I don't see him in oranges regarding TS and ACC, maybe 88 TS. DS seems to be where he really shines, could see it on a 91/92. Really fast with the ball. MENT and TW shouldn't be green, he isn't that enduring or supportive in my opinion. To me he mostly looks like a ...
by chanman
2012 Sep 27, 03:01
Forum: Real Betis Balompié
Topic: Cristian Tello
Replies: 152
Views: 103787

Re: Cristian TELLO

I think it is safe to say that he can be moved to Barcelona first team he has featured in enough matches so far and Vilanova seems to almost have him feature in almost every game so far.
by chanman
2012 Sep 26, 20:55
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Sergio Ramos
Replies: 893
Views: 338528

Re: Sergio RAMOS

I honestly don't see him as anything higher than an 83, he is still a really good CB even with such a massive drop.
by chanman
2012 Sep 23, 20:19
Forum: Nottingham Forest FC
Topic: Carl Jenkinson
Replies: 52
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no way about lowering mentality... He has a real beast of an engine and he never give up even tired.. He is a real gooner and puts his blood on the jersey... “I don’t know him, but the kid looks like he would run through a brick wall for you”-Gary Neville on Jenkinson. Stunning performance today.. ...
by chanman
2012 Sep 20, 17:24
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Mirko Vučinić
Replies: 232
Views: 78597


čale wrote:agree, i really don't know how dafuq did i manage to not notice that...80 tops

He is also missing some cards, he should have Dummy Runner, 1-Touch Play, and Free-Roaming.
by chanman
2012 Sep 19, 19:58
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Oscar, SIPG
Replies: 159
Views: 180104


Spoiler: show

What a strike by him.
by chanman
2012 Sep 19, 15:29
Forum: AS Roma
Topic: Aleksandar Kolarov
Replies: 221
Views: 120988

Re: Aleksandar KOLAROV

His ATT/DEF ratio should be modified. In ATT he's not under Maxi Pereira from Benfica (75). In fact, for me he's +1 (76) over the Uruguayan. On the other side, I can't believe Kolarov is 7 pts over Clichy or Bosingwa. He's more in the 62-63 region IMO. STA, TECH, and FKA are fine in their current v...
by chanman
2012 Sep 19, 01:09
Forum: Toronto FC
Topic: Jozy Altidore
Replies: 136
Views: 48843


FernandoA13 wrote:
Fides wrote:He is doing well this season until now.

Yes, i have to change my opinion. He deserves higher TS for sure, he is faster this season. Wouldnt mind TS 84.

Same here but I think he looks better than last season we will see if he maintains this form but his attack could go to 80.
by chanman
2012 Sep 18, 23:58
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Yaya Touré
Replies: 469
Views: 222890

Re: Yaya TOURÉ

agree with Fiddy but i can't see him over 83 in DA , hes a nice dribbler but nothin more as i don't think that he could be on par with Ashley Young in pure close control , paring him with Joao Moutinho would be suiting and suficient imo . I agree as well KONAMI has him at an 82 and honestly he seem...
by chanman
2012 Sep 18, 21:58
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Sergio Ramos
Replies: 893
Views: 338528

Re: Sergio RAMOS

I never noticed Sergio Ramos defence got upgraded that much. I feel it is way to high, I feel he has other qualities that make him a good CB but that high of a defence rating is unrealistic for him IMO. I feel he should be closer to what KONAMI gave him.
by chanman
2012 Sep 17, 17:19
Forum: RSC Anderlecht
Topic: Vincent Kompany
Replies: 309
Views: 154890

Re: Vincent KOMPANY

Al-bulldozer wrote:
finally they gave him good values .

Except for injury rating, he hasn't been injury prone in years. Also like the HEA/JUMP values they gave him as well as TECH
by chanman
2012 Sep 17, 15:05
Forum: Real Betis Balompié
Topic: Javi García
Replies: 68
Views: 54289


good positional sense and tactical awareness, ... his SPS seems a little low. He's all about positional sense, in fact his defense could be raised t0 yellows as he can be a damn good CB when played in that position. *Marking can also be considered. But regarding pass speed, especially SPS, he rarel...
by chanman
2012 Sep 17, 05:23
Forum: Parma Calcio 1913
Topic: Gervinho
Replies: 184
Views: 109794

Re: Gervais Yao Kouassi "GERVINHO"

The stats seems quite good for me. I just have a doubt in his speed stats, especially in acc. A lot of times he is beating the rival justwith an amazing burst. His shooting has been awful, but he is improving a bit, i hope that he continues improving... I agree TS could go down maybe 2 points but i...

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