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Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Oct 22, 02:34

Full Name: Vanderlei Farias da Silva

Jon Osterman
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Re: Vanderlei

Postby Jon Osterman » 2017 Aug 11, 21:22

If i said that i follow Vanderlei i would be lying. Don't really remember the last full game i've seen of him. But checking the Brasileirão grade, you see that Santos has the second best defense of the championship following Corinthians. Of course this is the result of the collective work of goalkeepers and defenders; Corinthians is well known for his defense (and it's polemics :lol: ), but are Santos defenders so talented? Or the goalkeeper is something else?

I have to say, i liked very much his style. He does "simple" defenses, wich i believe are more related to his positioning than anything else. His reflexes seem alright, but he moves a lot, following the movements, looking calm and in control. His handling is something to talk about. South american goalies seem to praise reflexes over handling most of the time, so you see irresponsible deflections that put the defenders in trouble. At Vanderlei's defense, at least he knows where to throw the ball. Right now, i can say his effectiveness is due to his DEF and probably would say he is two points superior to what we see right now. About his handling i have to talk with The Fool about it, since goalkeepers can be tricky sometimes, but i'd say there's more to talk about. Perhaps some of you were able to see some Real Madrid games; maybe you were lucky enough to see Keylor Navas' GKS. I don't remember a ocasion where he held the ball, but many times i could see he deflect the ball right into the middle of hellfire in from of him, amidst a mess of defenders and strikers. In a Champions League game, can't remeber wich one, he caused Varane to score a own goal with his "handling". Yet, GKS sits on 85. Maybe Vanderlei is really deserving of his current goalkeeping numbers, but he seems to be conscious of this; he don't look like a subject to blunder, being able to put the ball away from players or out of the field. Can't remember how he handles crosses. But so far, all of this is decision making, as far as i am concerned, so it's related to Defense, isn't it? Well, Navas sits on 84 in this aspect. What do you say?

Having all of this in mind, who do you prefer in your national team goal? A goalkeeper with outstanding reflexes, but able to risk everything because he is unable to hold the ball, or a simple, smart and effective goalie, maybe if not a phenomenon, so it's expected to him fail here and there? Right now, i don't think Brazil can be 100% safe with none of his options. Alisson is a inferior Keylor Navas, but it's young and have moments of brilliance; a prospect to work with. Cássio is good, but is he as effective without his (polemic) defense in front of him? Haven't heard of Ederson until City buy him and i'll wait to see him there. You may remember Taffarel. A "simple" goalkeeper. You don't see him doing amazing flights and spider-man like acrobacies, but extremely reliable and probably underrated on the database. Well, Vanderlei is not a Taffarel, put what Brazil needs is safety in defense so you can dare upfront. My opinion of course. Remember that Brazi won 1970 world cup with Félix on goal and some DMs on the backline because they had a front capable of making some people piss on their pants... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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