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Postby PES Stats Database » 2016 Dec 10, 23:06

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Re: Simy

Postby antony » 2016 Dec 10, 23:19

Probably the most uncoordinated player in Serie A history, very ugly to see. He is decent in team supporting, fighting on every ball and obviously very strong in aerial duels. Maybe need some tweaks on his TS/ACC but i stay with 77/70 by now. After all, doesn't seems too slow in terms of TS.. his AGI is low 60's, i gave him the same value given for Crouch.
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Re: Simy

Postby lito5 » 2018 Apr 19, 03:08

he meabe deserves a high green on ST scored a great goal vs Juventus, and i see another games of crotone and he sometimes shots from complicates places
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Re: Simy

Postby Epsi » 2018 Apr 29, 12:51

this season he has improved a lot. Looks like a natural goal scorer tbh. He's currently the main contributor in crotone's fight for avoiding relegation...

talking about stats, attack, shooting stats could get a boost. The only thing that I'd lower is his tw, he really is out of the game most of the times and contributes nothing to the teamplay, he just scores.

*tactical dribble and *scoring needed

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