Luca Marrone

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Luca Marrone

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Dec 15, 12:37


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Re: Luca Marrone

Postby clapton » 2013 Mar 07, 00:01

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Re: Luca Marrone

Postby čale » 2013 Mar 07, 11:22

Fixer wrote:No wonder there's a 'penetration' stat, all of them players look like rapists

MocaBG wrote:Because you are a nerd and have no life.
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Re: Luca Marrone

Postby Blastgang » 2013 Mar 11, 03:45

I see his BB at least in yellow and his SP too, he really hit hard the ball!

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Re: Luca Marrone

Postby ravenkeeper » 2013 Jun 07, 02:25

His short passing is much better then this - both must be in the yellows at the very least imo.

This kid is really good in possession for a defensive midfielder. I really like his game.

I would add passing tag too in some way, you only really see it when he plays in the U-21 side where he's played his natural position, but he has the playmaking instincts and has the calm precise passing to back it up.
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Re: Luca Marrone

Postby mr.Boss » 2014 Feb 10, 17:05

I watched him against Inter and in this video: and WFA/WFF is underrated ,he isn't afraid to use his left,for me min WFA 5 WFF 5 .
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