Kingsley Coman

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Kingsley Coman

Postby PES Stats Database » 2014 Jan 27, 16:47


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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby mr.Boss » 2016 Aug 01, 21:04

WTF ??? His EP is well rated IMO , he is quite agile . Also , for me he can have even better values in some abilities but i like the new update for now :D
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby Klaus14 » 2016 Aug 01, 21:19

in the right side i can see the lack of good movements and quickness to dribble sometimes,thats why 89 agility seems a little high,but i dont know if thats a reason for a decrease.
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby cantona86 » 2016 Sep 09, 21:56

I do not know if you noticed but that player does many goal assists (29 games 11 assists) and are very strong and tidy passingin the air. Lofted Pass: 73 ??? Anomaly should have 75 or 77 and card P07 - Early Cross, Look at this video on the part of assists to minute 3:42. This player has key passes

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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby mr.Boss » 2017 Apr 30, 15:06

His acceleration is crazy and should be his best ability IMO . He can beat any defender just by pushing the ball forward and than makes an assist :lol: . Injures didn't let him to make the season the we excepted after a great 2015-2016 but anyway Bayern believes in him and bought him from Juve :D . Amazing talent who just needs more playing time and he will get it with Robbery being 33-34 and he needs to improve the decisions the he takes while attacks cause Coman often looses the ball by trying to keep it more than he needs and things like that , which is well replaced with low ATT , MENT and TW ;)
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby Luisao82 » 2017 Jul 30, 16:47

mr.Boss wrote:His acceleration is crazy and should be his best ability IMO . He can beat any defender just by pushing the ball forward and than makes an assist :lol:

Came here specifically to say that Coman is a ACC > TS type of player (by a significant margin) and just came across with your comment.

He's a freaking bullet. There are times that he seems to reach his top speed in just a fraction of a second. Anything less than ACC 96 for him is clearly underrated IMO.
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby vinnie » 2017 Oct 03, 01:58

i watched a few videos of coman a few monthes ago due to the requests for such high acceleration that i saw. i had been meaning to leave some brief reflections on my opinion on the contrast between coman and costa.

what i see between the two is a contrast of grace against brutality. Coman's dribbling to me shows what an 85 or more da dribbler should be like- very smooth on turns and in his adjustments, and a quite fluid dribbler in all situations. Coman is much more capable of using small intricate touches to escape a tight situation. Coman's dribbles can almost be described as elegant, due to his calm but graceful, and measured touches and turns on the ball. In contrast, Costa's turns are much more brutally sharp, and his dribbling relied much more on a staggering turn and burst of speed, with quite wooden and a limited range of adjustments he can make on the ball in comparison to Coman.

Between the two Coman is the much more graceful dribbler. Coman has more natural speed as well, capable of impressive topspeed superior to Costa, and very good dribbling speed that is also slightly better than Costa. Costa on the other hand is all about compact power. Costa is reliant on his burst of speed to be effective, but particularly, one of Costa's key attributes behind his ability to dribble and attack with speed in such a way, is his unusual body strength and balance resisting against shoulder to shoulder challenges. Without this ability, Costa's burst reliant method of dribbling would not really be practical, as even with his amazing ability to change speed, usually in such an attempt to burst a defender, the defender has some opportunity to either lean into the dribble/burst, or flail a hand out and claw the dribble or attempts to burst around a defender back, which is a tried and true employment of effective 'dark arts' defending if the referee doesn't see such an act (usually, a ref won't be able to see these kinds of fouls). What Costa can do though, is just power through the attempts to shoulder him off of the ball, or even the attempts to foul him. I think this is really one of the defining abilities of Costa for his attacking style, and one of the key reasons he was so unstoppable when he first arrived at Munich.

One thing i've been a bit baffled by, is how some users could question Costa's BB? It was comments like these that made me feel like such posts were indicators of a lack of really trying to watch Costa, as this particular ability always stood out so strongly to me when i watched Costa. I haven't watched much Costa since i made his set initially, and i only took about a month to be sure on how Costa's set should be balanced as to reflect his skillset in the first place- but a few monthes ago i did a short review to catch up. Well Costa had a super first season, but predictably, because of his lack of technical ability or, rather his limitations, he became pretty well understood by defenders who learned how to respect his burst of speed, and his strength, and thus took away the spaces that Costa took so much advantage of when he arrived in Munich. I saw that Costa for his best form with Munich was as much as 92 Agility or slightly more, and maybe going into the reds for acceleration. However, i also saw that after his honeymoon season, Costa then regressed a bit, with his dribbling speed suffering, and his overall match-to-match form not being as consistent. particularly, i've seen that Costa's acceleration and topspeed have both dropped off very slightly compared to his best.
But the one constant that still remains today, is his body balance. I saved this example in my notes to reference in the future, as this below is a pretty good show of Costa's strength when he is forced to use it in isolation:

Coman can't simply shrug away defenders like Costa can there, not even close. Coman's not weak, but he lacks superior strength as demonstrated above, and used so regularly by Costa.

Coman however makes up this lack of a overwhelming balance, with his ability to intricately dribble in a very fluid and technically refined style, which he blends with a talent for his topspeed, and some occaisonal displays of quite good dribbling speed- which i think is at a level above Costa.

And when it comes to the judgement of Coman's acceleration ability as well, i think Coman's acceleration is very impressive, but slightly below Costa. I did see some awesome displays of acceleration that made me seriously consider the comments about red acceleration. However, as i spent more and more time and saw more and more footage, my feeling was that Coman's regular level is quite easily below Costa's for acceleration, and i started to notice that the best displays of "accelerations" were rather than being pure change of speed, were rather moments where Coman very effectively beat a fullback/defender, but more due to his clever ability to shift on the ball when starting dribbles which disguises the direction Coman intends to dribble towards, and thus leaves the defender unable to read and prepare for a particular vector.

Neymar is extremely effective for this dribbling technique, and has maybe been the one that has reintroduced this extremely simple, but powerful method of dribbling. This is when a dribbler takes one step down towards the line where he intends to dribble, and leans into a loaded running position, but leaves his hips open, and with his dribbling foot trailing behind his planted foot, balanced over the ball- this forces a defender to consider the still open option of the dribbler cutting inside if the defender commits to the line as the planted foot suggests. The intention of this dribble is to preload towards accelerating in one direction, while forcing the defender to not be able to commit in any particular direction: and thus a dribbler has an advantage of about a half to a full step when then pushing the ball forwards down the line, when typically a dribbler trying to go down the line has the advantage of reaction time, but usually a disadvantage of about a half step due to effective jockeying. With this dribble, which is practically a trademark of Neymar, a dribbler gains about a half step, and has the appearance of being startlingly effective in his change of pace. Alot of this ability to beat a defender so effectively is due to the technique of this deceptively simple dribble though, rather than pure acceleration.

For me, in the best accelerations of Coman, i see this type of dribbling playing a part in how effective he can be in leaving defenders for dead. I think Coman's acceleration really is fantastic, but for raw change of pace, Costa is still slightly better in my view, either when considering consistent threat and use, or in isolation of analyzing the best examples of acceleration from each player.

I think Coman lacks quite alot in end product, to touch on another rather crucial area of ability contrasting against Costa. I'm sure Costa was dropped because he isn't as technically talented as Coman, so Coman should have a higher ceiling if he can continue to develop his physical abilities, and his final products- especially considering Kingsley's age. But Coman's final product really needs alot of work. Another contrast that can show the difference in the two's styles, between Coman's grace and Costa's brutality, is between the two's crossing. Coman's crosses are just bad, and seldom effective at all. This isn't because Coman is horribly inaccurate though- Coman is not as consistent or precise in his crosses compared to Costa, but i had a set that i lost where i recall thinking that he's worth about 75 lpa.

What makes Coman so much less effective than costa is his lack of passing speed. Costa's crosses were not exceptionally accurate, but they could always beat the centrebacks because they were fired with so much pace- so if they failed, they would overshoot or be blocked by the defender for a corner/throw in, but if they hit their mark, it would be an unstoppable cross. With Coman, he can create alot of space in a much more controlled way when taking on fullbacks due to his dribbling ability, compared to Costa, who relied on going down the line 9/10 times with bursts of speed. However, even with that extra space, and the better positions that Coman could make due to his better dribbling control, Coman's crosses are virtually non-threatening. Coman's crosses are non-threatening because they float for so long in the air, so that even when he places a cross exactly where he wants it- by the time it takes to reach that point, any centreback anywhere near proper positioning could easily intercept and win the clearance. So this is a player that can be looked at to see how passing speed can be just as important, if even much more important, than actual precision, when it comes to effectiveness and danger in crossing and passing ability.

So i think Coman is an example of what an 85 da dribbler is more like, and i think he is a good reference to show why Costa shouldn't be upgraded above his 82 da, or maybe 83 da at his very best. I think there should be a noticeable gap between these two players for their dribbling accuracy. think the contrast in the two's style is quite sharp, so they can serve as effect contrasts on how the two should be related in comparison to each other on those points of contrast. I wrote so much about Coman here not because i'm overly intrigued by Coman, but because i think it is very useful to take the chance to compare Coman against the player he replaced, Douglas Costa, and compare the difference in style between the two which i think is so apparent, and thus effective in showing the particularity of the traits that define each player.

I remember when i watched Coman, i avoided looking at the first post so i could come up with an independent point of view. I believe i ended up with pretty much a mirror copy of the current set. I distinctly remember that i rated Coman's agility at 86, his dribbling accuracy at 85, and then, i think i rated Coman's top speed at 93 or so? and maybe acceleration slightly higher than here. I think i rated dribbling speed at 90? Not so sure there. But seriously, it was just differences of 1/2 points in almost every key area. I was very satisfied with the current psd set, which is why i made no comment then- in fact i don't even know where i saved that coman set, or if i saved it at all; i recall i saved a draft in this topic but there is no drafts on file for this thread, and i can't find that Coman set in my notepad files, or in my message box. In any case, this is just to show that i have no qualms with how the current set is rated, and i'm impressed with how i feel that this current set accurately captures Coman fundamentally. The intention of this post is just to talk about why Coman and Costa should be rated as they are, for considering the differences between the two that need to be reflected with suitable gaps. This is just to reflect not only on Coman, but on Douglas Costa as well, so to compare the two due to their differences.

I haven't even watched any videos to refresh my memory, this is all based on what i noted a few monthes ago; i just want to make sure i touch on about this now in case i forget or don't have the time to ever leave a comment.
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby Webad » 2018 Jan 27, 21:53

He was the best player today, what a great potencial world class winger, could be next Ribery (because both are from France) :-) - great fast dribling - goal, he saw the empty space

He needs more minutes so he can develop and show us just how good he can be. Ancelotti didnt use him enough, that was a mistake.
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby Maracanazo » 2018 Apr 18, 21:38

sorry if it was annoying, but is he doesn't get any development? I'm really sure it was almost 2 years since last set update. When Dembele leaves Dortmund, he suddenly get a boost, huge boost. I think it's weird he still like 2 years ago. I think we need to talk about him, even if he's injured now.
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby jurgens » 2018 Apr 18, 21:57

dembele got a huge boost as I happend to be watching him constantly before he moved. I'm not watching coman constantly, you want an upgrade? make yourself useful then
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby anOKguy » 2019 Mar 22, 15:22

Quick note: i really have been seeing him putting really good speed on passes. Don’t have any examples on hand at the moment but wanted to note that while still fresh in my mind.
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Re: Kingsley Coman

Postby Akephalos » 2019 Nov 28, 18:59

anOKguy wrote:Quick note: i really have been seeing him putting really good speed on passes. Don’t have any examples on hand at the moment but wanted to note that while still fresh in my mind.

totally, his sps is maybe high greens as you pointed out. I feel kike Agility, Stamina, Agression and Technique deserve a little boost too. ;)

About shooting, I think his SP is low yellows, he actually shots from outisde the box quite often and he succeeds with nice placement and power.
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