Matheus Dória, Evkur Yeni Malatyaspor

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Matheus Dória, Evkur Yeni Malatyaspor

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Sep 26, 10:36

Name: Matheus Dória Macedo

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Re: Matheus Dória

Postby čale » 2012 Dec 25, 12:52

apparently a new juventus player...

EDIT: the transfer will be delayed by a few weeks until the Brazil U20 duties end.
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Re: Matheus Dória

Postby Anders » 2013 Feb 01, 01:30

Looks like the deal is broken, isn't? The scouter didn't like his performance at U20. The way that the team was playing, din't help the defence, not at all.
Anyway, I liked him, looks like a decent tackler and his reactions are really good, the only problem is that he don't has speed to play that way, actually his speed is very strange, sometimes he don't look this slow, but in several moments he look so sluggish.

He take free kicks, generally blast then, his SP is around 83~85, could have a boost on his FKA as well, something like 72~73.
His jump is better, he has quite a good leap, 80~81, but I dislike his Mentality and especially his TW, I have with 76, 73 respectively.
Liked his tackles, just not sure with he really is this strong, didn't saw need for more than 83, but I may be wrong.
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Re: Matheus Dória

Postby Eduardo A. Lopes » 2013 Jun 24, 00:20

Doria's set is very well done! Good job guys, i see him playing at that level
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Re: Matheus Dória

Postby clapton » 2014 Sep 01, 20:45

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Re: Matheus Dória

Postby PIPA23 » 2015 Jun 30, 20:19

he is back at Marseille from SPFC loan: ... do-matheus
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Re: Matheus Dória

Postby Ocrin » 2017 Feb 03, 04:32

Surprisingly good game from him against Lyon. He was especially - and unexpectedly - good offensively: good runs, strength, balance and took on a few players with decent technique.

I'd be surprised if he keeps this up but I hope he will.
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Re: Matheus Dória

Postby Valbuena1313 » 2017 Aug 29, 02:05

Matheus is very very very slow ! Don't deserve 70 in speed, ACC & DS...... Awful defensive placement, bad ball control, really bad defender (against Monaco it's was horrible for OM fans, Bielsa was right on him when he was OM coach)

def 77->73
speed 77->68
acc 74->63
DS 69->67
SPA 72->70
LPA 72->68
technique 73->69
TW 77->67
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Re: Matheus Dória, Evkur Yeni Malatyaspor

Postby Oriello » 2019 Mar 06, 02:53

Doria kept pace and managed to outrun and then muscle out kaku (81 TS) when both were chasing down a through ball over 30-40 meters.

Commentator noted that, "Nervo and Doria are touted as best center half duo in Mexico".

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