Grégory Sertic

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Grégory Sertic

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 May 05, 20:14

Info (Old):
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Sertić is a French/Croatian footballer who is currently playing for Girondins Bordeaux. His main strengths are his accurate passes, his Freekick ability and his quite good Dribbling ability. In an interview he stated that he'd like to play for the Croatian National Team, at the moment he's waiting for a call.

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Sertić preseason moments
Sertić(Bord vs Fontanay)
Sertić's first goal for Girondins

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Re: Grégory SERTIĆ

Postby Jez » 2009 Dec 11, 07:35

Age needs changing. Looks a decent player for his age judging by the stats.
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Re: Grégory SERTIĆ

Postby zorb » 2010 Mar 28, 13:38

Agree with jez (link) :

Age: 20 (05/08/1989)
Height: 181
Weight: 69

Number: 22
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Re: Grégory SERTIĆ

Postby VUKDS » 2012 Dec 29, 22:03

He became a Croatian citizen. ;)
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Re: Grégory Sertic

Postby Adrien » 2012 Dec 29, 22:22

Yeah but it doesn't matter. He's born in France and played for France U-21. We will change his nationality if he's call up by the croatian NT.
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Re: Grégory Sertic

Postby vjeko1701 » 2013 Mar 24, 15:43 ... -/1092718/

Passport was taken yesterday...I expect him in out next friendly match.
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Re: Grégory Sertic

Postby reQ » 2015 Jun 08, 21:05

Position should be DMF*, CMF. didnt played AMF and SMF since years.

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Re: Grégory Sertic

Postby Valbuena1313 » 2019 Oct 20, 22:36

Last update: over 1 and a half year? Every time that Sertic played, it was a horrible cataclysm (bad skills in general, missed so much passes, too slow, no anticipation, bad placement)... He needs an update.

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