Jean Lucas

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Jean Lucas

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Sep 22, 13:00

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Re: Jean Lucas

Postby Adrien » 2019 Jul 18, 16:27

Okay, editor down for new player, no reason to keep Ronan Le Crom alive in the database :mrgreen:

Juninho back at Lyon in management and Sylvinho as a coach, it was obvious Lyon will return to what made their strenght in their best era: the brazilian !
We all remember when they suceed with the like Edmilson, Sonny Anderson, Cris, Juninho, Nilmar (even if he didn't suceed at Lyon).
So the one they choosed for that this summer is Jean Lucas. A young player from Flamengo academy who was loaned last season at Santos. I checked the highlights I could found for him. When Lyon sold Ndombélé to Tottenham and choosed Jean Lucas, he looks to make a lot of sense, because they have a lot of similar points.

Jean Lucas looks very promissing, he's a center mieldfielder looking like Pogba in his style. He's very good technically with the ball but looks a bit limited in his body turn altought he's not very tall. He's a real box to box mieldfielder, always in movements and trying to go ahead. He's quick and especially strong on dual, something wich could be deadly in the future to combine with his technicall abilities.

Also what makes him looking like young Pogba is his strong bullets and really nice potential on long balls. He has the potential to deliver incredible long balls, at least he already has the power and try them a lot. He just need to improves his accuracy overall.

I'd like to see now how he'll adapt to Europe, he already played first friendly with Lyon 45 minutes. Let's see now.

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