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Johannes Flum

Posted: 2009 May 30, 07:52
by PES Stats Database

Re: Johannes FLUM

Posted: 2009 Dec 01, 09:09
by s-cobar
I´ve given him an update

Re: Johannes FLUM

Posted: 2010 Nov 20, 18:56
by Majin
what is your default position?

Re: Johannes FLUM

Posted: 2012 Aug 02, 08:33
by Hayame
Main position should be DMF. He played there the most games last saison. I don´t see his Defence so good. Even he is a DMF he is more Offensive minded. His Stamina, Mentality and Teamwork need a standardising.
HIs SA is better than his ST he has a quite good placing.

Defence: 67
Stamina: 83
Shot Accuracy: 72
Shot Technique: 69
Mentality: 77
Teamwork: 75

Re: Johannes Flum

Posted: 2012 Dec 23, 00:31
by Malakayi
very talented player who is in desperate need of an update, here my suggestions:

Add *CB and *AMF as optional positions ...5 times as CB as well as 3 times as AMF this season.

DEF 67 -> 69 ...slightly better than old value, he's not bad as CB.^^
HEA 74 -> 76 ...bit better heading than before, nothing special though.
DA 76 -> 79 ...likes to dribble and does quite good.
SPA 76 -> 79 ...good accurate passing, often shows nice through balls.

RES 78 -> 82 ...good at anticipating and intercepting passes.

ATT aw 2 -> 3 ...workaholic.
DEF aw 2 -> 3 ...same.
TW 75 -> 79 ...links up pretty well with his team mates.

Re: Johannes Flum

Posted: 2013 Jan 27, 18:31
by Malakayi
great match vs Leverkusen, I think he is still underrated in some values like all passing stats & dribbling accuracy but it's rare for him to show his full potential.

Re: Johannes Flum

Posted: 2013 Feb 03, 21:36
by Hayame
Passing can go up a bit but I wouldn´t go higher than 80 in SPA.