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Postby PES Stats Database » 2014 Jul 04, 19:21

Full Name: Jorge Delgado Fidalgo

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Re: Ito, Atlético Levante

Postby Oriello » 2017 Jun 01, 12:27

Defender1990 wrote:Lol whats this, like a test or something?
Clear example of the Admins losing the plot, what some was fighting against, but this new way will spread.
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Re: Ito, Atlético Levante

Postby Fixer » 2017 Jun 01, 14:50

Just a jest dude. Like I made this player because I actually saw him play several times and it has been a 'joke' ever since just because of that. All these concerns could probably be used elsewhere and be more profitable :roll: even if he was this good I'd like you to name me one single person who could have given any constructive criticism regarding whatever stats he may have.
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