Lukas Podolski, Vissel Kobe

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Lukas Podolski, Vissel Kobe

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 18:52

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Re: Lukas Podolski

Postby gala2000 » 2015 Jul 25, 23:59

Having watched him play for Gala in a friendly vs Celta Vigo.............I have to say once more his speed stats are very low for how fast he is, and thats in pre season while looking a bit over weight and after only 2 weeks of training........He looks faster then Umut, also he's clearly quicker then Van Persie and Fernandao who have same stats as Pod
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Re: Lukas Podolski, Vissel Kobe

Postby Ocrin » 2018 Apr 26, 17:23

Tried to catch a few of his games with Kobe and follow his performances, and honestly the guy looks so done.
He isn't doing shit on the pitch, no effort, no nothing. His attack, STA and mentality look like they could well be downgraded into white values, and especially his mentality who's probably in the mid/low 60s right now. He has no will to actually put on some effort for his teams, and on top of that, he looks extremely nervous, getting angry too easily and losing the little focus he has all the time. He behaves like a diva really.
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