Carlos Quintana

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Carlos Quintana

Postby PES Stats Database » 2010 Jul 18, 19:18


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Postby jorgecavs » 2012 Nov 14, 20:17

You're right ignore it, I think with 71 fine. I do not know which is the number of his shirt.
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Postby gotaa » 2012 Dec 13, 22:15

He was training in Deportivo Armenio I think. Now has got an agreement and is player of Douglas Haig for the following 6 months
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Re: Carlos Quintana

Postby lucashag » 2015 Nov 19, 18:40

Drop some technical skills and raised TS a point, solid season for him, although every time i see him i have a feeling that he's a mess waiting to happen, if a team can capitalize on his mistakes, the team becomes more prone to conceed goals
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Re: Carlos Quintana

Postby chamakh » 2015 Dec 22, 14:20

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Re: Carlos Quintana

Postby Paablito » 2019 Sep 21, 18:12

With few things he is one of the best cb in the league, amazing spirit, covering ability and temperance ont he last line, i see his mentality pretty pretty high tbh and his bw too, good ability to disposses.

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