Alex Iwobi

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Alex Iwobi

Postby PES Stats Database » 2016 Apr 07, 09:23


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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Brahms » 2016 Apr 09, 01:03

well what can i say, some of this stats are just too low and i'm pretty sure it is because he is just 19. First of all, he is a winger, he played as a CF with sub 21, but he will never play as a CF now that he is in the first team (even AMF could be added, he played there sometimes or he likes to go behind the forwards to create spaces). Attack surely needs to be higher, he is not a goalscoring machine but he is always up there linked in the attack with passes or shots to the goal, it is not rare to see him ending a worked play. Also he is very clever with his passes, 90% simple but clear passes, and 10% are a bit more adventurous but normally successful passes, he knows what he can do and what not. Saying that i find it funny that he has higher LPA/LPS combo than SPA/SPS, it should be the other way around. he almost never play long balls. Don´t wanna say much about his DA, TECH and maybe BB, he knows how to cover the ball well, not really strong, and not really great in this aspect, he is an OK player in those areas (i find his first touch can be his main asset in a couple of years). i have doubt with his EP being in yellows or his DS being higher than his TS, i see him as a player who doesn't dribble too much with the ball, he is an effective player, get the ball, passes to a teammate, runs for an open space looking for a pass, get the ball again, shoots/pass, and that's it. He only dribbles when he is far from opposite goal and with space, but we cant say he is quick at it.
His defensive contribution is very poor, he is a lazy player when the team is defending, so nothing to add to his def stats.
TW should be higher, he is always showing himself for a pass or looking to help a teammate up there, i like his involvement with the team.
Finally idk where those shooting stats came from, i find them actually high for what he shows, true he is a dangerous player but his shooting has no strengths at all, he just shoots hoping the ball enters. (you can see his two goals were: 1 very easy, the other one with a bit of luck and GK fail).
and i have to add, it seems this is another player who benched campbell (even when joel was playing better lately).
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby scara » 2016 Apr 24, 13:26

he reminds me of Hleb a bit. shows great touches and close control at high speeds at times, still raw though
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby CatDevil » 2016 Aug 08, 15:00

I agree, he has something of Hleb in him.

His strenghts are offensive awareness and technique. That includes his first touch, but also dribbling ability and short passing accuracy. His shot is not bad either. Uses both feet pretty well too, has lots of resources. Not sure what should be... maybe if he continues like this is a future 6-6 for the weak foot.

Physically he's not mature, but shows good BB and explosiveness. He has a good body, probably will grow to be a very physically gifted. Something to keep an eye on.

From the stat set above, i think it's generally ok. I feel his attack should definitely be higher though, definitely in the greens. Not sure if there's much else to change right now, but wanted to share some thoughts on him because he will be playing more and more and is becoming an important player in the arsenal squad.

Edit: forgot to add that his position is wrong. He isn't (or no longer is) a CF or SS. In my opinion, his main position is AMF, but usually does that role as either RMF or LMF. Sometimes he even plays the CMF role, but I wouldn't add that position.
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Brahms » 2016 Oct 17, 04:13

iwobi > walcott >> chamberlain

his game has a great impact in arsenal's attack, in fact it seems that alexis "false 9" is working cause he link up greatly with alexis and ozil giving way more options up there plus he is confident enough to try things on his own which actually works just fine. i gotta say i love alexis-ozil-iwobi transitions and thankfully walcott take advantage of this sometimes and manages to score. (walcott really waste a lot of easy chances and still he scores one or two goals a game, not saying he is good or anything, is just a proof of the amount of chances created for a limited player like him).

im most impressed by his close control at times, his passing is quite good which i think is already represented but is his decision making that i find is his best trait. He lacks defensive workrate and he tends to fade along the match, but he will probably get better physically.
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Ocrin » 2017 Apr 13, 16:08

I don't think he's that fast, each time I watched him his TS looked 2-3 points lower than that.
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby vinnie » 2017 Sep 03, 22:55

these are notes i intended to post about a few monthes ago, but i held back because i saw that brahms had rated iwobi really very very well, so it seemed unnecessary to add anything- but i want to post now to make sure the notes don't disappear as my laptop falls apart, so i'm dumping some notes that i've held back from my personal files; these are not update suggestions.

I'm impressed with this set- this is certainly a set that does a good job conveying Iwobi's playstyle and general characteristics without going over the top.

I'm a bit conflicted about how i feel about Iwobi. it's always been one of the greatest abilities of Wenger to nurture and give opportunities to players like Iwobi, players who are not clear world leading potential players, but players with very interesting skillsets- usually incomplete players with clear weaknesses or an unevenness to one's skillset, but players with niche talents and clever abilities none the less.. These players usually have the talent to be very very good squad players for championship contending teams, or stars/regulars in mid-table teams- I feel this way about Iwobi. So maybe this is why i'm conflicted about Iwobi.

Iwobi has been used alot in a season where i felt like Arsenal had such a fantastic squad that they certainly should have been the favorites to win the title- taking that into accout, i saw Iwobi as being given too much time and being a bit of a weakness for a starting XI that should be ready to dominate all or any teams. I had been watching some arsenal matches in the winter and i just felt that Iwobi should be an excellent squad player giving important reinforcement in rotation level matches- much like Asensio at Madrid. I see the talent Iwobi has, but like others have said, he's still some ways from reaching his peak. So even though i see Iwobi's talent, i think it has been mildly costly to any title ambitions Arsenal may have hoped for to have played Iwobi as much as Wenger did.

Anyways, I think how Brahms has described Iwobi is spot on- you've really covered nearly everything almost exactly as how i see him, so i won't waste words being redundant. i'll add through the small differences i see though against what's in the set currently, they are chiefly his: acceleration, his strength, and his teamwork. i really think his strength is much more than this, i see Iwobi as an 83, and i see his acceleration as much lower. In all of his speed abilities other than top speed, i can't see Iwobi out of the greens. From my impressions, Iwobi has moments of bursting speed, but his tendency and 99% performance for explosive ability is quite sluggish, so he plays an unexplosive, and intelligent style that relies more on clever passes and good tactical sensibility. The most i can see Iwobi being rated at for acceleration is about 78, and this is on the higher end of the range where i regard him, i trend to regard him as lower acceleration rather than higher than 78.

Regarding Dribbling speed i really see him as no more than greens either, i think iwobi's an example of someone that needs to visibily slow down to a lower dribbling speed where he is actually comfortable to maneuver with balance and actual control rather than kicking and running. There is a small difference, but i saw him as 77-79 DS, and i settled on 79 DS as the most of where i thought was acceptable. i think it should be more emphasized how Iwobi doesn't try to dribble with anything close to his top speed. I think his top speed is good, i won't argue about this 84 TS, but i am not so impressed to see him as an 84 TS, i see him on an 82 TS that maybe extends into slightly higher when he's been running for much longer or puts a bit of extra effort into a sprint, but his regular speed is closer to 82 TS in my opinion.

The last detail of his physical abilities i want to point out is that his strength is quite good- he's excellent at holding his own, and regularly protects his space while on the ball with a good shoulder to shoulder and slipping away. I think Iwobi uses his strength quite alot, and i think this is the area that may develop more and more considering his playstyle as he already uses a lower speed playstyle where his strength is important for him to protect the ball and win 50/50 duels. Iwobi shows glimpses of even higher than 83 BB as well in my opinion.

Overall then, does this combination of speed traits sound a bit familiar? Because it is near identical to how Van Persie was in his late Arsenal years stat wise, and i think that is a clear comparision, as i kept thinking of the similarity between Van Persie and Iwobi comparing their speed tendencies and overall profile; Iwobi has a bit more talent for higher end speed, and a bit more strength, while not having as silky of a turn, but their physical characteristics are really similar in my opinion.

it extends as well to Iwobi's movement as well, i think he's excellent, he moves really well all over the field and gives support and options as he should. It is interesting if he was previously a CF, as when i watch him he seems like a natural AMF considering the comfort he has moving into the middle from the wings and giving support- i think he has a talent for recognizing spaces and how he can connect to the ball and occupy key tactical positions. To me he is an AMF first, then cmf/smf evenly second; it is hard for me to imagine Iwobi as a CF, or even i don't see him as a comfortable WF when he sticks to that position where he's been played not too infrequently.

Maybe another detail i feel strongly about is Iwobi's passing. Brahms really says what i also see- Iwobi hardly uses his long passing, he has decent pace on his crosses when he's on the flanks and needs to deliver to the strikers, but he almost never uses his long passing and doesn't do anything remarkable on the few instances he does. Regarding Iwobi's ground passing however: i see it as excellent. I think this is one of the areas Iwobi is most gifted, as i see really good weight that he easily and consistently puts on his passes, and an ease at choosing passes that would be cause for hesitation or intimidation to less capable passers. I rate Iwobi very highly for his ground passing and see him as a potential mid yellows+ for SPA and SPS; there is not enough to confirm my impression that he's already probably 85 or so spa and sps, but in small moments i think his ability should be around that level with the passes he pulls off and how he plays those passes with such comfort and technical ease. However, i do see in the previous season he made a clear error or two- in my mind just misexecutions due to nervousness/immaturity, but this gives enough cause for me to question if he should recieve such a higher rating based on so little, and so i limit myself to not rating him more than 82 spa and 83 sps. I think this is rating out of caution rather than instinct though, my instinct rates Iwobi's ground passing very highly.

This set in the first post at the moment is not, or i should be clearer, i think was not really inaccurate at the time Brahm's made his comments. if i watch 2015/16 vs vids he is slightly more speed orientated than now, and quite accurately rated by the set as it is at the moment. I think though he is, as he plays more and more, he will show more and more that he is more comfortable and more naturally inclined to be playing at lower speeds without focusing on using speed, or really needing explosive ability, and that he is developing away from using his speed on the ball, or even off of the ball.

I had a set in mind after i'd seen some Arsenal games where i had a really good idea of how to rate Iwobi, but i left it aside until now where i can barely remember what i had in mind other than the key details- i hadn't put this set down unfortunately,and when i watch the vs vids, there's alot of little moments that i know aren't there, and there aren't as many vs vids as i would like to be certain about small detail opinions.

below is a set i put together though which was just to focus on his key areas based on what i could recall from the matches i saw, which is something like this:

Spoiler: show
Attack: 79
Defence: 45
Balance: 83
Stamina: 78
Top Speed: 82
Acceleration: 76
Response: 73
Agility: 78
Dribble Accuracy: 83
Dribble Speed: 78
Short Pass Accuracy: 85
Short Pass Speed: 85
Long Pass Accuracy: 74
Long Pass Speed: 80
Shot Accuracy: 68
Shot Power: 82
Shot Technique: 68
Free Kick Accuracy: 67
Curling: 80
Header: 65
Jump: 73
Technique: 82
Aggression: 78
Mentality: 70
Keeper Skills: 50
Teamwork: 83

there are areas i'm not sure about, but i put it together in case there wasn't an up to date set or set that missed the mark on key areas- however, this set currently is really good, and i think Brahms echoes almost exactly everything in the same way as how i see him too, so this isn't to say an update is needed, just that i want to add this opinion on differences for key details and then lets have these two to compare as Iwobi has more time to develop and show his consistent ability. This is a really good shaping by Brahms though in my opinion, how you described Iwobi's agility and dribbling speed, how you described Iwobi's short passing vs long passing, how you described his moevment and teamwork, how you described him fading noticeably through matches, these were the key impressions that i kept seeing out of Iwobi in the winter and am in total agreement about.

post word, everything above is 99% unchanged from the notes on my file, spelling errors and formatting aside, but i know that the passing ratings in this set are quite quite high, and this is a bit strange because in this post i say that i would rate him at 82spa/83sps, so i think those higher values are more representative of how i see his potential; or maybe i saw enough on my review to justify that high of passing? i'm not sure. there are some other areas that are not entirely consistent with what i say about Iwobi, so just keep in mind these are just notes i wanted to add to the thread for future reference, rather than any suggestions for updates. the only areas that i still hold opinions about are that iwobi was less explosive/speedy on the ball from what i saw, and i find the he will trend towards that, and that he's a better short passer, and reasonably strong. other areas are up in the air for me.

in the end i actually preferred though the way you kept iwobi on the lower end in ment/tw, and i am sure that you are much more familiar with Iwobi across his entire Arsenal career, so i think you are probably more correct about alot of areas. this is why i didn't post monthes ago, it might have helped if the set was in need of a general shaping, but i think you did a great job here. hopefully these notes can be relevant or helpful in the future as Iwobi gets better though, which is the only intention i have for posting this at all.
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Brahms » 2017 Oct 20, 05:25

these are also the impresions i have from him right now, as i also believe his gamestyle changed from the speedy one to the short simple one-two gamestyle. He manages to do some great passes from time to time, but we cannot expect more than one or two harder passes per game, he is like the player everybody can look to build the game but none expects something espectacular, he is something like the transition arsenal attacks needs (at least he can control the ball, not like walcott for example, in walcott's case, everytime we fans see him outside the box, we know it is a lost ball... and 98% inside the box cases too...). He still suffers a lot from his naivety. He is stronger, he is slower, he is naive, he can control the ball and give a simple/good pass and that pretty much sums it all about him. He still cant shoot decently, he still will choose to dribble and try a low pass instead of a crossing, he still make naive mistakes, he still fades in the game. He could do better in a better managed team, but i dont really understand arsene anymore. Pretty much went with vinnie suggestions, maybe could add some card but will maintain it like this for now. Nice post, btw
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby false 9 » 2018 Jan 14, 14:33

Fair play to whoever came up with this set, I like it a lot and I think it does a great job of highlighting Iwobi's idiosyncrasies as a player. My only input is that I think he could possibly warrant a higher tech value, and he absolutely needs a higher teamwork value. His game is all pass and move, tight passing triangles and 1-2s combined with nice close control and willingness to carry the ball forward. For a player of his age playing in his position I think his teamwork is pretty exceptional, yellows for me although I'd be careful to not overdo it so he isn't too omnipresent whenever Arsenal have the ball, his supportive movement is pretty much limited to around the final third of the pitch but he can be a great outlet there.
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Meis » 2018 Oct 02, 14:09

He is by far the most improved player under Unai Emery.
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Mad_Coko » 2018 Oct 22, 21:01

Looks like Emery has told him not to shoot or get in to any shoting positions, only to pass, dribble and playmake.That is the recipe for an improved Iwobi, he is playing the positon when he broke in the 1st team, conecting the midfield witht the strikers.Last year his instructions where to replace Walcott and add goals to the team, he sucked so bad.This Iwobi is back playing to his strengths.He has shown some nice touches and dribbling skils playing for Arsenal and Nigeria, Tech and DA can go up buy 2-3 points and be given a trickster card.

here is a video with some of his best moves this season

today against Leicester he also had a very good game, look at this 1st touch to control the ball while he is under preassure. ... 2175942656
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby OhZeal » 2018 Oct 23, 13:08

His really playing well. I think he should start. His the only player we have who take on full backs and has this Ronaldinho side feint in his game. Strong on the ball too.
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Oklahomastate010 » 2018 Nov 26, 00:07 ... iww0&t=122 fantastic splitting pass with the weak foot ... iww0&t=200 his movement is quite consistently excellent awesome da

a few recent highlights from his play of late. Thoughts on how his stats reflect his style of play?
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Luhum » 2018 Dec 09, 23:46

Iwobi is one of the most interesting players from me today, i see a huge disproportion between his "off the ball" and "on the ball" parts of the game.

On the ball, he's very insecure, makes very bad decisions or no decisions at all, that's definetely connected to his confidence, which is highly likely very low.

But on the ball, he's amazing, and so healthy. He's not like over supportive, in terms of just being near the ball all the time and wanting to make the play and make things happend, but he's always an option to recieve the pass, he moves in the pockets all the time, something similar to Lingard.

His role is very important, he's the most important player in counter attacks, he's basically always behind Aubameyang, and whenever Arsenal intercept the ball, he's on the move, opening, recieving the ball, then trying to bring Aubameyang into play with through balls.

I'd boost his TW massivelly, like 7 points up easily, even more i see, but his attack, not maybe even worth of green, his aggression should drop to high greens, i am not sure he's worth of 82 spa, more like high greens too, i noticed some really good passes from him a long time ago but i don't find him a consistent enough to sit on 82, he's the final third player and with 82 in game you definetely can play some brillliant through balls with him more frequently than it should be the case from what i've seen in reality.

So i'd basically, and definetely go for (for now)

Teamwork 82
SPA 79
AGG 78
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Re: Alex Iwobi

Postby Oklahomastate010 » 2018 Dec 29, 21:42 here was his superb assist

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