Léo Pereira

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Léo Pereira

Postby PES Stats Database » 2019 Sep 20, 02:16

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Re: Léo Pereira

Postby Viyut » 2019 Sep 20, 02:20

Somewhat rough sets for Bambu and Léo Pereira based on what i saw on the two legs of the final. I'll keep an eye to both, but suggestions for all athletico players are very welcome.
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Re: Léo Pereira

Postby Elivelton » 2019 Oct 12, 05:48

Should be one of the best CBs in Brazil and one of the technical players in that position.
In passing hes very similar to Pablo Marí, he can put good amount of power in his passes specially short ones, can make direct passes foward with his SPA and diagonal passes with his LPA, generally he is very good, should be greens and yellow on SPS because of his "bombs".
Defensively he is very smart, knows where to position himself into, reacts really nice and can be very agressive to some situations but lacks a little bit of tackling skill.
He is strong not in a agressive way, he doesnt really use his body agressively like a skriniar for example but he can resist challenges really well still dont know how strong he is but he is for sure 80+
He has a decent speed/acc but he is also very agile, maybe he is even green on agility as his 180 turns are quite quick.
Very good technically and can run a few meters with the ball, decent DA specially good on TECH.
Besides tackling his aerial abilities arent that good, his jumping is specially bad.
Has the tendency to move foward a little bit but nothing crazy like Cuesta, Gustavo Henrique.
Covers spaces really well when someone is outside their position and the star is a must.

Attack: 62
Defence: 78
Balance: 80
Response: 80
Agility: 73
Dribble Accuracy: 72
Dribble Speed: 73
Short Pass Accuracy: 75
Short Pass Speed: 81
Long Pass Accuracy: 75
Header: 78
Jump: 72
Technique: 75
Aggression: 63


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