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Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Jun 06, 15:36

Name: Willian Gomes de Siqueira

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Re: Willian

Postby GullyGod » 2013 Sep 23, 08:21

I though he had highter stats dont he had ? Like his technique was 86 or so and dribbling 83/84 when he was playing for Corinthians , anyway i think in recent games he is 1 of the key players for Cruzeiro , his corners are very decent.
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Re: Willian

Postby Christiancito » 2015 Aug 21, 22:24

Add SMF. He plays mainly as LMF in 4-2-3-1 formation.
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Re: Willian

Postby toaad » 2017 Nov 12, 22:12

Willian was certainly the best hiring, reinforcement for the club this year.
He is an attacker who offers everything a modern attacker needs: aggressiveness, great tactical sense, decently skilled, hard-working, an interesting eye but not passed for passing and a really high-level but inconsistent shooting.

The problem is that he is a player of small stature and does not have the necessary characteristics in his style for the Palmeiras system, a club that possessed a fairly vertical attack and abuses of the dribles in the flanks and owns a central reference very physical. Not that he does not get into this scheme, even because he has a sense of offensive movement well above the Brazilian average, but ends up taking the real shine out of him. It yielded much better as a fake nine (centralized) or being a reactive wingers, attacking the opponent's sideback and floating to seek spaces. Too bad that he ended up suffering an injury at his best moment of the year, sometimes he is criticized for "pragmatism" in relation to what behaves in the face of a negative result but he was nevertheless one of the most regular of the team ... to get an idea of ​​the team's inconsistency).
His main quality is the shooting really classy, ​​well above average. This is due to the fact that he has an immense capacity for volleys and kicks from almost any angle. The problem is when it comes to pure SA it is inconsistent, if it certainly would not have a high value in yellows but a high yellows for ST is sufficient combined with 78 SA and 82 SP.

A great player, who sometimes needs some change or different attitude in certain situations of the game - even because he is well all-rounded - but his tactical perception, married to a style that aims at the efficiency of his all-rounded skills and intense aggression without the ball offensively and defensively.

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