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Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Dec 08, 17:58


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Re: Zeca

Postby KeyserSoze » 2017 Sep 04, 15:28

I haven't seen much of him at club level, but he didn't look so conservative against Belgium on Saturday. His Aw look like 3/3, and he's a mix of a deep-lying playmaker and a all rounder.

I guess he will play more as a box-to-box CM at FCK; there's no need to set Zeca so deep if Kvist plays as the destroyer DMF. Pretty much the very same role Thomas Delaney had at FCK.

That relatively low ATT value (69) took my attention. He's not making forward runs all the time, but when he does, he's quite wise and useful when performing them. He's not a flashy player, but his supportive role is great imo.
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Re: Zeca

Postby Houy » 2017 Sep 05, 11:16

In this and the previous season at Panathinaikos, in a 4-4-2, he was part of the 2 man midfield first with Ledesma, then with Kourbelis. In the first case with Ledesma, a physically declined deep-lying playmaker, he was tasked with doing the vast majority of defensive work playing almost like an enforcer. With Kourbelis ( a more conventional DMF ) he was the the integral player of the system with 2 creative players on the sides with erratic defending tendencies. When on the defensive, their roles shifted to a duo of enforcers, and in build up he was the player needed to advance the ball to the wings, or carry the ball forward and regulate distribution (as best he could). In the system of Ouzounidis, players are assigned clearly defined roles in a very orthological gamestyle, Zeca was somewhat confined to the center to make the system functional.
This has been a pattern for most of his carrer in Panathinaikos, a balancer that adapted to where he was needed always sacrificing for the team both in spirit and in his own playstyle. Zeca's always been a B2B player of sorts but shifted to a different role in his last years in Pao, in the first part of the previous season and the one before as a utility player needed to cover holes in the midfied and the lack of a DMFs to share in the work, and under Ouzounidis to adapt to the tactics of his team.
I see where you are coming from based on the NT match, i thought the same thing, that he looked more like the B2B he was some time ago. And it's very possible that his attacking tendencies are going to be utilised in the NT, since an extra presence in build up and attack is sorely needed.
Regarding his Att value, as you can read in the comments above, he hit a rare slump for him in the end of 15/16 - start of 16/17, that coensided with an overall terrible performance period for the team with Stramaccioni and his transition to his more defined central role with Ouzounidis. He's not a dumm player, his supportive role is unquestionably great, he was decreased in his attacking stats, 1-2 points in Att, 2-3 in Agg, to represent him as he was at the time and balance the set. He largely recovered his form I think he's a point or two higher in Attack as well. I understand you are saying this in regards to his offensive supportive movement though but the set is representitive of his last year in Panathinaikos, so the low Agg values and Att/def Aw are representitive of him at that time.
I hope this is helpful to understand what went into updating this set in the last couple of years. He definitely deserves a classic set also, two at least really, his most notable other role was as B2B with more of an edge in creation in the right of a 4-4-2 diamond formation with Anastasiou, and this current one, with an extra point or so in Att ;) .

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