Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi

Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 10:56


Full Name: Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini

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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby lito5 » 2019 May 02, 03:19

holly shit, i cant express how messi surprises me in all the games
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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby Kim » 2019 May 03, 14:42

furymaker wrote:I mean, Messi classic 2018/2019 set deserves 99 fka, 8 free kicks in a season, past 4 years more free kick goals than any other CLUB..

Also, once again, I repeat myself, 94 ds is a joke, its just a matter of choice for him if he'll sprint with the ball or not, speed still there .

His DS rating isn't the issue. His speed is. Against Lyon and Liverpool he had moments where he sprinted at full speed and he looked more than 80 TS.
His curling deserve a raise too. The amount of spin and curve he can imprint on the ball is insane. He might be one of the best curler of the ball in activity right now. His acceleration might also be slightly underrated. Same for his shot power. You don't get to score those kind of freekick with just curve and placement. If i was given carte blanche to change anything i want in his set, i'll be this:

Attack: 98
Top speed: 82
Acceleration: 90
Dribble Accuracy: 98
Response: 85
Shot Accuracy: 95
Shot power: 85
Curling: 95

Edit: The Roma and Liverpool disasters also raise the question of his mentality rating. 77 would be a more fitting value than 83 to be honest. He really lacks that CR7esque mental boost in crucial games, where his team needs him the most. Yesterday was a classic case of Messi disappearing from the game at a moment where he was badly needed.
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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby HeitorVieira » 2019 May 14, 04:50

I think the problem of Messi disappearing from some matches it's because of his lazyness to make off the ball movements, I mean, he simply doesn't move without the ball at all, he's one of the laziests players I' ve ever seen and I think this set reflects it well with the 65 for tw and 72 for stamina.
Btw I'm brazilian so my english is not very good
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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby Whoah10115 » 2019 May 14, 14:59

Ta bém filho^

It's part of why he -doesn't struggle- is with Argentina, even when playing great is very rarely is at his Barcelona level. Obviously Argentina stand around and watch him, but especially with the way he plays, you HAVE to move.

He doesn't really deserve the *Reaction star and it's reflected, maybe not even *Free Roaming.

They need wingers or a winger.
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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby Suji » 2019 May 14, 17:02

As mentioned above, his ACC should sit at oranges in the 90-92 range. His recent orange ACC showing was in the Liverpool first leg.
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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby Vickingo » 2019 May 26, 15:16

Did anyone watch this action? This is just insane from Messi imho, so bad it wasn't goal. That 1st touch to receive Malcom's bad pass and that ST with the outside of his foot doesn't make any sense, it was incredible talented imho, ridicolous.
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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby Suji » 2019 Jun 09, 04:12

I think it's the right time to increase his LPS. His chipped through balls to Jordi are more than just an 80. He has a very decent range in Long Passing.
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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby Albo7 » 2019 Jun 09, 06:13

Barcelona tactic: Keep passing to Messi
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Re: Lionel Messi

Postby TheeReallRonaldo » 2019 Jun 10, 01:58

His dribbling speed is at least 95-96..

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