Emanuel Sakic, Sturm Graz

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Emanuel Sakic, Sturm Graz

Postby PES Stats Database » 2018 May 21, 21:25


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Re: Emanuel Sakic

Postby petreleo » 2019 Apr 01, 21:34

I have watched him from time to time during the last year at Atromitos and he left me a v.good impression.
He is somebody who can play reasonably well in both sides of defence, and by the looks of it also as a wing-back, industrious, energetic with great pace, and good shielding and stealing of the ball with his body. He is really one of the outstanding Right-Backs in the Greek and Cypriot Leagues from what I have seen this Season, he has pretty much the whole package for a modern Full-Back.
Things that I view differently in relation to this Set: He is more attacking-minded and possibly even slightly better attackingly than this(around 66-67). Defensively he looks competent enough, not so much with pure defensive skills, but more like how I have described him above with the tenacious and effective use of his body(reminds me of Nsue ex-APOEL in this aspect), so I would keep it at around 64 it currently is right now. I view him as being a competent crosser, I believe that it should probably be higher than this Set, dribbling stats possibly the same. Sides need to be both.
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Re: Emanuel Sakic

Postby Houy » 2019 Apr 02, 12:41

Att and Agg could get a small increase, he likes to venture forward quite often. He is a standout in defense for a SB at this level. Even makes a passable midfielder when needed, i only remember Salino doing that effectively in the past. The problem with him is that he lacks any end product going forward.

Not against a small increase in Lpa/ Lps. There is something to his long passing but he mostly makes blind crosses, his accuracy is very bad. He is 70 max from what i've seen this season .

I'll have disagree with higher DA, he rarely makes use of actual dribbling and his control isn't anything special. He has mobility and quickness to shake off opponents in certain conditions and that's represented by the current numbers.

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