Hamza Barry

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Hamza Barry

Postby PES Stats Database » 2017 May 29, 02:55

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Re: Hamza Barry

Postby staubsauger » 2018 May 22, 21:44

He is a decent Player and quite supportive but offering nothing Special. The whole central midfield of Hajduk is supportive but also tactical dumb and in Terms of technique nothing Special, offering just a Little amount of creativity and Hamza is no exception of it. The set is more or less alright and generally he is a Little bit smarter than Basic in offensive decision making but some tweaks down has to be done as i rated him in some stats a Little bit too high, in Terms of defensive gameplay he is nothing Special and he is quite easy to get down.

My suggestions:

Defence: 67 --> 63
Shot Accuracy: 71--> 68

Body Balance: 77 --> 74
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Re: Hamza Barry

Postby Moysís » 2018 Sep 29, 22:04

Good match today for Hamza. He was everywhere on the ground with lot OTB movements, with fast and good reactions collecting numerous balls and the only man on the field who can connect Hajduk midfield. I'd say in all these past matches as well those from last season he was main player in our tactic as one who think pretty fast and had knew to make fast and key decisions on the field and all good stuff always started from him. RES should be close to yellow value if not on 80 as well TW at least on 79.. he is at least 10 points better from Caktas atm in this segment and surely it should be reflected through the stats..

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