Matthijs De Ligt

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Matthijs De Ligt

Postby PES Stats Database » 2017 Jul 05, 10:16

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Re: Matthijs De Ligt

Postby antony » 2017 Jul 05, 10:17

Very technical skilled CB, an added playmaker for the team. Better in the short passing that in the long ones for the moment, still not this very incisive but for sure he is the numbers to be one of the best in those skills. In other hand, he is still very disordered i mean he is too young really and feels the pressure.. in the debut with NT was absolutely shocking against Bulgaria and got replaced at the end of first half, i think low ment/tw are a must for him nowdays. I've noticed that he tends to dribble a lot and isn't strange to see him does marseille roulette to past the opponent and often goes to the opponent area to try to shoot and i see his shots very interesting.. powerfuls and accurates. Maybe he isn't that strong physically CB at all, however he has the lenght and the weight to be.. assigned 82 but i'm not 100% sure, in some duels looks stronger, in other weaker than this.. he has to improve, about speed he is decent.. not fast and not slow, also he recovered a lot their lacks in positioning i've noticed.. him and D.Sanchez have in this their mains and probably only great problems for now. About aerial ability seems very good, some very notable jumps i've noticed from his matches.

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Re: Matthijs De Ligt

Postby FernandoA13 » 2018 Feb 19, 21:28

Spoiler: show
Attack: 66
Defence: 79
Balance: 86
Stamina: 80
Top Speed: 78
Acceleration: 74
Response: 82
Agility: 69
Dribble Accuracy: 77
Dribble Speed: 73
Short Pass Accuracy: 78
Short Pass Speed: 75
Long Pass Accuracy: 76
Long Pass Speed: 82
Shot Accuracy: 68
Shot Power: 85
Shot Technique: 69
Free Kick Accuracy: 65
Curling: 67
Header: 79
Jump: 83
Technique: 76
Aggression: 70
Mentality: 73
Keeper Skills: 50
Teamwork: 68

Condition/Fitness: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 5


Attack Prowess: 66
Defense Prowess: 79
Ball Winning: 81

This is my set for de Ligt right now. Because he certainly deserves a small bump in a few areas. Has been a constant factor this season with 18 years old. And now playing with a ultra attacking minded CB next to him. He isn't making those very childish mistakes anymore. Which is quite a big improvement considering his age. I certainly think he should atleast be an 85 for bb. When he doesn't win a challenge it mostly has to do with players that can turn quick and one of his flaws is that he doesn't turn quick, not very agile. That's why i suggest a drop in agility. But regarding pure strenght and balance by itself, this kid is a freak, I am talking Jaap Stam potential! His legs are like trees. Babyface killer. His RES has improved a lot aswel, he just matured so much in one year.

If Ajax could keep this squad with Carel Eiting coming up, they would do serious damage. Eiting 6, Frenkie at 8 and vd Beek playing as 10, Dolberg 9. De Ligt becoming better and better. They would have great young minds in the centre of the field who play full attack.

One of the things i am being conservative about is his MENT. Yes, he is young. But i never saw him give up or really look devastated. He is one of the players that just doesn't give up. Look how he is dealing with the pressure. I can't state enough times that this kid is 18. Ajax is jacob the juwler right now with all these young diamonds in the squad.
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Re: Matthijs De Ligt

Postby Delden08 » 2018 Sep 19, 13:21

Currently at (73) as CB. Lower then Tagliafico or Blind or Veltman which he clearly outshines by far. He could use an overal bump on Defence, Balance, etc.

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