Callum McGregor

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Callum McGregor

Postby PES Stats Database » 2019 Feb 16, 03:27

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Re: Callum McGregor

Postby T0M4H4WK » 2019 May 20, 23:19

Even though he's been deployed deeper at times this season, I'd say McGregor should have a higher attack than this. Out of him and Brown its Callum who normally finds his way in or arround the box to chip in with a pass or a shot. Plus he spent most of his career as a box to box or attacking midfielder (which could be added). A value of 74-76 doesn't seem unfair, with maybe a point or two less in defence.

DA could also come up abit. He good at moving with the ball and despite being easily pushed off the ball maintains good control. DS could probably come up to 78-79 as he doesn't loose alot of speed with the ball.

Passing is an area where I think he could use a decent raise as McGregor is the one who looks for the killer ball to either open the defence or send a teammate through in space. Ntcham, on his day, is flashier with his passing, using the outside of his boot etc. But is far too inconsistant. Personally I have Mcgregor on:
SPA- 82
SPS- 80
LPA- 81
LPS- 78

McGregor has also showed good shot accuracy and technique with goals against the likes of Zenitand Motherwell cup final last season(both vollies) comparing him to Scott Brown I'd say Callum could be a point or so better in SA (73)and a couple better of in ST (75). Shot power could be 78 also.

His technique could be arround 82 as he's quite adept at picking it out the air and keeping generally good control on his first touch. I wounldn't say he's any worse than Forrest in this regard.

Teamwork could also hit the low 80's since McGregor keeps the team ticking and when he has a poor game, the team usually do also
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Re: Callum McGregor

Postby Ocrin » 2019 May 20, 23:55

Thanks for your suggestions. Premiership followers and footage are out to come by, so the suggestions are appreciated. I updated him accordingly, though I remain cautious because he's still a scottish premiership player and we should be careful about making lower league players too good. Your suggestions look a lot like what I saw from him though, sound fitting, but he's already very, very good right now, fantastic all rounder really, it's hard to go much higher without him proving himself against much better opposition. He's probably the league's best all round midfielder really, I fail to see who's on his level at what he does, and he's one of Celtic's best and most consistent performers so yeah, he does deserve a good set even by premiership standards, but caution is the key word with that sort of player.

That being said, I also suggest you take a look at this:

This is how we rate attributes and it's important for members to know this. You don't seem to rate TW on the same criteria as we do and it's much better for everyone to be on the same page.

Looking forward to see you around !
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Re: Callum McGregor

Postby T0M4H4WK » 2019 May 21, 00:13

Thank for the reply, i'll check that out and try not to overrate players, although I probably am bias towards Celtic.

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