Eduardo Camavinga

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Eduardo Camavinga

Postby PES Stats Database » 2019 May 03, 03:36

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Re: Eduardo Camavinga

Postby Adrien » 2019 Aug 18, 19:47

I updated him a bit. This kid is full of potential, really playing great for a 16 years old starter on the mieldfield. Again making a good first half against PSG. The kid having lot of energy, always giving support, moving fast and quick with his body to eliminate pressure. Showed some interristing passes too. Let's hope more in the future.
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Re: Eduardo Camavinga

Postby Ocrin » 2019 Aug 19, 05:34

LPA, SPA and SPS look better too. Great potential, one to follow for sure.

Edit to share more thoughts about him:

Backing up Adrien's opinion: this kid is super press resistant with smart body movement and quick shifting to evade pressure. He's got good DS and his capable to carry the ball forward to the point the opponent is forced to foul him.
Speaking of fouls, I'd say he has a bad tendency of falling very easily, too easy really given that he's shown he's got good balance and strength. His body control rating can stay low for now.

He's also really good at pressing, quite smart in his positioning to limit the opponent's options and quite strong and clean in his standing tackles and shoulder charges.

I'd describe his use and ability of passing as such: SPS > LPA > SPA > LPS. He's got good pace and his short passing but isn't really adventurous with it. His LPA is pretty nice, can shift play from one wing to another quite nicely, and he picked up an assist with it yesterday.

He'll be one to watch this season since he seems to be way, way above average for his age and seems to be progressing at a scary rate.
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