Adrien Hunou

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Adrien Hunou

Postby PES Stats Database » 2018 Jul 15, 04:32

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Re: Adrien Hunou

Postby Ocrin » 2019 Oct 03, 20:37

He's a very unique player in his league, super aggressive AM with great poaching, one touch passing and finishing skills. His ST is fantastic, he scores all sort of volleys and chipped shots and is very dangerous when he runs behind the defense.
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Re: Adrien Hunou

Postby VUKDS » 2019 Nov 01, 07:43

Yeah, his goal instict is totally incredible. I don't know how he still plays for Rennes? He'd be ideal for some team with a quality team forward. Hunou would find a top place in that kind of team.
Seriously, his career is not related with his quality. Rennes was even keen to sell him last summer to Angers for 3M but player didn't accept the offer. Luckily, his contract expires next summer.

This season he's playing as CF/SS. He's constantly leaving position to halfspeces and making triangles with sideback and midfielder/winger. His sense for the game is on a high level, he's rarely making wrong choise of pass, although his 1-touch passes aren't always ideal.

Talking about set, his ACC is definitely better I'd say, something like 83-84. He use it all the time - during in the box runs, during the counter attacks, while he shields the ball forward, during pressuring opponent and anticipating passes...
He is also very good when it comes about heading. He scored a fair amount of goals on that way, which is not only result of quality goal instict and positioning. His shots were mostly very precise, he is one of the targets from his team crosses.
I'd give him 77 for Header. Don't know about Jump. He has a very high jumping reach but it didn't seem to me that he use it so frequently. It's certainly green for me, although a low green value could do a job.

Also, Reaction and Lines stars could be added, as well as Free Roaming. Maybe we should even think about Scoring star as well?

And yeah, he is 179 tall. Weight should be 70

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