Benjamin André

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Benjamin André

Postby PES Stats Database » 2011 Jul 26, 09:28

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Re: Benjamin André

Postby Oriello » 2017 Jan 28, 21:04

Playing left CMF mainly, even after Dembele and N'tep now sold he is not used out wide, instead Rennes fielding 20 year old kids there. Against PSG Rennes had Gelson Fernandez(!) as a wide right CMF-pseudo-SMF with Andre manning the centre.

He is apparently an enforcer, so much so that Cantome does not even get a game (has the better stats for it).

Set needs to be reworked, I'll keep watchin Rennes and see what I can see, but so far; Response seems lower, Def higher, Shooting overall might be too much (ST mainly), dribbling seems worse and not sure if *Dribbling is needed, but he is better in the air than first post.
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Re: Benjamin André

Postby Adrien » 2018 Sep 05, 11:39

I made a global update to that guy, previous set had no sense and been made years ago. It didn't represetend him at all even if some values were fit in. He has a relax style to play, even if supporting well the teams in defensive movements or to cut into the box the last cross. That's the reason I gave him low resp/high tw. He's a great passer, has really an eye to find good space. Good to ball retention too but slow overall, on pair with his relax style. I seen no reason to raise his aerial stats anyway. Don't know from where comes the FIFA values on that area really.
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Re: Benjamin André

Postby sochalion » 2018 Sep 05, 13:16

He's in topic AJACCIO but his team is RENNES FC
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Re: Benjamin André

Postby Ocrin » 2019 Sep 22, 23:58

This boy has insane impact in the game. His stamina is off the charts and his ability to break attacks, win balls and overall defensive awareness are fantastic. He's just beastly physically, tireless, strong and unbeatable in the air.
I do have doubts about yellow passing accuracy and it might be reduced in the future but I'm not sure about it yet. Also reduced speed and attacking stats a bit.

One of the best midfielders in the league without a doubt.
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