Aleksandr Golovin

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Aleksandr Golovin

Postby PES Stats Database » 2016 May 12, 12:27


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Re: Aleksandr Golovin

Postby Ocrin » 2018 Mar 27, 20:09

This guy has the potential to be a very complete midfielder, technically speaking he's basically decent at everything. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Looks very smart on the ball too.
Everyone knew it was impossible. Then came along a fool who didn't know it, and he did it.
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Re: Aleksandr Golovin

Postby Ocrin » 2018 Apr 05, 22:59

Great, great free kick against Arsenal tonight.

That placement was way too good, Cech had little chance to save that.
Everyone knew it was impossible. Then came along a fool who didn't know it, and he did it.
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Re: Aleksandr Golovin

Postby furymaker » 2018 Jun 14, 17:21

quite a performance by him, 2 assists, goal, classy on the ball, surprisingly quick and strong, even tho it was a pathetic opponent, still really strong showing from him
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Re: Aleksandr Golovin

Postby Elivelton » 2018 Jul 13, 00:55

A very big text about Golovin here folowing the same way i used on other topics, this time very detailed trying to talk about every atribute and what i was capable of seeing.
Credits: Mainly to Huoy for the notes on some atributes, the discussions and for sharing his view on Golovin and also for wanting me to post this, also for the work on marking the GIFS.

Main Position: ★ CM, his main position is CM and its where he plays the most.
Attack: I made it green considering how flawless golovin game is, hes very smart when using his abilities but he may lack the instinct to risk more, considering how somewhat of limited his skills are, he makes good use of it and generally brings indirect danger while being a very important player for CSKA and Russia, his over maturity or intelligence about his skills is probably what keeps him from trying to risk more as he barely makes the wrong move and commits a mistake.
Defence: He is a good tackler for sure, his tackling is more of a hard type one than a technical one, his tackles are very strong and hard for the opponent to recover if he times it right. I must say that i rate Paredes higher than him as he showed more skill when tackling.
Balance: Hes strong, surpringly strong look at his weight, ive decided to keep Huoy number considering how important this is to his defensive game, his strong tackles and how agressive he is at body challenges.
Stamina: The number given by those "amount of ground covered" statistics overrate him, his usage of Stamina normally is by walking around the field, he normally runs more with the ball at his feet or when challenging someone in a physical duel, the consistency of his stamina usage is very variable too, while in a game he may show signs of high 80s in another he shows way less than that. At World Cup he showed a very high amount of Stamina against Spain (good day), showing some impressive levels of acceleration at ET, but he looked way off at the game against Croatia even if the statistics say otherwise (day off), more on this on Condition talk.
Top Speed: His speed was one of the easiest things to rate. ACC > TS type of player.
Acceleration: While he doenst use it like i expected he would to beat players, his ability to reach his top quickly is something very noticeable when he wants to show it.
Response: I received some warning about him deserving a higher response value, but in the end i dont think he doesnt deserve it, he is a more relaxed player than those players at low 80s and theres quite a big gap from the mid 80s response players, but his overall antecipation is good, acceleration may help him a little bit here but i dont think there is anything special in his response rate so far, while i was making a comparison between him and Kuzyaev, the latter was way more willing to chase the ball and look for opportunities to antecipate opponents.
Agility: His turns are very fluid e have a good amount of speed in it, i can see this number being 1 point higher than i use.
Dribble Accuracy: One of the most polemical atributes to rate, i see it as one of the things you will notice when looking at Golovin at every match, his control is more consistent than low 80s players so i had to move him out of that zone, he can show glimpses of 87 dribbling sometimes (most of times at low speeds), his control is generally good but i can see some people arguing about it, his dribbling also impressed me a lot more than Dzagoev while Dzagoev has better control. Golovin normally uses stepovers to beat opponents using his DA and shows some nice turns in short distances.
Dribble Speed: One of the best comments Huoy made was about his DS, i was very reluctant in giving him more than 83DS but using the logic " if you have doubts look at other players that are good rated in psd" , when it comes to DS he is a true DS player, barely using punt and run he is for sure a good ball carrier of the ball, another reason i wasnt sure about giving him higher than 83 is because is wasnt able to see him using it to beat players like some 85 players do, but i had the chance to see it in action and it was something worthy, he just doenst use it the way i expected, the gifs by Huoy will show it, i guess i overlooked.
Short Pass Accuracy: Another polemic atribute to rate, Golovin is a very accurate player if you use the normal pass button, even when it is under pressure or at difficult spots that you need to use higher SPS than normal, i would say he only does not deserve higher because of his unability of hitting the right power when making through balls.
Short Pass Speed: His main range of SPS is about low 80s to mid 70s, so i gave him a proper number because of his hard passes he is able to do when aiming at some hard to reach players.
Long Pass Accuracy: A very underrated ability and underused by him, his crosses have the right height the right direction or idea but lacks the speed while his normal LPAs are nothing to be impressed, i think he needs to use it more often to give a higher value here, but i can see it happening if he plays more at the side.
Long Pass Speed: The value is only different because the first thing i made was swap his SPS with his LPS, his lps is way slower than his sps, nothing to talk too much here besides he uses very low LPS for crossing and a little bit higher LPS for long passes.
Shot Accuracy: The main noticeable aspect of his shooting is that he can hit the balls with decent accuracy, barely making shots at the middle at the goal, another thing is that i added *ms because this is one of his tendencies and how good he can be while shooting from outside, but as i received another warning about it ive only see him hitting with topspin effect once, but his main shots are well placed robben-type shots.
Shot Technique: He doenst look bad, looks decent, but im not sure about changing its value, while he does have a tendency to shoot with good connections ive never seen something like paredes easiness to hit the ball, or different shots to give him higher, to me he is more of a SA>ST.
Free Kick Accuracy: Decent at taking FKs, sad because while he is decent Natkho takes most of the FKs at CSKA and he barely has the chance to show it. Scored 2 goals this season i think.
Header: His heading ability is garbage, basically he doesnt have any sense of heading technique, really needs a low value here.
Jump: While he is capable at doing decent jumps, most of his jumps are truly bad and he barely makes effort. His main weakness is truly his aerial game.
Technique: One of the other ability that you see Golovin showing class at every game, very good at controlling balls with his chest, feet...
Aggression: Lower agression than most b2b but higher than other types of mids, his game is very simple and direct, the intention here is that he doesnt join the box very often but always try to go atleast at the edge of the box.
Mentality: "Iceman" mentality barely shows any sign of emotion, is a player you can count on at difficult moments, otherwise the number here is also based on the last comment on KDB topic comparing him to Hazard at WC, there are players who put more effort in those moments than golovin, but he showed signs of barely losing his skill when at low stamina (at least vs Spain, not that much vs Croatia).
Teamwork: Another interesting topic to go with Con talk, he doesnt put much effort in support movements like some 80s players do, and he can also be a ghost at the field that barely touches the ball, thats one of the reasons that i didnt wanted to give him more than that, another reason is because Dzagoev movement while searching for the ball is way better than him, on the other way he shows good TW when defending.

Con: Hes not very consistent, this is something that he needs to work more.
WFA + WFF: Good accuracy with his weak foot while he can still mess some things up, his wff i made it the same as Dzagoev because the usage of WF while dribbling are similar.

The dribbling stars are to replicate his tendencies to carry the ball and beat players (mainly far from the box) and do the tactical dribble (closer to the box), also ms for his distance shooting.
No reason to keep the 1-touch star and 1-touch play, he barely does it and when he does nothing special comes from it, his style is about keeping the possession, dribbling and short passing.

Spoiler: show
Attack: 76
Defence: 63
Balance: 79
Stamina: 85
Top Speed: 83
Acceleration: 86
Response: 78
Agility: 83
Dribble Accuracy: 84
Dribble Speed: 87
Short Pass Accuracy: 79
Short Pass Speed: 79
Long Pass Accuracy: 77
Long Pass Speed: 74
Shot Accuracy: 74
Free Kick Accuracy: 76
Header: 62
Technique: 83
Aggression: 79
Mentality: 78
Teamwork: 78

Condition/Fitness: 4
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 6

Tactical dribble
Middle shooting

Gifs by Huoy to show his DS, warning: HEAVY. Note: none of these Gifs actually show his maximum DS.
Spoiler: show
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Re: Aleksandr Golovin

Postby Houy » 2018 Jul 13, 09:06

I recommend looking through this playlist for more material on his DS. It's full of more understated examples that constitute a high DS dribbler who looks like he has a spring in his step even in his smaller maneuvers with the ball, i couldn't properly capture that in the gifs. ... RMAbwBRl90

You can also check our discussion on discord for extra context and differing opinions.
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Re: Aleksandr Golovin

Postby Adrien » 2018 Aug 23, 12:15

Updated with Elivelton-Houy work.
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Re: Aleksandr Golovin

Postby Ocrin » 2019 Jan 29, 20:52

Nice run and great goal.
Everyone knew it was impossible. Then came along a fool who didn't know it, and he did it.

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