Nacer Chadli

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Nacer Chadli

Postby PES Stats Database » 2009 Sep 24, 21:01


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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby GullyGod » 2013 Sep 02, 10:25

I see him +1 or +2 faster or am i wrong ?
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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby jurgens » 2013 Sep 02, 16:24

Doesn't look anything like a green for TW or yellow for agility.
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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby Mrky_MNE » 2013 Sep 05, 15:14

It's hard to replicate his dribbling in game. I mean, he is not very agile, but his dribbling are quite effective. Maybe higher DA, I don't know. Any thoughts?
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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby FernandoA13 » 2013 Oct 02, 09:46

His DA should be atleast 85 from what i've seen him dribble in Holland.
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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby Slizzard » 2013 Oct 11, 17:40

Nacer Chadli looks much stronger,
it looks like since he joined tottenham he gained a few muscles..
And i do think he needs a raise in Dribble accuracy, he keeps the ball sticking to his feet when he dribbles
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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby Christiancito » 2015 Jun 18, 02:55

I think you should add SMF.
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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby josev » 2015 Sep 27, 15:54

his last season was great and he's pretty good now too, he's the best tottenham wide player if you ask me
as mentioned earlier, he's less agile but more technical. i could see his sa in the lowest yellow, many of his goals were placed shots into the far corner (and he has scored like 10 overall iirc), maybe a bump in passing to 80, his vision is good. and att can be 81-82
also no need for it:c, he doesn't get injured so often in tottenham
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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby KeyserSoze » 2016 Apr 21, 17:03

His decline at Spurs has been as obvious as the rise of Lamela. Even Son has gained a place ahead of Chadli...
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Re: Nacer Chadli

Postby pcrooce » 2019 Aug 11, 18:21

nowhere near the level this set portraits, probably on his second season at spurs which was 5 years ago.

but again, he's much more rigid, stiff, not this good technically and not able to create that much danger.

he's now on loan to anderlecht so let's hope he recovers some form.

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