José Rodríguez

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José Rodríguez

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Dec 01, 19:20

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Re: José Rodríguez

Postby Christiancito » 2014 Aug 24, 15:35

Move to Deportivo La Coruña
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Re: José Rodríguez

Postby Korinov » 2014 Sep 28, 22:42

He's as talented as raw and unpolished.

As he is right now, he has three main strong points: aggresive style of play, technique (specially dribbling-wise) and physique.

By aggresive I mean both "offensive minded" and "offensively talented". His attacking vision is pretty nice, wheneve I watch him play, it's easy to see he notices the gaps and openings many players don't, and when presented with a good opportunity to try a through/killer pass, he'll go for it. If he notices a good opportunity to try a shot, he's likely to try too. He's also the kind of player to keep his head raised when on the ball, so he tends to be well aware of his surroundings and where his teammates are.

In terms of technique, while not flawess, his close control is nice, as well as his trapping. He's not really an spectacular dribbler though, but he keeps posession without trouble most of the time.

And physique... well Rodríguez is not exactly what I would describe as a super fast player, he has a decent pace (specially over distance) and it serves him well enough. Also decently agile and strong too. His stamina is a pretty good asset, he likes to move around a lot around the pitch, offering himself for passes, attempting marauding runs, trying to support teammates when necessary, moving to either side and back to the centre, lurking around the box to get a rebound, etc. And he can handle it. His stamina value should really reflect this.

Those are the pros, now the cons: he really lacks the passing ability to match his aggresive style of play and vision. I mean, he sees the pass, he knows what he needs to do, but then he tries and fails a lot of the time. That's what I meant with unpolished, and specially related to his passing game, he really does not know where his current limits are. Many times he also simply doesn't put enough strenght in his passes, so even if his accuracy is good, they get intercepted. Overall his passing looks very inmature and he really needs to work on this. It will prevent him from becoming an important asset anywhere until he fixes it, because most of his potential tends to get easily wasted whenever he fails to deliver that killing pass.

It's a bit early to say and I won't be making changes on him yet, but some things to consider: higher ATT (perhaps), a bit lower DEF (perhaps too), general toning down of his passing stats, slightly higher RES, way higher AGI (top greens at least), higher DS, higher TS, lower BB (top greens probably, 78 or so), much higher Stamina (mid yellows), higher AGG. Also off with Talisman and *Centre, more like *Side in any case.

He's certainly an interesting player, I'll try to keep an eye on him.
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Re: José Rodríguez, Real Madrid Castilla

Postby d4nte » 2015 Jul 31, 21:03

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Re: José Rodríguez

Postby gala2000 » 2015 Sep 14, 22:12

Good passer, always looks to play the ball forward, if he continues to spread the passes the way he has so far he'll need update soon
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Re: José Rodríguez

Postby iboshow » 2016 Jul 07, 11:41 ... /86513582/ Left for Mainz

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