Luíz Carlos

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Luíz Carlos

Postby PES Stats Database » 2014 Feb 25, 01:05

Full Name: Luíz Carlos Martins Moreira

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Re: Luíz Carlos

Postby mracho » 2014 Mar 05, 13:59

Needs values for Acceleration, Shot Technique and Aggression.
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Luíz Carlos

Postby Tellmo » 2014 Apr 22, 17:28


Weight: 75 kg65 kg

Dribble Accuracy: 7678
Ball Controll: 7278
Explosive Power: 8182
Dribble Speed: 72 76
Top Speed: 7978
Body Balance: 73 76
Tenacity: 70 ⇒ ?

Acceleration: 78
Shot Technique: 73
Aggression: 76
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Re: Luíz Carlos

Postby d moura » 2020 May 06, 06:01

Luis Carlos’s set is a bit old and even though he still is a very important player in the team, some changes could be made to sit him better in the ladder and relate him more properly with the remaining players:
Attack and attack prowess could be reduced to 66 or 67, he plays deep now in a double pivot, mostly with Diaby, so 72 is a bit too much. Now that I mention this, his aggression couls also be reduced, he doesn’t attack as often as before, 72 or 72 seems more than enough.
78 in DA seems a bit too much, he doesn’t seemed this good on the ball, 74 or 75 seems fine. His LPA could also be reduced, he barely resorted to long passing choosing almost always to play short and even in the rare chances he played long balls some were misplaced and others weren’t with a high level of difficulty, his short passing seemed much more prolific so we could increase the gap between the 2, SPA seems dine so I suggest a decrease in LPA to 74 or 75. His shooting seems a bit high, playing deepes he doesn’t have many changes to try his shooting, but still I’ve seen him shooting from long range and it didn’t seemed so accurate, 65 in SA should be enough.
His FKA could also be dropped, I’ve never seem him to be an option to kick a Fk at Paços, with them being almost all taken by Pedrinho and lately by Adriano Castanheira, so I don’t have any concrete value since I’ve never seen him take one, but maybe some value along the range of 65 to make other players be ahead of him in the hierarchy of FK takers.

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