Marco Capuano

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Marco Capuano

Postby PES Stats Database » 2012 Mar 03, 18:57


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Postby CuorreAzzurro » 2012 Mar 04, 00:16

hello i am new here. but followed this player for a long time. promising young southerner.

great addition and good stats but i have some suggestions. i based them on his FM11/12 stats.

is his response, explosive power specifically that low, he is physically strong. surely a bit more defence and attack too. is he defensive, not balanced. good in attack but still more of a defender. and condition too?
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Postby čale » 2012 Mar 04, 16:54

hi there, please read the Forum Rules before posting. "Rule No.3 - No FM-converted stats."

Now regarding stats, the current DEF value is fine he's more focused on his physical side of the game and tends to resolve everything by brute force, but he's still young and has a bright future ahead of him, and putting him on a green value would guarantee that he's Serie A quality which we certainly can't be convinced yet and he's quite young and only showing glimpses of what he's capable off. When and if Pescara move to Serie A and if he remains with the squads and puts on good performances we'll evalue his stats again.
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