Lukas Klostermann

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Lukas Klostermann

Postby PES Stats Database » 2019 Jan 09, 16:55


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Re: Lukas Klostermann

Postby Akephalos » 2019 May 25, 15:12

I think he can have some tweaks. First is Stamina to be raised to 88-89, this guy runs all freaking game, he own his wing pretty much every game. He goes to attack a lot but he also is capable of nice coverings and tackling.

I think ATT/DEF can be swapped, he is slightly better attacking than defending.

His Aggression needs yellow numbers for sure, he goes up A lot, he have around 81-82 in that area. Also his sps could be higher, he can make beautiful 20 meers trough passes, not quite accurate but a long of range, so maybe around 77 could work perfect for him.
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Re: Lukas Klostermann

Postby anOKguy » 2019 May 25, 22:10

I echo these sentiments and propose a few additional changes. I think his attack can sit at 70 and defense in the 67/68 range. He is definitely more attacking, but still a skilled defender on the flanks. His stamina is impressive and he’s storming up and down all game long without losing quality. I agree with the increase in passing speed for short passes. It’s about the one sevens thing he does as a passer since he’s not much for placement but hits them with good speed on the ground to reach the target. I would raise his sa to 65 or 66 as he actually chipped in with some nice strikes and scored some goals this season. Better shot than this for sure. Finally, aggression is absolutely a yellow. Might even be 83 or so but 81/82 is a good start.

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