Valentin Vada

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Valentin Vada

Postby PES Stats Database » 2018 Sep 09, 16:25

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Re: Valentin Vada

Postby Adrien » 2018 Sep 09, 16:30

A very complete mieldfielder from Bordeaux academy. I have the impression he's very unique as a player. I mean, he's not a great player in a specific area, not as a dribbler or a passer. He's decent everywhere and complete. But he's a great player in the way he supports his teammates while. Good to intercept balls as a supportive player or to give a solution while his teammates has got the ball. That's something I found very surprising for such a young player. He looks very generous in the effort too. He has some pace with the body and on the first steps off the ball wich make him able to make sevral differences. Good first touches too. And something else surprising, altough he not taking place every time as a starter, when he's on the turf, he tooks almost all long FK. He placed them overall well.
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Re: Valentin Vada

Postby Ocrin » 2018 Sep 10, 21:09

I really like the guy, didn't even notice he didn't have a set.
I don't think he's very good though, only decent, he's kind of a jack of all trades player. Pretty decent at most thing, excellent at none. He really shines as a team player, but nothing more. Still, he's a good asset to any mid-table squad, consistent, and he's had some good runs of forms at Bordeaux over the past seasons.

I don't think his ceiling is very high, but he's still young.
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