Mateus Uribe (Colombia and América)

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Mateus Uribe (Colombia and América)

Postby Elivelton » 2018 Jun 17, 23:38

Missing player at PSD, called for Colombia 23-man squad, plays at America (México) has been linked with Real Madrid.

Compilation 1 -
VS France -
VS Brazil -
Compilation 2, similiar to 1 -
Compilation 3 Old Club -

New footage 19/06/2018
VS Cruz Azul -
VS Pumas -
VS Australia -
VS Puebla -
VS Chivas -
VS Potros -
VS Toluca -
*and Guido Rodriguez VS Toronto (Michael Bradley) -

FIFA set:
PES set:

Set + comments on spoiler

Spoiler: show
Club: Club América
Name: Mateus Uribe
Shirt Name: MATHEUS
Number: 8
Position: CM, DM, SM

Nationality: Colombia _col
Age: 27 (21/03/1991)


Injury Tolerance: B
Foot: R
Side: R

Attack: 73
Defence: 68
Balance: 78
Stamina: 89
Top Speed: 77
Acceleration: 79
Response: 81
Agility: 77
Dribble Accuracy: 80
Dribble Speed: 80
Short Pass Accuracy: 76
Short Pass Speed: 75
Long Pass Accuracy: 79
Long Pass Speed: 76
Shot Accuracy: 73
Shot Power: 80
Shot Technique: 77
Free Kick Accuracy: 63
Curling: 72
Header: 76
Jump: 75
Technique: 82
Aggression: 81
Mentality: 83
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 77

Condition/Fitness: 5
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 5

Middle shooting

Small Comments:
Energetic box-to-box midfielder.
Go to the opponent box for scoring opportunities.
Helps the defense with good antecipation and tackling, may deserve *sliding.
Shoots well from distance, and has the ability to shoot volleys and bicycle kicks, his shots are not very powerfull so he makes up for it with good connections, scored a solid amount of goals this season for a CM, around 14 in 35 matches if google is correct.
Conservative short passing, turns into a more incisive passer using long passes and crosses.
Skilled with the ball at his feet, good 1st touch.
May deserve higher Mentality

Changed some atributes to highlight his main skills and playstyle.
Finally tested him in game and i`m very satisfied with the result, his playstyle looks really similar from what is seen in the videos, his shooting is good, he makes runs to the side for crosses and to the box, really energetic player and very dangerous when he is close to the box.
Now it became really clear why he is an option for Colombia midfield.
This set can be used as a base for an "official" PSD set, but i don`t know how to translate some of this numbers to the new gen.

Update 2:
His defensive ability to make tackles is really impressive, he also seems to be very strong, Bradley is stronger than him.
His antecipation are very good worthy of yellows.
His SPA and LPA at greens seems fine to me, looks like a player who makes passes harder than it should instead of the other way around, SPS is probably higher, Bradley SPS and LPS are both higher than him by a good margin.
Some good displays of higher top speed in some parts, i doubt he uses it that often, more like accelerate to X speed and thats it.
His ability to make turns are very good and has some good speed in it, his agility is probably higher than this.
He runs a lot without the ball, TW may need some work.
His ability to run with the ball is fine too, his DS at yellow is a good idea. Either he runs with the ball or without it.
I don`t think i will update the set posted here without any external opinions and discussions but throwing up some numbers (maybe wrong but the set here is good overall to display the player but may need some work):
DEF 69-70, BB 80, STA 87-89, ACC 77-78, RES 82,AGI 78-80, SPS 78, LPA 77-78, TW 79-80.

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Re: Mateus Uribe (Colombia and América)

Postby lito5 » 2018 Jun 18, 05:20

i like this set, but the Shot Accuacy mabe is big for he, a 72 is best, alone a litte retoct
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Re: Mateus Uribe (Colombia and América)

Postby Elivelton » 2018 Jun 18, 19:53

Updated my set in the spoilers and added new information about it.
It seems his real name is Mateus Uribe, his shirt name in América is MATHEUS because his mother said it would look better, in Colombia NT is M. URIBE.
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Re: Mateus Uribe (Colombia and América)

Postby Elivelton » 2018 Jun 20, 02:15

New footage, probably my last update on this topic (unless something shows up), new comments with some random numbers at the spoilers, kept the old set as reference because i like it. Should i make this kind of topic for more players?

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