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by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 12, 19:41
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Carlos Tevez
Replies: 629
Views: 239520

Re: Carlos Tévez

He still shows some glipmses of what this set suggests but he's so damn irregular, Form should be 4 max, the other changes can wait (even though I think he won't reach those DEF/STA/MENT/TW levels again).
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 12, 19:39
Forum: Paris Saint-Germain FC
Topic: Ángel Di María
Replies: 1031
Views: 407624

Re: Ángel Di María

you're crazy if you think his spa is way over the top, say what you want about di maria being a retard and a fuck up and what have you, and i'll mostly likely agree, but hes a fucking monster passer who pulls off some of the best passes in the world, consistently. Long Passing. Regarding that, he c...
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 12, 19:30
Forum: Real Betis Balompié
Topic: Claudio Bravo
Replies: 184
Views: 147973

Re: Claudio Bravo

Regarding stats, the set looks good but his GKS could be pretty lower, the guy can't catch a ball, and I'm not saying this only because of the last match. He always goes for clearances, never tries to catch the ball. Not on Romero levels but 80-81 would be better for him, with better RES (I don't se...
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 12, 16:32
Forum: AFC Ajax
Topic: Daley Blind
Replies: 196
Views: 136242

Re: Daley Blind

I think this set could be decent if he had DMF as natural position. As a CB he isn't this good, there's no way he's mid yellow DEF and orange TW, ffs, his positioning and reading of the game beign on the back line is terrible. All the examples Crisci posted are prove of it, just watch City's first g...
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 12, 01:24
Forum: Vélez Sársfield
Topic: Ricardo Centurión
Replies: 138
Views: 57694

Re: Ricardo Centurión

He's similar to Di Maria, pretty selfish and always trying to dribble and score his own goals, yet he's so fast, agile and skillful that he manages to create danger anyway.

Set looks perfect except his Form, never looked like 5 to me, he's a 4 max.
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 09, 14:29
Forum: River Plate
Topic: Lucas Pratto
Replies: 223
Views: 58390

Re: Lucas Pratto

He never looked this agile to me, don't know how he was at Genoa but at Velez and Mineiro he hasn't looked like more than 72-73 EP.
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 09, 14:27
Forum: Arsenal FC
Topic: Mesut Özil
Replies: 1218
Views: 478246

Re: Mesut Özil

He never played WF...
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 09, 14:26
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Leonardo Bonucci
Replies: 284
Views: 161399

Re: Leonardo Bonucci

I'm completely against the RES upgrade, if anything should be lower to replicate his style, as Epsi himself said before, I don't know why he upgraded now, nothing has changed. His speed values in general look too generous, he doesn't look like green TS and his EP could be at low 60's, much closer to...
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 08, 17:43
Forum: Paris Saint-Germain FC
Topic: Ángel Di María
Replies: 1031
Views: 407624

Re: Ángel Di María

He always played like that on the NT, he only played like a smart player on the WC and then got injured. Apart from that he's total shit with the NT, he's always been. If I had to make a set only for his NT performances, he'll get 72 ATT and Form 1, maximum. Honestly I don't like this set at all, lo...
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 08, 17:40
Forum: Inter Miami CF
Topic: Blaise Matuidi
Replies: 79
Views: 105642

Re: Blaise Matuidi

I don't understand the TW downgrade, his movement off the ball is one of his best attributes.
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 07, 14:02
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Lionel Messi
Replies: 3244
Views: 1161351

Re: Lionel Messi

Looks good but I have a couple of doubts here. First, his STA. Lower STA than on his 2013-14 seaso, which was his worst ever and didn't even move? That doesn't look good to me, also having him below Ozil and Zlatan... too harsh, except all the ladder is being re-worked (which can be good). I'm not c...
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 07, 14:01
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Cristiano Ronaldo
Replies: 3074
Views: 1063110

Re: Cristiano Ronaldo

His SPS looks too generous tbh, same can be said about SPA, he's too close to Neymar.
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 06, 17:23
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Chris Smalling
Replies: 179
Views: 141506

Re: Chris Smalling

Just TW and DEF were downgraded. TW downgraded was totally deserved, is one of his main weaknesses. About DEF, if we take in count only his ability to tackle, then that 85 was deserved. Honestly I think 90% of the CB's in the base are overrated (even if just a little) in DEF, what makes him too good...
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 03, 20:49
Forum: Real Betis Balompié
Topic: Claudio Bravo
Replies: 184
Views: 147973

Re: Claudio Bravo

The only things I'd change would be higher RES and TW, lower GKS and that's it.
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 02, 23:53
Forum: Manchester City FC
Topic: Bernardo Silva
Replies: 83
Views: 105448

Re: Bernardo Silva

His TS didn't impress me at all, I think that 76 is alright. I agree with all the rest, he's much faster on the ball and I've always found his LPA underrated.
by Ramindbroken
2016 Sep 01, 22:28
Forum: Banfield
Topic: Pablo Daniel Osvaldo
Replies: 164
Views: 86815

Re: Pablo Daniel Osvaldo

He's too stupid to be a profesional player, lol
by Ramindbroken
2016 Aug 30, 14:53
Forum: RC Celta de Vigo
Topic: Denis Suárez
Replies: 28
Views: 63553

Re: Denis Suárez

jurgens wrote:
Ramindbroken wrote:He's playing as a CMF and probably he'll play there all the season, Barca doesn't play with AMFs

iniesta plays AMF

Iniesta is playing even deeper in the field since Xavi left, I don't see how he's an AMF.
by Ramindbroken
2016 Aug 29, 15:15
Forum: Yeni Malatyaspor
Topic: Arturo Mina
Replies: 17
Views: 8564

Re: Arturo Mina

There's no way he can be on green DA
by Ramindbroken
2016 Aug 28, 15:16
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Agustín Orión
Replies: 243
Views: 61041

Re: Agustín Orión

His current Form value seems very generous if we consider his DEF/RES.
by Ramindbroken
2016 Aug 28, 15:15
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Sergio Ramos
Replies: 896
Views: 346592

Re: Sergio Ramos

His DEF Prowess should be at mid green too.

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