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by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 09, 12:25
Forum: SpVgg Greuther Fürth
Topic: Mërgim Mavraj
Replies: 48
Views: 17597

Re: Mërgim Mavraj

After some very hard seasons where he has been mostly injured , he is back stronger than ever . This season has been his best , he is much more matured and he is the defender who gets the less cards from what i know :) . Talking about set , his interception has been very good this season , his tackl...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 08, 22:10
Forum: FC Groningen
Topic: Arjen Robben
Replies: 1273
Views: 360569

Re: Arjen Robben

PES Stats Database wrote:

Can't understand how his Attacking Prowess is just 85 :? ...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 08, 21:33
Forum: FC Bayern München
Topic: Robert Lewandowski
Replies: 424
Views: 291686

Re: Robert Lewandowski

Another free kick goal by him : and seeing that it also influences at penalties in new PES , i suggest a deserved raise in his FKA :D
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 08, 12:26
Forum: Leicester City FC
Topic: Youri Tielemans
Replies: 33
Views: 43327

Re: Youri Tielemans

What an amazing talent he is ! At the age of 19 , Youri Tielemans has played 177 games for club and country and despite being a CMF he still has scored a good number of 35 goals . Seeing that his last update was in 2014 and how much he has raised his level , i think that he deserves a good update as...
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 29, 15:56
Forum: UEFA
Topic: Albania | FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers
Replies: 154
Views: 50238

Re: Albania | FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

Made some small changes ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 26, 16:49
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Malang Sarr
Replies: 4
Views: 7418

Re: Malang Sarr

I add him to the database. He's really a promissing defender, great abilities overall and the starter of Nice since the beginning of the season with Dante. He's very fast, very good technically, fast with the ball and good first touches. His main characteristic is to be a great distributor from the...
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 26, 13:49
Forum: SS Lazio
Topic: Thomas Strakosha
Replies: 5
Views: 13489

Re: Thomas Strakosha

Strakosha is doing very good with Lazio , with him the team has lost only 2 of 15 matches and now he is also a good alternative for the NT . He is not a teen anymore and is doing a lot of good matches , so his FORM should be surely higher than 3 . His reflexes are quite good and it is one of his bes...
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 26, 13:36
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Migjen Basha
Replies: 17
Views: 8665

Re: Migjen Basha

This season Basha has become very important in the midfield of both Bari and Albanian NT . His experience helps the team a lot . Except the foul against Belotti ( still his only problem are the fouls that he makes :lol: ) , he made a very good match against Italy ( together with Memushaj ) , where h...
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 24, 22:08
Forum: Le Mans FC
Topic: Frédéric Veseli
Replies: 2
Views: 2797

Re: Frédéric Veseli

Veseli has played a lot as a CB with Port Vale , Ipswich , Lugano and also with NT in 4 of his 5 matches he has played as a CB so i think that we should add that as a second position to him ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 24, 14:09
Forum: UEFA
Topic: Kosovo | 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification
Replies: 8
Views: 7302

Re: Kosovo | 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification

Updated ;) . Still missing a lot of players but i have posted some very good sets for Bernard Berisha and Arber Zeneli in their respective leagues threads for missing players and i hope that they will be added to PSD soon ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 24, 13:22
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Enis Alushi
Replies: 4
Views: 3866

Re: Enis Alushi

by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 24, 13:18
Forum: Sheffield Wednesday FC
Topic: Atdhe Nuhiu
Replies: 17
Views: 6568

Re: Atdhe Nuhiu

Change his nationality cause now he is part of _kos Kosovo NT : ... eler/53436
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 17, 22:01
Forum: Sevilla FC
Topic: Roque Mesa
Replies: 13
Views: 12818

Re: Roque Mesa

His last update was good and very needed but now he should have some other tweaks to have even a better set ;) . Firstly , we can start by removing SB and WF ( probably even SMF seeing that his last match in that position was like 1.5 year ago ) and also he uses a lot his left foot while dribbling, ...
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 17, 16:42
Forum: Club Atlético de Madrid
Topic: Thomas Lemar
Replies: 32
Views: 57026

Re: Thomas Lemar

Amazing season from him with Monaco and now Lemar is also part of the France NT . He is one of the main players ( if not the main ) of an amazing team who has scored the most goals in Europe this season after Barcelona ;) . Talking about set i think that it represents quite good his strongest points...
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 15, 16:02
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Arturo Vidal
Replies: 512
Views: 268235

Re: Arturo Vidal

I think that it's time for a small update at Vidal's set . As most of as agreed , he needs some small tweaks in LPA , BB and RES but i also suggest to "change" the values between his EP and HEA . I don't really think that a 30 years old Vidal needs a yellow value for his AGI and also he is...
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 15, 12:35
Forum: FC Internazionale Milano
Topic: Christian Eriksen
Replies: 232
Views: 155583

Re: Christian Eriksen

Guys , seeing the way that we rate LPA , don't you think that Eriksen is a bit underrated ?
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 13, 21:51
Forum: Southampton FC
Topic: Wesley Hoedt
Replies: 7
Views: 12266

Re: Wesley Hoedt

Tonight against Torino showed very good LPA/LPS and also looked clearly better in all technical abilities ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 13, 21:40
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Marcus Rashford
Replies: 67
Views: 157743

Re: Marcus Rashford

Isn't time for an update in his STA ? Rashford isn't lazy and runs a lot at least to deserve a yellow value IMO ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 13, 16:06
Forum: AC Milan
Topic: Ante Rebić
Replies: 42
Views: 42349

Re: Ante Rebić

I hadn't seen him since a long time but yeah , against Bayern he showed mid-yellows BB , TS and DS . Really strong and really fast with and without the ball but it also looked like he tries to use his left a bit more than just a WFA/WFF 4/4 player ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 Mar 11, 21:09
Forum: OGC Nice
Topic: Riza Durmisi
Replies: 5
Views: 9140

Re: Riza Durmisi

Durmisi has improved his FKA in Betis and i suggest something like +10 in FKA and a bit higher SWE for him . Also his SP can go a bit up but i can't suggest any value at the moment ...

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