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by mr.Boss
2017 Jun 08, 20:39
Forum: US Sassuolo Calcio
Topic: Domenico Berardi
Replies: 37
Views: 41956

Re: Domenico Berardi

Berardi should have *Penalties , he has scored tones of them with Sassuolo ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 Jun 05, 21:27
Forum: Delfino Pescara 1936
Topic: Ledian Memushaj
Replies: 11
Views: 6069

Re: Ledian Memushaj

He was a bit unlucky in his first season in Serie A because he lost 2 penalties in a team that is extremely weak to play in one of the most competitive leagues in the world . Anyway , he managed to have a "good" season in the personal aspect with scoring against Roma and making some good a...
by mr.Boss
2017 Jun 04, 13:41
Forum: HNK Hajduk Split
Topic: Ardian Ismajli
Replies: 2
Views: 1484

Re: Ardian Ismajli

Change his nationality to Kosovar _kos please . He is part of Kosovo NT : ... n_id/53982
by mr.Boss
2017 May 29, 22:27
Topic: Edgar Álvarez, CD Platense
Replies: 73
Views: 22589

Re: Edgar Álvarez, CD Platense

Guys , don't you think that Edgar Alvarez can have even a classic set ? I used to love playing with Bari and him in 2009-2010 season in my PSP :lol: . He played 37 matches in Serie A in that season and did very good , with Bari finishing 10th ;) . If you like the idea of having a classic set for him...
by mr.Boss
2017 May 28, 01:43
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Raphaël Varane
Replies: 263
Views: 216688

Re: Raphaël Varane

Guys , i think that Varane's set should have some small tweaks . He gets injured a lot and misses lot's of games in a season so i suggest IT C for him and also SB and DMF should have been removed cause he hasn't played there for a long time and it looks like he won't play there anymore ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 May 27, 11:23
Forum: 1. FC Köln
Topic: Jonas Hector
Replies: 15
Views: 26432

Re: Jonas Hector

Any problem if I boosted his Form to 7? Not that I watch him nor Köln every single weekend, and I'm not very used to keep players with Form 6 or above... But he's been so, so solid and consistent for the last 3 seasons. It is very hard to remind any poor performance of him in that period of time. S...
by mr.Boss
2017 May 26, 19:53
Forum: Manchester City FC
Topic: João Cancelo
Replies: 57
Views: 52056

Re: João Cancelo

I haven't seen more than 3-4 matches of him, but he looks much faster to me ;) Bump ! Guys , any though about him ? Cancelo is now a starter even at Portugal NT and has raised his level a lot . With the actual stats his TS is one pair with De Sciglio :shock: which is clearly much slower and also Ca...
by mr.Boss
2017 May 21, 09:55
Forum: Málaga CF
Topic: Armando Sadiku
Replies: 25
Views: 10800

Re: Armando Sadiku, FC Lugano

Guys , Sadiku has been in a great form for 2 seasons now . Last season he scored 22 goals for club and country and until now he has scored 16 goals in 32 matches this season ( just 1 with penalty ) . He is showing his goal-scoring abilities with Lugano , which is now very near to reach the UEL zone ...
by mr.Boss
2017 May 18, 12:53
Forum: Lille OSC
Topic: Renato Sanches
Replies: 52
Views: 79026

Re: Renato Sanches

I don't think that AMF is needed for him . Sanches has never played there and i don't really think that he will play there at least in the near future so i suggest to delete that position ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 May 14, 19:05
Forum: RB Leipzig
Topic: Diego Demme
Replies: 5
Views: 7394

Re: Diego Demme

Don't you guys think that his main position should be DMF ? Also , he looks more of a fighter than "74" to me and i think that his ball winning needs to be raised a bit cause despite the fact that he makes lots of fouls , he is quite good at recovering the ball ;)
by mr.Boss
2017 May 07, 15:03
Forum: Everton FC
Topic: Djibril Sidibé
Replies: 12
Views: 29897

Re: Djibril Sidibé

In the matches that i have seen him , he has always impressed me with his speed , this guy's TS should be updated to a similar value with Mbappe and also ACC can go some points up IMO ;) Bump ! Guys , Sidibe looks much underrated from PSD users ... You have already updated every player of Monaco wh...
by mr.Boss
2017 May 04, 18:51
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Miralem Pjanić
Replies: 133
Views: 135088

Re: Miralem Pjanić

From what i have seen of Pjanic , at least at Juve , his EP looks a bit overrated . He isn't agile for sure and isn't the type of player who beats the oppositions with his agility , or at least not enough to be almost at mid yellows ;) . While , this season he clearly runs more ( almost everyone at ...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 30, 15:20
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Marcelo
Replies: 407
Views: 245555

Re: Marcelo Vieira

A monster offensively, on a higher level than many wingers. Also not just about stamina&passing game but think tw can be much, much better than 75 (that seems to me underrated as hell). Agree on that , also i am surprised with his MENT value which is very underrated IMO :shock: . He is very mot...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 30, 15:06
Forum: FC Bayern München
Topic: Kingsley Coman
Replies: 69
Views: 110455

Re: Kingsley Coman

His acceleration is crazy and should be his best ability IMO . He can beat any defender just by pushing the ball forward and than makes an assist :lol: . Injures didn't let him to make the season the we excepted after a great 2015-2016 but anyway Bayern believes in him and bought him from Juve :D . ...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 30, 14:57
Forum: FC Bayern München
Topic: Javi Martínez
Replies: 142
Views: 123111

Re: Javi Martínez

His last game as a DMF was 3 years ago against Stuttgart and seeing that he won't play there anymore at Spain NT or Bayern ( they both have tones of midfielders ) , i suggest to make CB his main position ;) . Also , injures have affected in him being slower and less agile so i don't see any reason k...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 30, 14:52
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Douglas Costa
Replies: 133
Views: 143355

Re: Douglas Costa

Guys , i noticed that Douglas Costa together with Alaba are the best free kick takers at Bayern , which is right for the Austrian IMO but i was searching in youtube for Costa's free kick goals and i found just this goal from 4 seasons ago : . Seeing that h...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 30, 14:31
Forum: AS Monaco FC
Topic: Keita Baldé
Replies: 21
Views: 39236

Re: Keita Baldé

He is in an amazing form , 3 goals against Palermo and 2 goals today in the derby against Roma , for a total of 15 goals with club and country ( just 1 with penalty ) . He is clearly much more dangerous this season and today was constantly creating dangerous by himslef against Roma's defense ( he wa...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 27, 18:25
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Douglas Costa
Replies: 133
Views: 143355

Re: Douglas Costa

abdou wrote:
Major general Woof wrote:I will update him this weekend, he does need it.

Where is the update :D :D

He hasn't played that much and that good since then (also been injured) , so maybe the mods are a little bit confuse about him :roll: .
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 13, 11:39
Forum: FC Bayern München
Topic: Thomas Müller
Replies: 381
Views: 288725

Re: Thomas Müller

After a shit season where the values that he has in Attacking Prowess , TS , STA and TW looks much overrated , at very least he needs a downgrade in FORM :x ! It looks like since his penalty against Atletico Madrid one year ago , he hasn't been this good for at least one match . Muller clearly doesn...
by mr.Boss
2017 Apr 13, 11:15
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Arturo Vidal
Replies: 506
Views: 254694

Re: Arturo Vidal

Guys , the last update was quite good for Vidal but you maybe forgot to update his HEA . He is very dangerous in set pieces and there are lot's of examples that shows that Vidal deserves a higher value in HEA . At the moment he is 3 points below Messi :shock: , while Vidal , at least nowadays is muc...

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