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by antony
2019 Oct 13, 02:41
Forum: Hellas Verona FC
Topic: Sofyan Amrabat
Replies: 3
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Re: Sofyan Amrabat

royvd wrote:Anyone been following his play at Hellas? Seems he's establishing himself as one of their key players and bigger clubs are looking after his services. Any recommendations on his stats?

He is in the top 5 of successful dribblings after Falco, Ribery, castrovilli
by antony
2019 Oct 09, 11:24
Forum: Cosenza Calcio
Topic: Zinédine Machach
Replies: 2
Views: 94

Re: Zinédine Machach

Still haven't seen a lot of him but seems to me a pure trickster* type of player, very good skilled technically
by antony
2019 Oct 09, 11:21
Forum: FC Internazionale Milano
Topic: Romelu Lukaku
Replies: 304
Views: 232888

Re: Romelu Lukaku

He played well against Juve, even if misused. Was a solid performance, and while his body can be an obstacle for the way he tries to play, his touch was hardly an issue. What game were you watching? He misplaced 40% of his passes, and had 1 shot. Thats horrendous by any measure, then throw ontop ho...
by antony
2019 Oct 09, 11:16
Forum: FC Internazionale Milano
Topic: Milan Škriniar
Replies: 49
Views: 37774

Re: Milan Škriniar

Good update, sometimes I feel that it has been prejudged in its arrival at the inter (and even today) by the commentators and storytellers, in the game against Barcelona I heard the commentator repeat twice "skriniar the showcase" and well that It highlights a great quality that is that i...
by antony
2019 Oct 09, 11:11
Forum: FC Internazionale Milano
Topic: Valentino Lazaro
Replies: 3
Views: 3481

Re: Valentino Lazaro

Is he still injured atm? I haven't heard/read of him at all since his thigh injury during Inter preseason in China. Regardless of his versatility back at Hertha, I cannot imagine him playing anywhere but RB/RWB. Nope, he isn't injured. He played few minutes against Slavia Praha and gave pretty bad ...
by antony
2019 Sep 26, 10:18
Forum: Virtus Entella
Topic: Nikita Contini Baranovsky
Replies: 2
Views: 68

Re: Nikita Contini Baranovsky

Epsi wrote:Currently best gk in Serie B, overperforming, one of the best surprises until now.

He is known only as Nikita Contini i think we can remove the second surname (i didn't know he has)
by antony
2019 Sep 22, 12:39
Forum: FC Internazionale Milano
Topic: Stefano Sensi
Replies: 13
Views: 10639

Re: Stefano Sensi

He is a little miracle, i wouldn't have seen that coming i mean seeing Sensi being that decisive for the team
I actually see teamwork on 88
by antony
2019 Sep 22, 12:34
Forum: AC Milan
Topic: Rafael Leão
Replies: 10
Views: 4458

Re: Rafael Leão

What a skilled boy he is! His dribble speed is just insane, unlike many milan players who have way overrated sets, Leao is the only one (beside Bennacer and Maybe Romagnoli) who deserves an upgrade. I watched him in some full matches, and I can say he can easily be at 86-88 dribble speed, 87 TS, I'...
by antony
2019 Sep 18, 12:06
Forum: Empoli FC
Topic: Dimitrios Nikolaou
Replies: 5
Views: 1676

Re: Dimitrios Nikolaou

For a guy who played all of 4 matches in Serie A last season and garnered an ungodly 6.2 rating and then only seems to have played twice this year in Serie B he seems to be held highly! Aerial increases I find the most interesting since for a 188cm CB who should be winning 75% of aerial duels or so...
by antony
2019 Sep 17, 13:53
Forum: FC Crotone
Topic: Vladimir Golemić
Replies: 2
Views: 87

Re: Vladimir Golemić

VUKDS wrote:He's swrbian

yes, sorry i have no idea why i was convinced that he was croatian
by antony
2019 Sep 12, 19:09
Forum: FC Internazionale Milano
Topic: Sebastiano Esposito
Replies: 3
Views: 978

Re: Sebastiano Esposito

Was famous at youth level for his free kicks, all primavera followers are a bit much enthusiastic about him and his prospective.. better to wait
by antony
2019 Sep 10, 22:45
Forum: Carrarese Calcio 1908
Topic: Francesco Tavano
Replies: 13
Views: 6542

Re: Francesco Tavano

Great to see some lower league players getting attention - especially the old (and what we would probably classify in the USA as senile) guard still going! The Italian lower leagues seem to have quite a number of hidden gems, like this guy. He’s rated in attack equal or greater than the likes of Pu...
by antony
2019 Sep 09, 13:04
Forum: ACF Fiorentina
Topic: Riccardo Sottil
Replies: 3
Views: 502

Re: Riccardo Sottil

This guy is very skilled technically, and I might be wrong but he has a good pace too .. mostly acceleration
by antony
2019 Sep 09, 13:01
Forum: Brescia Calcio
Topic: Jesse Joronen
Replies: 3
Views: 190

Re: Jesse Joronen

He's a safe goalkeeper. I've already seen some glances of him last season. He's a good buy for Brescia, definitely better than Alfonso (that's also a good gk). I think Brescia won't take so much goals this season, and if they will, I don't it will for his fault. i'm still wondering why Brescia deci...
by antony
2019 Sep 09, 12:58
Forum: Udinese Calcio
Topic: Rodrigo Becão
Replies: 3
Views: 251

Re: Rodrigo Becão

Very aggressive CB, classic useful player in a backline of 3. Against Milan he showed a very good pace, probably he is on yellow Top Speed but i'm still not sure
by antony
2019 Aug 23, 16:21
Forum: Leeds United FC
Topic: Leeds United FC
Replies: 37
Views: 10247

Re: Leeds United FC

by antony
2019 Aug 23, 15:58
Forum: Nottingham Forest FC
Topic: Nottingham Forest FC
Replies: 1
Views: 4514

Re: Nottingham Forest FC

by antony
2019 Aug 18, 14:31
Forum: Liverpool FC
Topic: Liverpool FC
Replies: 133
Views: 176740

Re: Liverpool FC

by antony
2019 Aug 18, 14:04
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Manchester United FC
Replies: 186
Views: 222729

Re: Manchester United FC

by antony
2019 Jul 31, 15:27
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Douglas Costa
Replies: 133
Views: 144455

Re: Douglas Costa

I would like to post to clarify my update. The boy had a very particular set, which defined his strength and weaknesses very well. In reality, however, I believe from what I saw in these two years at Juventus that his weaknesses and strengths are a bit different. First the dribbling. He's a beast, ...

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