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by zuo
2017 Mar 03, 20:19
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Mario Mandžukić
Replies: 207
Views: 156550

Re: Mario Mandžukić

Hello pesstatsdatabase, so many memories for me here.....i had a sort of retirement from the site, years ago, i stopped watching and playing football, that was a life-changing period... I used to join the forum scarcely, as a ghost, almost lost my account credentials and so. It happened that i watch...
by zuo
2014 Jun 25, 12:30
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Luis Suárez
Replies: 1305
Views: 500452

Re: Luis Suárez

no thing to say about his footbalin skills, attack/def/res/sta/tw/agg is astonishing and wouldnt make him hound around like he does, but he needs 60 mentality, or his PSYCHOSOCIOLOGIC weaknesses wouldnt never be represented. Balotelli was treated this way with a much MUCH less powerful over all set....
by zuo
2014 Jun 17, 11:14
Forum: FC Zenit
Topic: Claudio Marchisio
Replies: 330
Views: 142706

Re: Claudio Marchisio

Imo is quite evident that his usage of speed is better after he's started.
wouldnt Give him ts higher than ACC. How lovely was that insole trap on the enfiando goal occasion? Great.
by zuo
2014 May 27, 01:24
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Paul Pogba
Replies: 342
Views: 333132

Re: Paul Pogba

wouldnt be' surprised seeing him listed @190 cms
in a near future, cause im pretty sure he's taller than 188.
by zuo
2014 Mar 25, 20:34
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Andrea Pirlo
Replies: 633
Views: 180579

Re: Andrea Pirlo

about the trapping that vinnie posted earlier, the ball yes it's quite high, but he's TOTALLY unmarked (unpushed) And the ball Isnt 1-touch manuverable....he needs to reset his body. in the end, thats much more of an high Yellow trapping then an orange one, in that image. about FKA, cant really comm...
by zuo
2014 Feb 20, 03:22
Forum: Los Angeles Galaxy
Topic: Zlatan Ibrahimović
Replies: 1099
Views: 395753

Re: Zlatan Ibrahimović

Well that'a for sure.
btw, i said probably already a couple of Times,
and going to say again: he's no 92 DA. I just cant see him over 90.
by zuo
2014 Feb 19, 13:31
Forum: Brescia Calcio
Topic: Mario Balotelli
Replies: 663
Views: 260557

Re: Mario Balotelli

i actually tried something. ok about 4 form and 67 Mentality, perfectly suited with his performances.... then we have an under average stamina, and that's ok cause low TW and overall style of play. Actually these 3 with Injury B would make him possibly miss too many matches as a starter in a regolar...
by zuo
2014 Feb 19, 03:16
Forum: AC Milan
Topic: Giacomo Bonaventura
Replies: 16
Views: 52636

Re: Giacomo Bonaventura

Poor nobody followed a bit Atalanta. saw him three Times since january,
he's surely underrated. But unfortunately i cant properly help.
by zuo
2014 Feb 19, 02:16
Forum: Brescia Calcio
Topic: Mario Balotelli
Replies: 663
Views: 260557

Re: Mario Balotelli

Yes he tenda abit to drift on the sides.....but possibly more uneffective behaviouring is his lack of "aggressivess".... he doesen't really attack the box as he should. i don't know if id play him with the current DOC in the box card. I Also have him on 85 BB, and not sure that not his TS ...
by zuo
2014 Feb 17, 20:15
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Pablo Daniel Osvaldo
Replies: 161
Views: 82223

Re: Pablo Daniel Osvaldo

I believe still needs 79 kgs, scoring star,
And possibly 1*1 scoring too.
is really 82 stamina needed with this TW?
by zuo
2014 Feb 13, 11:06
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Daniele De Rossi
Replies: 181
Views: 108148

Re: Daniele De Rossi

agree 100% on the def/TW/resp/sta issue. but not sure if he should Keep 77 attack. and yes BB has to be touched too. Totally agree with the scissor kicks being improved During his career, but imo his long range shooting AND EXPECIALLY his heading effectiveness sensibly dropped in the last years. And...
by zuo
2014 Feb 13, 10:52
Forum: SSC Napoli
Topic: José Callejón
Replies: 137
Views: 99024

Re: José Callejón

100% agree there. He's a beast.
Showed Also an higher level of tech recently.
and really runs a fucking lot.
Tends really to avoid body charging, and got feequenty tossed,
wouldnt mind 76 BB even. For the rest, he's really a "pain in the ass".
by zuo
2014 Feb 12, 22:03
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Daniele De Rossi
Replies: 181
Views: 108148

Re: Daniele De Rossi

id personally cant see this attack rating.
offers really little in terms of real danger...
Also weird having his response over strootman's.
and his form could go down to 5.
at Times he's just invisible...out of the flow of the game.
by zuo
2014 Feb 12, 21:59
Forum: AC Milan
Topic: Pepe Reina
Replies: 323
Views: 107535

Re: Pepe Reina

Yeah, he didnt ha great moments then.
currently, expecially with albiol, has a strong connection.
by zuo
2014 Feb 12, 21:43
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Gonzalo Higuaín
Replies: 1139
Views: 359489

Re: Gonzalo Higuaín

I sincerely cant see his da as just an 80.
Isnt particularly fast or agile on the ball but
drags it with cool solidity.
by zuo
2014 Feb 12, 21:24
Forum: AC Milan
Topic: Pepe Reina
Replies: 323
Views: 107535

Re: Pepe Reina

Has got superb interactions with his defensive line...
Cant get actually why he's a 68 TW....
Also got some great long passing both from open play
And on goal kick. tonight really blew my mind when i saw
an outside of the boot pass AND a 55 m outside long ball.
(Accurately placed)
by zuo
2014 Feb 12, 02:33
Forum: Parma Calcio 1913
Topic: Gervinho
Replies: 184
Views: 106196

Re: Gervinho

i personally disagree with the two previous replies, if that "you can score" is referred as you->human cause i certainly can score hattricks with 60 SA. i Also disagree if the "you can score" meaning is about Gervinho being controlled by the CPU, because with this stats, and his ...
by zuo
2014 Feb 11, 00:27
Forum: SSC Napoli
Topic: Dries Mertens
Replies: 111
Views: 90958

Re: Dries Mertens

Glad to see mid ora he agility cause i personally
Seen with him the slickest serie a turns, honestly
Havent see i better in the whole league, id put him over insigne too.
by zuo
2014 Feb 10, 13:11
Forum: Club Athletico Paranaense
Topic: Jonathan
Replies: 65
Views: 38278

Re: Jonathan

Yeah epsi, i know it's just a single game,
But it's hard to believe at an 82 LPA with that number
Of absolutely wasted crosses...
by zuo
2014 Feb 10, 00:57
Forum: FC Internazionale Milano
Topic: Borja Valero
Replies: 164
Views: 74901

Re: Borja Valero

Still cant see how he is a white BB.
he's not strong but isnt white material for sure... Imo.
needs a boost in SPs, and in Mentality too.
he's a cold-silent leader, putting though effort During the full 90's,
hasn't got shadow times, a football banker.

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