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by xeneize
2013 Oct 02, 13:24
Forum: Argentinian Lower Leagues
Topic: Germán Montoya, Estudiantes de San Luis
Replies: 59
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Re: Germán Montoya

he's too inconsistent about KS, anyway without doubts isn't his strong point....

the unique thing in that he's good or more, is in RES, sometimes with strange saves "poco ortodoxas" but very effectives
by xeneize
2013 Sep 30, 15:39
Forum: Deportivo Toluca FC
Topic: Emmanuel Gigliotti
Replies: 163
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Re: Emmanuel Gigliotti

he moves with inteligence in free space, very good match in general with his 2 goals, looked very aggresive in some momments
definitely can improve his shoots, also yesterday he could made other goal but he "demoro" a bit to shoot
by xeneize
2013 Sep 30, 15:36
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Juan Román Riquelme
Replies: 854
Views: 158392

Re: Juan Román Riquelme

somebody have a riquelme vs quilmes comp? (or riquelme & gago vs quilmes)

yesterday made a great assit to gigliotti ... 6bzJB8XO_E min 1:14
also made a excellent pass to Escalante, but i can't find it
by xeneize
2013 Sep 24, 15:23
Forum: Other Conmebol players
Topic: Ribair Rodríguez, River Plate (U)
Replies: 55
Views: 17315

Re: Ribair Rodríguez

agree here
also is making excellent tackles too

btw, box to box i sno needed IMO (never was since stay in boca maybe)
by xeneize
2013 Sep 19, 01:52
Forum: Vélez Sársfield
Topic: Fernando Gago
Replies: 318
Views: 128599

Re: Fernando Gago

thanks for the vid

btw, i don't know if is because he's in Boca or what, but he's running a lot more than ussually sometimes. Maybe a thing to follow in next matches...
also is reaching the box very frequently
by xeneize
2013 Aug 26, 22:10
Forum: Tigre
Topic: Sebastián Prediger
Replies: 82
Views: 23534

Re: Sebastián Prediger

FINALLY he's playing seriously (we have to see how long he do that...)
always been an exquisite player, spcially being DM he have a excellent technique, his DA and how he cover the ball with his body is really great

the previous match algo made 2/3 plays like that...
by xeneize
2013 Aug 15, 23:10
Forum: Patronato de Paraná
Topic: Leandro Marín
Replies: 34
Views: 15807

Re: Leandro Marín

the last tournamnet showed really great movements in defensive actions(specially his response), the best in a lot of time (without take into account roncaglia) i think is not only his fault, ledesma is playing really bad specially in defense (never go back to defend), he suffered a lot in the last 2...
by xeneize
2013 Jul 16, 00:36
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Franco Cángele
Replies: 23
Views: 12485

Re: Franco Cángele

agree, was waiting to see him, i'm happy sincerelly with his return showed what you said, his quality is intact but anyway showed his out of rythm in the match (who is a obvious thing, his 1st matches in a lot of time) looked a slow o was my impression? but, his DA is amazing, reallu his didn't lose...
by xeneize
2013 Jul 12, 01:45
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Jacobo Mansilla
Replies: 26
Views: 7494

Re: Jacobo Mansilla

by xeneize
2013 Jul 11, 23:43
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Tomás Costa, Alianza Lima
Replies: 55
Views: 17874

Re: Tomás Costa

returned to colon

EDIT: rescinden his contract!/noticia/ ... omas-costa
is free agent for now
by xeneize
2013 Jul 11, 17:11
Forum: Barracas Central
Topic: Clemente Rodríguez
Replies: 156
Views: 51084

Re: Clemente Rodríguez

debut, losed his player in the goal and won a red card :lol: this guy is incredible

btw, his MENT should be arround 60`s for sure, he's not this intelligent at time to go forward, and his RES is just crap (no more than 69 IMO) for sure brazilian mods are going to realize this easily
by xeneize
2013 Jul 10, 18:08
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Walter Erviti
Replies: 186
Views: 39945

Re: Walter Erviti

what a shame, dind't like his attitude to force the situation and leave the club (like he did in banfield to go boca)
anyways he leave all in the pitch in every match, good luck walter
by xeneize
2013 Jul 05, 01:09
Forum: Deportivo Toluca FC
Topic: Emmanuel Gigliotti
Replies: 163
Views: 36934

Re: Emmanuel Gigliotti

since a week the journalist said he's practically a new player of boca, but is not official yet (not in the official page)

btw, what about the last suggestions?

edit: i don't know how take that, could be taked like a official source?
by xeneize
2013 Jul 03, 12:10
Forum: Sarmiento de Junín
Topic: Lucas Landa
Replies: 27
Views: 6351

Re: Lucas Landa

move to Colón please!/noticia/2794 ... para-colon

great move to colon
by xeneize
2013 Jul 03, 12:08
Forum: Newell's Old Boys
Topic: Mariano Bíttolo
Replies: 35
Views: 9428

Re: Mariano Bíttolo

by xeneize
2013 Jun 30, 15:32
Topic: Claudio Pérez, A.D. San Carlos
Replies: 86
Views: 23322

Re: Claudio Pérez

isn't that a bit harsh? i don'0t know if his DEF is sooo bad, one of his main problems is he lose in speed vs opponents, could use a decrease in ACC by 2 points maybe (he improved this and RES, but still sucks without doubts) i agree with TW/MENT(agree in raise it, but not sure if really deserve 82,...
by xeneize
2013 Jun 29, 21:27
Forum: Barracas Central
Topic: Mauro Matos
Replies: 108
Views: 26328

Re: Mauro MATOS

apparently is going to be the a new reiforcement to Independiente _arg
very good player, specially if he have good players around him
by xeneize
2013 Jun 28, 15:05
Forum: Barracas Central
Topic: Clemente Rodríguez
Replies: 156
Views: 51084

Re: Clemente Rodríguez

i'm not agree about all the set is wrong... but clearly his ATT/LPA and specially RES could have a few points less
also his COND maybe

i believe was going to be updated before the move to sao paulo :P

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