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by adieet
2014 Jul 05, 01:20
Forum: Spanish Lower Leagues
Topic: Ito
Replies: 21
Views: 4097


by adieet
2014 Mar 10, 15:20
Forum: Watford FC
Topic: Danny Welbeck
Replies: 254
Views: 168826

Re: Danny Welbeck

Thought on *Outside ?
by adieet
2014 Feb 25, 08:26
Forum: Athletic Club
Topic: Raúl García
Replies: 70
Views: 76147

Re: Raúl García

Did he play as smf in this match ? I think it's free roaming trait example here. ... lpage&t=61
by adieet
2014 Feb 06, 16:21
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Mattia De Sciglio
Replies: 61
Views: 83706

Re: Mattia De Sciglio

Thought on Early Cross ?
by adieet
2013 Dec 17, 16:25
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Luis Suárez
Replies: 1326
Views: 520683

Re: Luis Suárez

Edited them into a spoiler. They still load thought. :?
by adieet
2013 Sep 07, 04:52
Forum: Vélez Sársfield
Topic: Ricky Álvarez
Replies: 388
Views: 111190

Re: Ricky Álvarez

Thought on double touch and incisive run ?
by adieet
2013 Jul 27, 06:43
Forum: How would you rate it?
Topic: Gedion Zelalem
Replies: 12
Views: 11737

Re: Gedion Zelalem

Name: R. MURPHY Shirtname: R. MURPHY Club: NORTH LONDON Number: 49 Position: CMF*CMF, Nationality: English _eng Age: 20 (xx-yy-1993) Foot: R Length: 185 Weight: 63 Attack: 78 Defence: 50 Balance: 73 Stamina: 73 Top Speed: 84 Acceleration: 75 Response: 75 Agility: 72 Dribble Accuracy: 82 Dri...
by adieet
2013 Jul 20, 09:37
Forum: SPAL 2013
Topic: Bartosz Salamon
Replies: 23
Views: 18894

Re: Bartosz Salamon

Looks like he need Pinpoint Pass. Possibly a good FK taker, all-rounded CB.
by adieet
2013 Jul 05, 14:46
Forum: Attributes analysed and explained
Topic: Konami's PES 2013 Acceleration Ladder (90-99)
Replies: 6
Views: 3653

Re: Konami's PES 2013 Acceleration Ladder (90-99)

cartman_jmc wrote:what is this? is it from hidden files inside the game? maybe you should put the explanation in the first post, epsi

PES 2013 PSP has ACC, ST and AGG values,
by adieet
2013 Jun 08, 06:49
Forum: Arsenal FC
Topic: David Luiz
Replies: 706
Views: 247611

Re: David Luiz

BigStu wrote:it applies to CB as well

Alexalibur wrote:Really? Haha, I never knew. Well, he made a couple or more of runs on both sides today. He rarely does them anyways, as he mostly overlaps from central positions.

Thought on re adding offensive fullback ?
by adieet
2013 Jun 08, 06:48
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Frank Lampard
Replies: 434
Views: 136528

Re: Frank Lampard

by adieet
2013 May 21, 05:46
Forum: Arsenal FC
Topic: David Luiz
Replies: 706
Views: 247611

Re: David Luiz

Add it back then ? :P
by adieet
2013 May 20, 11:50
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Gareth Bale
Replies: 956
Views: 475233

Re: Gareth Bale

Incisive Run ?
by adieet
2013 May 18, 02:34
Forum: Brighton & Hove Albion FC
Topic: Ezequiel Schelotto
Replies: 59
Views: 34473

Re: Ezequiel Schelotto

Based on CHarper video, his def awareness is higher. Thought ?
by adieet
2013 May 12, 05:15
Forum: Paris Saint-Germain FC
Topic: Edinson Cavani
Replies: 533
Views: 255615

Re: Edinson Cavani

Thank you CHarper. :) look from here to the next 10 seconds.
That's worth a high response imo, he chased the ball everywhere. Red ?
by adieet
2013 May 11, 14:06
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Frank Lampard
Replies: 434
Views: 136528

Re: Frank Lampard

by adieet
2013 May 10, 19:42
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Mateo Kovačić
Replies: 301
Views: 185558

Re: Mateo Kovačić

Att 85 DS 88 TW seems higher as well, not sure on the value, maybe leave it as it is for now. SPA, give him high yellow if not 90..88-90 SPS 86 SP 83 Talisman? A must imo. Quick turn ? Roulette ? He give me the feeling that he likes to shoot from distance, not sure about long ranger thought, since h...
by adieet
2013 May 05, 13:50
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Daniel Agger
Replies: 168
Views: 77104

Re: Daniel Agger

I wonder if he's a long ranger as well ? Thought on his att awareness being higher ?
by adieet
2013 May 05, 13:46
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: José Enrique
Replies: 119
Views: 65699

Re: José Enrique

Any thought on early cross ?

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