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by Ocrin
2020 Jul 07, 01:39
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Antoine Griezmann
Replies: 242
Views: 243743

Re: Antoine Griezmann

His SPA feels underrated to me and is probably more around 87/88 IMO. He attempts pretty difficult ground key passes and pulls off a fair amount.
by Ocrin
2020 Jul 06, 23:12
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Mason Greenwood
Replies: 36
Views: 17053

Re: Mason Greenwood

The man is an absurdly good shooter and he's had an insane debut season.

15 goals and 5 assists in about 22 games of game time, around 2000 minutes, at 17, playing in that ManU team, that's just insane and a great promise for the future.
by Ocrin
2020 Jun 29, 22:07
Forum: LB Châteauroux
Topic: Haissem Hassan
Replies: 1
Views: 26

Re: Haissem Hassan

He's pretty spectacular. His movement is Ronaldinho-esque, he's got the same hard to read motion while running and can be very shitfy on the ball. On a side note he's also got tremendous power with both feet and potentially higher TECH. One to watch.
by Ocrin
2020 Jun 29, 22:03
Forum: LB Châteauroux
Topic: Léo Leroy
Replies: 1
Views: 20

Re: Léo Leroy

This guy is a joy to watch and has top flight potential. For the record, he's Jerome's son and while he's a tad more defensive than his father was, he's got the potential to have the same above average technical prowess. His retention is really, really good and his link up play with the forwards is ...
by Ocrin
2020 Jun 29, 20:34
Forum: Grenoble Foot 38
Topic: Jules Sylvestre-Brac
Replies: 0
Views: 11

Jules Sylvestre-Brac

by Ocrin
2020 Jun 19, 02:03
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Karim Benzema
Replies: 818
Views: 359719

Re: Karim Benzema

What's happening is basically what some people have been saying for years: if it wasn't for CR7, and had Benzema been the main man during his physical prime, he would've been one of the best french players ever (which is still is though). I remember saying to Vinnie that young Benzema was a R9 type ...
by Ocrin
2020 Jun 15, 23:07
Forum: RCD Mallorca
Topic: Takefusa Kubo
Replies: 27
Views: 13145

Re: Takefusa Kubo

Looks like his balance has improved nicely since my last observations, he looks better at taking hits and he's an impressive dribbler. It's just food for thought but I'm under the impression his TS/ACC could use a more extreme gap, like lower TS and ACC closer/into high 80s. He's pretty provocative ...
by Ocrin
2020 May 12, 05:57
Forum: French Lower Leagues
Topic: Maxime Bernauer, US Concarneau
Replies: 2
Views: 62

Re: Maxime Bernauer, US Concarneau

A Rennes loanee who's supposedly getting into the first team next season. I'll post a few clips in the next few days to justify the values, it's just insane how powerful of a passer this guy is. He builds up insane power from nothing, just insane passing pace all around. SPS too could be in the 90s....
by Ocrin
2020 May 12, 05:22
Forum: FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Topic: Bryan Soumaré
Replies: 1
Views: 331

Re: Bryan Soumaré

A player I wanted to update a while ago and forgot. He was a really nice surprise, coming from lower french leagues and I only really needed a few minutes into a game against Marseille (I think?) to see that he was good enough for first division. He's fairly explosive on the ball, a nice dribbler, b...
by Ocrin
2020 May 12, 04:31
Forum: Medipol Başakşehir
Topic: Edin Višća
Replies: 4
Views: 6355

Re: Edin Višća

A few notes on him. He's a very good attacking player with extremely consistent involvement in goals. Attack in yellows (theorically putting him among the tops of the turkish league, need to check other players) and high form are there to replicate that key asset of his. 14 goals, 13 assists in 31 m...
by Ocrin
2020 May 11, 20:01
Forum: Juventus FC
Topic: Cristiano Ronaldo
Replies: 3034
Views: 1036083

Re: Cristiano Ronaldo

Why was his FKA brought back up ? He hasn't been consistent for years.
by Ocrin
2020 May 10, 05:10
Forum: Borussia Dortmund
Topic: Youssoufa Moukoko
Replies: 4
Views: 3091

Re: Youssoufa Moukoko

@vinnie (does tagging even work?) suggested on Discord his SA should already be rated fairly high. What are your thoughts about that?
by Ocrin
2020 May 09, 02:13
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Akihiro Ienaga
Replies: 1
Views: 62

Re: Akihiro Ienaga

He's a really good, tidy dribbler who gives a strong Messi vibe because of his body type and running style. I've been very impressed with his BB, he destroys people dribbling past them and just carries defender on his back if he has to to get through.
by Ocrin
2020 May 08, 22:52
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Ryota Oshima
Replies: 1
Views: 47

Re: Ryota Oshima

Good, clean, simple and technique and clean, line-breaking short passing seems to be common in j-league and this guy is one more example. Very clean first touches, breaks line really well with dribbling and dangerous passer overall. He's pretty reminiscent of Kovacic on some aspects.
by Ocrin
2020 May 08, 17:06
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Musashi Suzuki
Replies: 1
Views: 50

Re: Musashi Suzuki

Thanks to Kaito for the footage I used to create this guy. He's actually super interesting. Tall, fast, not exactly powerful though. He doesn't seem to get into duels, but his response, aggression and overall off the ball make him super dangerous. He's quite skillfull, very competent at deviations w...
by Ocrin
2020 May 08, 16:33
Forum: Real Sporting de Gijón
Topic: Manu García
Replies: 3
Views: 676

Re: Manu García

Is his DA still a standout trait of his? He had really good displays when he was on loan in France, he was a key player in his (average) team and showed potential for higher values in the future.
by Ocrin
2020 May 08, 02:31
Forum: Stade Rennais FC
Topic: Faitout Maouassa
Replies: 1
Views: 1120

Re: Faitout Maouassa

He's had a breakthrough season and has shown he has all the physical attributes to be a top level sideback. He's capable of very nice speed on the ball and is a very strong tackler, but his overall impact happens to be lacking at times. His standout trait is the fantastic power he can generate. His ...
by Ocrin
2020 May 05, 02:14
Forum: Moreirense FC
Topic: Luther Singh
Replies: 2
Views: 57

Re: Luther Singh

He could probably make it in a better league, maybe Bundeslida. He's a super aggressive winger with great speed and dangerous shooting. Pretty similar to Bailey in that aspect. I'm conflicted about his weak foot, seems like he's efficient with his weak foot but just doesn't use it a lot. Not exactly...
by Ocrin
2020 May 04, 23:58
Forum: SL Benfica
Topic: Morato
Replies: 1
Views: 94

Re: Morato

This guy looks like a fantastic prospect. Great, great passer with fantastic pace and range in his passing. He's also a super composed defender, barely gets to use sliding tackles because he just doesn't need to, always well positioned to recover the ball cleanly without involving himself too much i...
by Ocrin
2020 May 04, 01:45
Forum: Rio Ave FC
Topic: Mehdi Taremi
Replies: 1
Views: 57

Re: Mehdi Taremi

The guy is actually a pretty interesting player. He's a technical forward who's capable of making runs but also playing deeper to dictate attacks. He's got a pretty nice first touch, is very comfortable with the ball overall. He's a rather tenacious forward in duels with "okay" power. He c...

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