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by BigStu
2019 Mar 17, 23:03
Forum: Huddersfield Town FC
Topic: Juninho Bacuna
Replies: 1
Views: 2340

Re: Juninho Bacuna

Jumps something to keep an eye one, for his goal va West Ham he showed a good leap that might warrant a value well into the yellow range
by BigStu
2019 Mar 17, 22:58
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Marcos Alonso
Replies: 46
Views: 77387

Re: Marcos Alonso

Seems to be getting worse each week, total liability at the back and increasing less effective attackingwise
by BigStu
2019 Mar 10, 13:31
Forum: Crystal Palace FC
Topic: Patrick van Aanholt
Replies: 46
Views: 38662

Re: Patrick van Aanholt

whew, never realised he was on such high values, clicked on expecting an outdated set from his sunderland days needing raises in light of his palace performances
by BigStu
2019 Mar 07, 14:52
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Antonio Rüdiger
Replies: 30
Views: 59766

Re: Antonio Rüdiger

Paddy wrote:In the top 3 defenders in the League for me, him, Laporte and Virgil are heads above anyone else. How does he only have 80 for Defence?

because I've not updated him nor even thoughtabout possible values
by BigStu
2019 Mar 07, 14:50
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Willian
Replies: 104
Views: 155757

Re: Willian

Paddy wrote:Why is his main position attacking mid?

Because that how chelse play, two AMF's in the wide positions, arguable if he should even have SMF as a position now, definitely not WF and SS
by BigStu
2019 Mar 07, 10:36
Forum: Liverpool FC
Topic: Virgil van Dijk
Replies: 80
Views: 81159

Re: Virgil van Dijk

he's not perfect, coapred to other of the greats of the league, hes slightly easy to fluster as the mersyside derby highlighted, clearly his fellow defenders werent on their game, and whilst commendable the way he rose to the occasion being a one man defence, he also at times switched off his game w...
by BigStu
2019 Mar 05, 09:30
Forum: AFC Bournemouth
Topic: David Brooks
Replies: 7
Views: 1960

Re: David Brooks

Paddy wrote:This lad is a silky dribbler, he's honestly class. Could see him playing at a much higher level.

yep, could even seen him in a sky blue shirt in the silva role long term
by BigStu
2019 Mar 03, 23:23
Forum: English Premier League
Topic: Premier League - Players to be created (updated 11.01.19)
Replies: 653
Views: 172190

Re: Premier League - Players to be created (updated 11.01.19)

I’ve got a set for joe Bryan though unlikely I’ll post it until March 20 or later, really busy 15 days coming up for me
by BigStu
2019 Mar 03, 23:04
Forum: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Topic: Raúl Jimenez
Replies: 26
Views: 44600

Re: Raúl Jimenez

Whilst probably has played a fair few more games than him and indeed probably a tonne more aggragate minutes but he’s got a better goals and assists tally than son, and looks better than this set makes him
by BigStu
2019 Feb 19, 10:04
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Chelsea FC discussion thread
Replies: 354
Views: 35573

Re: Chelsea FC discussion thread

I was wrong Sarri is Tactical Genius.
by BigStu
2019 Feb 19, 00:41
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Marcus Rashford
Replies: 49
Views: 134835

Re: Marcus Rashford

Should have yellow lps as well, and I think by now green accuracy at least, put in a lot of good balls this season
by BigStu
2019 Feb 18, 10:55
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Ethan Ampadu
Replies: 8
Views: 1536

Re: Ethan Ampadu

Paddy wrote:Having watched him for the Wales national team I can say he is better than this. In most fields.

Yep, clearly greens aready technically and in passing standout, the rest of the set looks harsh, looks even better than Ake was at his age
by BigStu
2019 Feb 06, 21:57
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: Eden Hazard
Replies: 451
Views: 314161

Re: Eden Hazard

I have to agree, thinking 84 for balance
by BigStu
2019 Jan 29, 22:03
Forum: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Topic: Diogo Jota
Replies: 10
Views: 8294

Re: Diogo Jota

I've not touched this set since his arrival in england, I'd say might be better in some areas, and one or two stand out as looking to high as well like that header value
by BigStu
2019 Jan 29, 10:18
Forum: Football League Championship
Topic: Player's Set Accuracy
Replies: 2
Views: 168

Re: Player's Set Accuracy

Good idea, take a while to sort out, not least as I've got a busy few weeks, but I will do what I can
by BigStu
2019 Jan 28, 23:33
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Ashley Young
Replies: 276
Views: 138475

Re: Ashley Young

Paddy wrote:The guy has man marked Salah out of games, he's certainly underrated.

Andre Herrera has marked Eden out the game more than once, I don’t see going as that good yet, though perhaps he should have the marking star?
by BigStu
2019 Jan 27, 23:02
Forum: Sheffield Wednesday FC
Topic: Steven Fletcher
Replies: 39
Views: 23468

Re: Steven Fletcher

Note to update
by BigStu
2019 Jan 27, 12:34
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Ashley Young
Replies: 276
Views: 138475

Re: Ashley Young

I don't see him as that low in attack or high in defence, so gone with 72:68 plus a raise in res
by BigStu
2019 Jan 25, 21:21
Forum: Arsenal FC
Topic: Alexandre Lacazette
Replies: 74
Views: 93437

Re: Alexandre Lacazette

Ways he’s been tracking back recently could be a candidate for that card
by BigStu
2019 Jan 24, 19:52
Forum: Chelsea FC
Topic: David Luiz
Replies: 690
Views: 227147

Re: David Luiz

Looking more and more like an orange long passer and perhaps 2-3 higher for short passing

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