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by dakar95
2019 Jun 22, 20:47
Forum: Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense
Topic: Everton
Replies: 12
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Re: Everton

Needs a bump to 88 TS. I've been thinking this for a while, but he just blazes past Advincula in pace and he's 93TS. Would also lower him to 81 DA. I think he need more acc. In long distances Advincula is faster than him. Maybe 85~86 Ts and oranges/red acc would be fine. Everytime that he won, was ...
by dakar95
2019 Jun 09, 05:16
Forum: San Jose Earthquakes
Topic: San Jose Earthquakes
Replies: 2
Views: 178

Re: San Jose Earthquakes

@Oriello, thoughts about Marcos López?
by dakar95
2019 May 24, 05:58
Forum: Sport Club Internacional
Topic: Paolo Guerrero
Replies: 183
Views: 88353

Re: Paolo Guerrero

His first touch is just sublime.
Spoiler: show
by dakar95
2019 Mar 25, 01:34
Topic: Horacio Calcaterra, Sporting Cristal
Replies: 5
Views: 223

Re: Horacio Calcaterra, Sporting Cristal

Nice set, I just would touch his DA to 81 and his DS to high greens. WFF and WFA to 5-6.
by dakar95
2019 Mar 25, 01:27
Forum: West Asia
Topic: André Carrillo, Al-Hilal
Replies: 98
Views: 56532

Re: André Carrillo, Al-Hilal

Its seems a bit harsh the downgrade in DA and Tech, he is a machine of dribbling adversaries, but never tries a shot (that's why I am agree with the downgrade in att).
by dakar95
2019 Mar 22, 23:27
Forum: Atlanta United FC
Topic: Josef Martínez
Replies: 39
Views: 20755

Re: Josef Martínez

What a weird penalty kick. :lol:
by dakar95
2019 Jan 12, 22:00
Forum: AC Milan
Topic: Patrick Cutrone
Replies: 17
Views: 23443

Re: Patrick Cutrone

He reminds me alot to Inzaghi, pretty much i see his ST much better than this, something like 84/85. We can notice how he can connect easily with the ball when he has to shoot in awkward positions. Reaction could be de added too. You were right. These are from today.
by dakar95
2019 Jan 11, 22:54
Topic: Emanuel Herrera, Sporting Cristal
Replies: 37
Views: 12261

Re: Emanuel Herrera, Sporting Cristal

I like those changes, I'd add a little upgrade in shot power (+2) and fk (+4).

Here his 43 goals in 2018.
Spoiler: show
by dakar95
2019 Jan 11, 22:41
Topic: Josepmir Ballón, Universidad de Concepción
Replies: 21
Views: 7381

Re: Josepmir Ballón, Sporting Cristal

As @Akhepalos said, he's a kind of box to box with freedom to go to attack with defense responsibilities, his performance without ball is good, not so visible, but helps the team in case of attack or defending. Also he need a downgrade in speed terms, with ball he's slow and not try to run with it. ...
by dakar95
2019 Jan 11, 22:29
Topic: Rinaldo Cruzado, Alianza Lima
Replies: 32
Views: 18604

Re: Rinaldo Cruzado, Alianza Lima

Aggression would be in 60's middle.
by dakar95
2019 Jan 11, 22:22
Topic: Jair Céspedes, Sporting Cristal
Replies: 5
Views: 1869

Re: Jair Céspedes, Sporting Cristal

I'd decrease his ts, acc, sta and balance. His lp is a bit strange, not so regular to deserve 78.
Spoiler: show
Balance: 76 => 72
Stamina: 84 => 81-82
Top Speed: 82 => 80
Acceleration: 84 => 81
Agility: 81 => 78
by dakar95
2019 Jan 11, 22:17
Topic: Maximiliano Biancucchi, Rubio Ñu
Replies: 42
Views: 11245

Re: Maximiliano Biancucchi, FBC Melgar

Vickingo wrote:I think the one who signed with Newell's is his brother, Emanuel who plays in Melgar. Maximiliano is in Rubio Ñu I guess?

You're right, Emanuel played in Melgar (30 y.o.). This is Maximiliano (34 y.o.)
by dakar95
2018 Nov 11, 18:26
Forum: FC Internazionale Milano
Topic: Milan Škriniar
Replies: 47
Views: 35604

Re: Milan Škriniar

Off topic: I just realized that his name is Milan, like the classical adversary.
by dakar95
2018 Oct 28, 23:11
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Arthur
Replies: 45
Views: 45010

Re: Arthur

I think he would have orange DA. Btw his aggression is a bit high.
by dakar95
2018 Oct 16, 06:07
Forum: 90's
Topic: Jorge Campos | 1989-1990
Replies: 7
Views: 23522

Re: Jorge Campos | 1989-1990

Are the height right? In this pic looks like 1,77 or smt. I know the perspective aren't very trustworthy, but I think he's a bit taller than 1,73.
by dakar95
2018 Sep 23, 01:50
Forum: FC Bayern München
Topic: Thiago Alcântara
Replies: 414
Views: 210958

Re: Thiago Alcántara

He should have DMF as optional position.

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