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by Paablito
2019 Nov 13, 13:48
Forum: Independiente
Topic: Nicolás Domingo
Replies: 96
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Re: Nicolás Domingo

With rob talked about how rate this kind of players and imo he is the type of player who doesnt offer as solution alternative always when a player needs an option of pass i see quite conservative he doesnt appears to covering or moving to help in the build up. He is intensive so he is always there t...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 13, 12:58
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Ramón Ábila
Replies: 107
Views: 28636

Re: Ramón Ábila

Well konami rate quite odd some values in some sets, some young players has 77 in att awareness and thats quite strange because clearlty he doesnt deserve such a value. Back to Abila there is a big difference between him and others players i talk a bit on discord about him but i feel he is a little ...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 19:02
Forum: Unión de Santa Fe
Topic: Franco Troyansky
Replies: 1
Views: 446

Re: Franco Troyansky

didnt noticed before but his aerial game is quite good for his size, nice jump and header ability., interesting seeing him playing as smf running into the box as a free roaming, he is doing well here in Union.
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 18:57
Forum: Unión de Santa Fe
Topic: Nicolás Mazzola
Replies: 9
Views: 3099

Re: Nicolás Mazzola

Probably is one of the few strikers who plays for the team all the time, is incredible the amount of movements that he does to the wingers, aleman or faravelli. He knows if the defender would chase him out of the box, so leaves from that position creating spaces, even sometimes he prefers play near...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 18:52
Forum: Unión de Santa Fe
Topic: Jalil Elías
Replies: 2
Views: 963

Re: Jalil Elías

Now in Union is playing again as cmf and he does a great great job, he is really good to make quick transitions on the midfield, dont know what tried to do the dumbass of Bernardi putting him as RSB in Godoy Cruz (even a couple of matches he played as RCB in a three line man, what an idiot is Bernar...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 18:45
Forum: Unión de Santa Fe
Topic: Gabriel Carabajal
Replies: 5
Views: 539

Re: Gabriel Carabajal

I really like his style, he is pretty well rounded in long passing ability, dangerous with his ideas and also quite spicy doing assist every match. with him on the field Union never lost, 5 victories and two draws doing assist in a couple of matches. he deserves 5 in wff/wfa, yellow lpa, swerve and ...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 18:31
Forum: Banfield
Topic: Agustín Urzi
Replies: 2
Views: 293

Re: Agustín Urzi

He is such a complete player imo with 0 recognition by the media and the overall people. His dribbling and ideas on the ball is good evvery match as well as his first touch and passing ability (ground and long passes). I was pretty conservative because he only has 19 years but i see a lot of James m...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 18:25
Forum: Banfield
Topic: Jonás Gutiérrez
Replies: 137
Views: 56147

Re: Jonás Gutiérrez

Decreased his IT to C, he has a lot of injuries here probably his sta is slightly worse but im ok with that.
Probably looking leaders his att/def/tw could be lower a bit.
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 18:22
Forum: Banfield
Topic: Jesús Dátolo
Replies: 103
Views: 34733

Re: Jesús Dátolo

Finally he had a great great match imo, being quite useful and incisive on the center, trying good things on the ball ,Banfield needs him but his condition lately was really really bad, i dont remember his last match here but i think was around two months or there. Today scored two goals, the 2nd wa...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 17:55
Forum: Superliga Argentina de Fútbol
Topic: Discussion Ladders
Replies: 174
Views: 16283

Re: Discussion Ladders

AFA mods are updating numbers on sets based in what we talk in Discord, so join us and talks there (we have an spanish channel, so you can talk in your language). So to summarize - We dont will update numbers based on your point of view, if you doesnt participate there you will not know the new stan...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 16:24
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Julio Buffarini
Replies: 176
Views: 41611

Re: Julio Buffarini

small tweaks here trying to reflect his dumbness in defensive duties, awful crossing ability and how stiff became.
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 16:15
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Frank Fabra
Replies: 20
Views: 15847

Re: Frank Fabra

I think is time to gave him 51 def, form 3, lowering his mentality to 59, around 72 ds - he has tendencies to lowering and make tricks with the ball he aint cover good amount of mts on the ball - and 79ish in ts, slightly worse value in acc/agility and stamina, inst?

edit done
by Paablito
2019 Nov 03, 00:24
Forum: Colón de Santa Fe
Topic: Gastón Díaz
Replies: 48
Views: 13991

Re: Gastón Díaz

his level production has been really awful 0 ideas to be in the defensive line, committing mistakes in every situations and he doesnt ahve ideas to be also dangerous in attack aside some long passing and shooting from outside the box (with quite average sa/st). btw i'd to remark his final pace as we...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 02, 23:19
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Paolo Goltz
Replies: 81
Views: 24468

Re: Paolo Goltz

yep his level was quite bad the last two years, if we must judge him with this year he deserves every value on white, just highlighting his header (decent), mentality and probably maintaining his shooting values but in other areas the set could be raped, the main question is, he deserves it? In 2019...
by Paablito
2019 Nov 02, 23:14
Forum: Gimnasia de La Plata
Topic: Brahian Alemán
Replies: 59
Views: 12330

Re: Brahian Alemán

Just watched two or three matches and only paid attention on him in the first match, i trying to said he was really good at long passing but nothing to deserve 86 in lpa, same with his spa he aint to dominant as before to make assists but i found still reliable in both and imo deserves to be on yell...
by Paablito
2019 Oct 31, 12:51
Forum: Banfield
Topic: Jorge Rodríguez
Replies: 3
Views: 1786

Re: Jorge Rodríguez

He is playing as dmf since Falcioni back to banfield and tbh he is doing muuuuch better than as cb with Vittor as his side with two cb behind him he aint to exposed as when he played as rcb so now doesnt fuck up all the time. He is quite quite aggressive at marking great response and balance, his ba...
by Paablito
2019 Oct 27, 17:43
Forum: River Plate
Topic: Ignacio Fernández
Replies: 47
Views: 22736

Re: Ignacio Fernández

We should certainly make justice about his technical abilities, just look at how Konami made: wtf they have almost the same set we have :lol: i dont see a huge difference between the konamis set and psd set just have -3 in swerve and fka. As i always said, potenti...
by Paablito
2019 Oct 27, 17:22
Forum: River Plate
Topic: Nicolás de la Cruz
Replies: 25
Views: 7254

Re: Nicolás de la Cruz

tw doestn have any impact about overall defensive movements, tw is how intelligent is the player to be an option of pass trying to help the build up.
agree with higher def, done that.
by Paablito
2019 Oct 23, 17:19
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Julio Buffarini
Replies: 176
Views: 41611

Re: Julio Buffarini

i was to generous his agility, lpa and da/tec must be lowered, especially his lpa he cant connect a good crosses, sends bullets with no ideas mostly are to damn awful that the ball goes to outside of the pitch and i dont know why is trying to do the same action, he always goes to inside and tries c...
by Paablito
2019 Oct 23, 17:13
Forum: Boca Juniors
Topic: Esteban Andrada
Replies: 41
Views: 13231

Re: Esteban Andrada

i came here to say more o less the same, he is our Neuer fed based on mate, wine and empanada lol his technique, passing, aggressivennes to be reactive to be always as a swp gk, he is probably better in every aspect of the set, still dont know which and how better are his stats. Great prototype of m...

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