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by Xyder
2013 Jun 22, 22:16
Forum: UEFA Southern-Mediterranean region
Topic: Abraham González
Replies: 5
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Re: Abraham González

New player of RCD Espanyol.
by Xyder
2013 Jun 15, 23:48
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Joan Verdú, Qingdao Huanghai
Replies: 32
Views: 18226

Re: Joan Verdú

Just saw. That's a shame, at least he'd have some chances to win local titles there. Good luck to him, wish he'd stay in Spain. +1, the real shame is this, you've got money to pay an uncosistent player like Albín but you can't pay something more for the best player you had since Tamudo or De la Peñ...
by Xyder
2013 Apr 19, 15:35
Forum: RCD Espanyol de Barcelona
Topic: RCD Espanyol de Barcelona - Formation & Tactics
Replies: 30
Views: 13535

Re: Formation & Tactics

Well, Sergio García it's in fact the CF of the team, but swap a lot with Stuani, who often starts from the right side of the field. When it's needed the team swap his formation to 4-4-2, with Verdú on the right side, but going a lot to the centre and Sergio going to the right to surprise his central...
by Xyder
2013 Apr 15, 10:28
Forum: Real Betis Balompié
Topic: Cristian Tello
Replies: 152
Views: 103575

Re: Cristian Tello

His shooting every day is better an better, great stuff against Zaragoza:

by Xyder
2013 Apr 04, 01:20
Forum: Paris Saint-Germain FC
Topic: Ángel Di María
Replies: 1030
Views: 396953

Re: Ángel Di María

KP isn't about he can do it's about an average of he displays in some matches and he does very weak shots very often to deserve greater KP.
Also, if you point de D-pad in the direction of the opposite goal when you shot,you can do hard shots without a great KP.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 24, 23:49
Forum: Watford FC
Topic: Gerard Deulofeu
Replies: 159
Views: 115405

Re: Gerard Deulofeu

Well for me it's everything said, the set is good, ATT 79 it's a good addition and he needs to improve a lot to be a better player but it's dangerous enough to be a constant thread against opposite teams, he needs more regularity and learn from some other players from the first team to be more letha...
by Xyder
2013 Mar 21, 16:07
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Antoine Griezmann
Replies: 240
Views: 242417

Re: Griezmann

Zurutuza is the one who sended that ball to Griezmann.

Agree on the TECH raise. He's doing a really good season.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 18, 23:39
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Isco
Replies: 352
Views: 275035

Re: Isco

Awareness A/D 3/1 for me
by Xyder
2013 Mar 18, 23:05
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Sergio Busquets
Replies: 691
Views: 294831

Re: Sergio Busquets

Enzo wrote:How about Ball control raise by 1?

And how about an explanation to that suggestion?
by Xyder
2013 Mar 18, 22:18
Forum: UEFA Russia
Topic: Víctor Álvarez, Arsenal Tula
Replies: 3
Views: 4902

Re: Víctor Álvarez

Another good match against Málaga joining as LSMF again. Never thought he is going to be a good LSMF. Going to add LSMF as a position, maybe we can thought in some updates if he continues performing in this way.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 18, 22:12
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Diego Colotto
Replies: 23
Views: 12237

Re: Diego Colotto

IMO it's fine, he is the best sign of Espanyol on the centre back from Pochettino for sure. Reliable on the back and dangerous on set pieces. He isn't so strong but enough to cover the great part of spanish forwards. Good update.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 18, 01:40
Forum: Real Betis Balompié
Topic: Marc Bartra
Replies: 73
Views: 95447

Re: Marc Bartra

He's good enough on aerial balls to deserve better numbers on HEA/JMP, he was one of his main assets when played for FCB B.
Scored an easy header against Málaga the past season if I'm not mistaken, but I'm sure he deserves at least high greens on HEA and jump better than Piqué.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 16, 18:06
Forum: FC Barcelona
Topic: Gerard Piqué
Replies: 671
Views: 289685

Re: Gerard Piqué

KunAguero wrote:Weighted Pass ?

Absolutely no, he's long playing is always powerful and fast, trying to break the opposite defences changing fastly the side of play. I see wighted pass more suitable for Xavi than him.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 15, 18:23
Forum: Real Betis Balompié
Topic: Marc Bartra
Replies: 73
Views: 95447

Re: Marc Bartra

Can't understand why he isn't playing anything on FCB, specially to supply Piqué who is playing every single match. I think he's better than Fontàs, Fontàs it's more bulky but has good passing skills, Bartra is more complete than him.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 13, 19:53
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Andrés Iniesta, Vissel Kobe
Replies: 1202
Views: 380323

Re: Andrés Iniesta

I prefer Konami's 3/2 personally. While playing against the COM I realised that Att awareness affects a player's AI in a way, 2 makes him more focused on the passing and less willing to take on players compared to 3 (when used by the COM). On Def awareness, he does track back and tries to apply pre...
by Xyder
2013 Mar 12, 23:26
Forum: East Asia
Topic: Andrés Iniesta, Vissel Kobe
Replies: 1202
Views: 380323

Re: Andrés Iniesta

Updated A/D Awareness to 3/2
by Xyder
2013 Mar 06, 12:08
Forum: Real Madrid CF
Topic: Luka Modrić
Replies: 372
Views: 270706

Re: Luka Modrić

alrizal wrote:why no middleshooting or long ranger?


Yeah! Why not? 1 attempt / 1 goal in 35 matches, wonderful stadistics to deserve such card :roll:
by Xyder
2013 Mar 03, 22:40
Forum: Brighton & Hove Albion FC
Topic: Martín Montoya
Replies: 38
Views: 62054

Re: Martín Montoya

He looked better on Segunda, he was far superior than other players on his position, that's why the high numbers, of course he hasn't shown this into the first team, but still good, TS 84 is the minimum i'd give to him. I also think his ATT could go up at least 2 points. Side B is a must.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 03, 22:31
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: David Villa
Replies: 676
Views: 210746

Re: David Villa

I don't share JIN726 thoughts too, Villa did some good runs against some good players yesterday like Essien, Callejón or Varane. Of course he lost speed compared with his peak some years ago, but current numbers are good enough to play with them nowadays.
by Xyder
2013 Mar 01, 09:07
Forum: Club Atlético de Madrid
Topic: Diego Costa
Replies: 365
Views: 248764

Re: Diego Costa

86 TS would be good, if anybody saw the match against RCDE, his great speed provoked some yellow cards and the penalty. Of course, when Falcao is on the field, is the colombian who throws the penalties, so not need for penalties for my taste. Agree on ATT upgrade and his MENT could reach yellows, th...

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