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by pedala robinho
2016 Sep 10, 23:01
Forum: Avaí Futebol Clube
Topic: Valdívia
Replies: 16
Views: 8359

Re: Valdívia

Disagree, his first touch is pretty decent, and I bet it will be even higher when he recover his old form. FKA, I'm not sure, even though I believe he's better, I'd like to see more of him, as I don't think he has proven to be consistently on a higher base. Anyways, it's a pretty accurate set of him...
by pedala robinho
2016 Sep 10, 22:52
Forum: Santos Futebol Clube
Topic: Eduardo Sasha
Replies: 21
Views: 7106

Re: Eduardo Sasha

Personally, I see his movements pretty "robotic". He's also slower than this. I'd go for 80 for both (AGI & TS), at max. Technically, he's pretty limited and inconsistent, makes me wonder if he isn't already properly rated. ATT, DEF and MEN should go up.
by pedala robinho
2016 Sep 09, 01:05
Forum: Independiente Santa Fe
Topic: Luis Manuel Seijas
Replies: 26
Views: 18525

Re: Luis Manuel Seijas, Independiente Santa Fe

Great tournament he had in Copa Sudamericana, in my opinion one of the most important in Santa Fé. Most games played as tireless CMF, being supportive in defense work making some steals mostly with his good RESP. BB isn´t his best quality, compensate with his attitude and stamina, always showing as...
by pedala robinho
2016 Sep 02, 04:07
Forum: VfL Wolfsburg
Topic: William
Replies: 17
Views: 6990

Re: William

Pretty decent set, in my opinion. I personally think ATK is a bit overrated, I would suggest a solid 70. I explain: Willian is really not comfortable while attacking, and I think it's pretty clear that he might be better within the defensive lines instead the offensive - I'm not suggesting a higher ...
by pedala robinho
2016 Sep 01, 17:26
Forum: Sport Club Internacional
Topic: Rodrigo Dourado
Replies: 16
Views: 6343

Re: Rodrigo Dourado

These stats are plainly wrong. He's not called "The New Falcão" for no reason - obviously he's not as gifted as the former, but he's, indeed, a quite technical player. Physical stats looks quite good, honestly - dunno if he's really that sluggish, though. Other than that, DA, SPA, SPS, HEA...
by pedala robinho
2013 Nov 18, 14:24
Forum: Clube de Regatas do Flamengo
Topic: Éverton Ribeiro
Replies: 42
Views: 27826

Re: Éverton Ribeiro

What a player! 84 for DA and 83 for TEC? Don't be so shy, guys.
by pedala robinho
2013 Aug 17, 16:38
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Walter
Replies: 44
Views: 24878

Re: Walter

Balotelli at ST 87, Fred at 86, Pato at 84, and you're saying he doesn't deserves to be on 89, seriously, this doesn't sounds fair. I've been following this player since the youth's and I can safely say he's really lethal when it comes to shooting. The most I'd agree is something like SA: 84/SP: 88-...
by pedala robinho
2013 Aug 16, 02:41
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Walter
Replies: 44
Views: 24878

Re: Walter

Anders, what about this numbers?

Balance: 87
Dribble Accuracy: 84
Top Speed: 77
Acceleration: 79
Shot Accuracy: 86
Shot Power: 88
Shot Technique: 89
Technique: 85
Mentality: 67
by pedala robinho
2013 Aug 15, 18:01
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Walter
Replies: 44
Views: 24878

Re: Walter

Yeah, he's technically gifted. Just wonder what would he be capable to do if he was fit... Anyways, about his stats, he's really amazing. The way he strikes the ball kinda reminds me of Dodô, such a finesse. Actually, his accuracy is even better. He's easily 84 ~ 86 when it comes to SA and I'd go wi...
by pedala robinho
2013 Aug 15, 02:55
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Walter
Replies: 44
Views: 24878

Re: Walter

Probably the brazilian Balotelli when it comes to dumbness and talent. Simply a shame such a talent being wasted. By the way, his shooting abilities are vastly underrated. He has incredibly accuracy on his foot.
by pedala robinho
2013 Aug 11, 20:24
Forum: Avaí Futebol Clube
Topic: Douglas
Replies: 79
Views: 27703

Re: Douglas

Anders, I think you can update him.
by pedala robinho
2013 Jul 25, 03:17
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Fabrício
Replies: 10
Views: 5606

Re: Fabrício

I think it was more like a WB or SMF position. He's being used on this position frequently. By the way, the last proposes of joaovitor are quite spot on. He's like a powerhorse, fast, strong, energical, but as dumb as a door. I agree with the proposed suggestions.
by pedala robinho
2013 Jul 25, 03:08
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Diego Forlán
Replies: 580
Views: 152507

Re: Diego Forlán

He's slower. Should have and update on his passing stats too. Today, he had a 1vs1 with Lúcio and wasn't able to outpace him. Keeping on mind that Lúcio is at 84 - and he had a interesting run with Damião too, who's at 85 , what corroborate Lúcio's speed is correctly rated, I'd propose Forlán is abo...
by pedala robinho
2013 Jul 25, 02:46
Forum: Non-Affiliated
Topic: Willians
Replies: 114
Views: 32040

Re: Willians

With Guiña at BB: 83 , Willians is easily a 84 material. Passing could use a boost. Probably Guiña should have a higher TEN than him, but when it comes to STA, Willians seems accumulate less fatigue. Keep on mind he's also much more energical. I'd say Guiña should be with 90~91 on STA and TEN 86~87 ...
by pedala robinho
2013 Jul 25, 02:38
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Juan
Replies: 45
Views: 37341

Re: Juan

I have to agree. He's been nothing less than impressive. Worthy of mid-yellows for both DEF and RES. Actually, the set on pesdb (, apart from some values, seeems really spot on.
by pedala robinho
2013 May 26, 16:13
Forum: UEFA Southern-Mediterranean region
Topic: Aírton
Replies: 76
Views: 23261

Re: Aírton

Dunno from where this values for TS/ACC comes from. He's quite sluggish actually.
by pedala robinho
2013 May 26, 04:05
Forum: Manchester United FC
Topic: Fred
Replies: 77
Views: 57340

Re: Fred

Technique should be higher than DA.
by pedala robinho
2013 May 19, 17:18
Forum: Al Ain
Topic: Caio
Replies: 30
Views: 9281

Re: Caio

Have to agree, he seems faster and probably I'd rate TEC and AGG higher - I'm actually using him @ TEC 82 / AGG 87.
by pedala robinho
2013 May 16, 03:26
Forum: Retired Players
Topic: Josimar †
Replies: 5
Views: 3483

Re: Josimar

Not so fast, much better long passer - I mean, he's really great at this aspect -, good short passer, though not so consistent as I'd like, stronger/better balance and shot power, participative and smart on the attack. Basically, I don't agree with most of the stats. I'd suggest high greens on ATK, ...
by pedala robinho
2013 Mar 18, 03:02
Forum: Clube Atlético Mineiro
Topic: Réver Alves
Replies: 38
Views: 25532

Re: Réver Alves

Seriously, I don't think anyone can disagree with less than 83 on TEC for him before his goals and last match. It's not the first time he has done things like that.

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