_Dutch Lower Leagues↓ IN

 Steven Pereira (To  CSKA Sofia)
 Jorrit Kunst (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Jeroen Verhoeven (To  Retired Players)
 Mohamed Hamdaoui (To  De Graafschap)
 Kees van Buuren (To  Retired Players)
 Matthew Amoah (To  Retired Players)
 Jhonny van Beukering (To  Retired Players)
 Javier Vet (To  De Graafschap)
 Leon van Dijk (To  Retired Players)
 Jack Tuijp (To  Retired Players)
 Boy de Jong (To  RSC Anderlecht)
 Mark Engberink (To  Retired Players)
 Kurt Elshot (To  Retired Players)
 Pascal Bosschaart (To  Retired Players)
 Nicky Kuiper (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Uğur Yıldirım (To  Retired Players)
 Denis Mahmudov (To  SBV Excelsior)
 Sigourney Bandjar (To  Retired Players)
 Frank van Kouwen (To  Retired Players)
 Nick Bakker (To  FC Emmen)
 Dave Bulthuis (To  East Asia Players)
 Marcel Seip (To  Retired Players)
 Henk Bos (To  FC Emmen)
 Ruben Ligeon (To  _Other Clubs)
 Robert van Boxel (To  Retired Players)
 Ken Leemans (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Danny Holla (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Sandro Calabro (To  Retired Players)
 Edwin de Graaf (To  Retired Players)
 Peter Jungschläger (To  Retired Players)
 Gibril Sankoh (To  Retired Players)
 Ricky van den Bergh (To  Retired Players)
 Sander Duits (To  Retired Players)
 Leen van Steensel (To  Retired Players)
 Gerson Sheotahul (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Barry Maguire (To  _Other Clubs)
 Benjamin van den Broek (To  Retired Players)
 Marko Maletić (To  Paris FC)
 Mike Tros (To  Retired Players)
 Stijn de Looijer (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Geert Arend Roorda (To  Retired Players)
 Nicolás Romat (To  Huracán)
 Lesly de Sa (To  ŠK Slovan Bratislava)
 Giovanni Hiwat (To  _Other Clubs)
 Stefano Beltrame (To  Serie C - Girone A)
 Wouter Marinus (To  FC Emmen)
 Marc Höcher (To  Retired Players)
 Elso Brito (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Anco Jansen (To  FC Emmen)
 Robert Braber (To  Retired Players)
 Chiel Kramer (To  NEC Nijmegen)
 Vinnie Vermeer (To  NAC Breda)
 Robert Braber (To  Retired Players)
 Arsenio Valpoort (To  SBV Excelsior)
 Genero Zeefuik (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Wesley Verhoek (To  Retired Players)
 Edwin Linssen (To  De Graafschap)
 Toine van Huizen (To  De Graafschap)
 Rick Kruys (To  Retired Players)
 Santy Hulst (To  Retired Players)
 Arsenio Valpoort (To  RKC Waalwijk)
 Jordy Tutuarima (To  De Graafschap)
 Josimar Lima (To  _Other Clubs)
 Terell Ondaan (To  Grenoble Foot 38)
 Theo Lucius (To  Retired Players)
 Arjan van Dijk (To  Retired Players)
 Bas Sibum (To  Retired Players)
 Léon Bergsma (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Romano Denneboom (To  Retired Players)
 Barry Ditewig (To  Retired Players)
 Danny Schenkel (To  Retired Players)
 Nigel Bertrams (To  FC Groningen)
 Cayfano Latupeirissa (To  NEC Nijmegen)
 Jeroen Houwen (To  Vitesse)
 Israel Villaseñor (To  Puebla FC)
 Robbert te Loeke (To  Retired Players)
 Bart Vriends (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Fred Benson (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Davy de Beule (To  _Other Clubs)
 Ruben Lucas (To  Retired Players)
 Dennis Telgenkamp (To  FC Emmen)
 Danzell Gravenberch (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Younes Namli (To  sc Heerenveen)
 Sebastiaan Meeuwissen (To  Retired Players)
 Frank Olijve (To  De Graafschap)
 Piet Velthuizen (To  Fortuna Sittard)
 Segun Owobowale (To  NEC Nijmegen)
 Wesley de Ruiter (To  Retired Players)
 Lazaros Lamprou (To  Fortuna Sittard)
 Ahmadou Dia (To  Olympique de Marseille)
 Nicky Kuiper (To  ADO Den Haag)
 Calvin Mac-Intosh (To  SC Cambuur)
 Kai Heerings (To  Fortuna Sittard)
 Emrah Başsan (To  Galatasaray AŞ)
 Frank van Mosselveld (To  Retired Players)
 Mark Diemers (To  Fortuna Sittard)
 Michael Brouwer (To  Heracles Almelo)
 Michael Jansen (To  Retired Players)
 José Rodríguez (To  Fortuna Sittard)
 Leroy Labylle (To  VVV-Venlo)
 Hesdey Suart (To  Retired Players)
 Vitor Saba (To  Fortuna Sittard)
 Gyrano Kerk (To  FC Utrecht)
 Jeroen Drost (To  Retired Players)
 Danny Buijs (To  Retired Players)
FC Twente↓ IN

 Tim Cornelisse (To  Willem II)
 Joachim Andersen (To  UC Sampdoria)
 Dico Koppers (To  Willem II)
 Nicky Kuiper (To  Panathinaikos A.O.)
 Mounir El Hamdaoui (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Dario Tanda (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Luc Castaignos (To  Eintracht Frankfurt)
 Edson Braafheid (To  TSG 1899 Hoffenheim)
 Adam Maher (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Andreas Bjelland (To  Brentford FC)
 Leroy Fer (To  Norwich City FC)
 Hidde ter Avest (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Filip Bednarek (To  FC Utrecht)
 Jerson Cabral (To  ADO Den Haag)
 Thomas Lam (To  Nottingham Forest FC)
 Cuco Martina (To  Southampton FC)
 Douglas (To  FC Dinamo Moskva)
 Danny Holla (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Daniel Fernandes (To  _CONCACAF Players)
 Nacer Chadli (To  Tottenham Hotspur FC)
 Stefan Thesker (To  Holstein Kiel)
 Daniel Fernandes (To  _CONCACAF Players)
 Nikolay Mihaylov (To  Hellas Verona FC)
 Adnane Tighadouini (To  Málaga CF)
 Kyle Ebecilio (To  Nottingham Forest FC)
 Edwin Gyasi (To  Heracles Almelo)
 David Villalba (To  Chelsea FC)
 Youness Mokhtar (To  West Asia Players)
 Denny Landzaat (To  Retired Players)
 Rens van Eijden (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Jesús Corona (To  FC Porto)
 Peter Wisgerhof (To  Retired Players)
 Luciano Slagveer (To  FC Emmen)
 Orlando Engelaar (To  Retired Players)
 Joey Pelupessy (To  Heracles Almelo)
 Jos Hooiveld (To  _CONCACAF Players)
 Michael Liendl (To  _Other Clubs)
 Andrej Rendla (To  _Other Clubs)
 Luka Đorđević (To  FC Zenit)
 Nils Röseler (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Jonathan Reis (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Michael Olaitan (To  Olympiacos FC)
 Dušan Tadić (To  Southampton FC)
 Nick Hengelman (To  CAF Players)
 Renato Tapia (To  Feyenoord)
 Roberto Rosales (To  Málaga CF)
 Oussama Assaidi (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Kyle Ebecilio (To  ADO Den Haag)
 Quincy Promes (To  FC Spartak Moskva)
 Oriol Busquets (To  FC Barcelona)
 Shadrach Eghan (To  _Other Clubs)
 Tim Hölscher (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 José Matos (To  Málaga CF)
 Bruno Uvini (To  SSC Napoli)
 Jerson Cabral (To  Willem II)
 Noa Lang (To  AFC Ajax)
 Dario Vujičević (To  VVV-Venlo)
 Felipe Gutiérrez (To  Real Betis Balompié)
 Nicky Kuiper (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Giorgi Aburjania (To  Real Oviedo)
 Theo Janssen (To  AFC Ajax)
 Hakim Ziyech (To  AFC Ajax)
 Wout Brama (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Xandro Schenk (To  West Asia Players)
 Arnold BRUGGINK (To  Retired Players)
 Robbert Schilder (To  SC Cambuur)
 Thilo Leugers (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Javier Espinosa (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Oguchi Onyewu (To  Sporting Clube de Portugal)
 Torgeir Børven (To  _Other Clubs)
 Mirco Born (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Tim Hölscher (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Bryan Ruiz (To  Fulham FC)
 Georgios Katsikas (To  _Other Clubs)
 Marc Janko (To  FC Porto)
 Shadrach Eghan (To  _Other Clubs)
 Tim Breukers (To  Heracles Almelo)
 Halil Dervişoğlu (To  Brentford FC)
 Dario Vujičević (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Bruno Gaspar (To  Lille OSC)
 Felitciano Zschusschen (To  NAC Breda)
 Lazaros Lamprou (To  PAOK)
 Ola John (To  SL Benfica)
 Kyle Ebecilio (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Rasmus Bengtsson (To  _Other Clubs)
 Emir Bajrami (To  AS Monaco FC)
 Sonny Stevens (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Mirco Born (To  Hertha BSC)
 Luuk de Jong (To  Borussia Mönchengladbach)
 Nick Marsman (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Ryō Miyaichi (To  Arsenal FC)
 Joshua John (To  _Other Clubs)
 Tim Hölscher (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Kasper Kusk (To  FC København)
 Dwight Tiendalli (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Timo Plattel (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Chris David (To  Fulham FC)
 Wesley Verhoek (To  Feyenoord)
 Mateusz Klich (To  Leeds United FC)
 Bilal Ould-Chikh (To  SL Benfica)
 Dedryck Boyata (To  Manchester City FC)
 Kamohelo Mokotjo (To  Brentford FC)
 Darryl Lachman (To  Sheffield Wednesday FC)
FC Volendam↓ IN

 Hilal Ben Moussa (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Hobie Verhulst (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Kees Kwakman (To  Retired Players)
 Rihairo Meulens (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Erik Schouten (To  SC Cambuur)
 Ties Evers (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Teije ten Den (To  _Spanish Lower Leagues)
 Rodney Antwi (To  _Other Clubs)
 Jack Tuijp (To  _Other Clubs)
 Gerry Koning (To  Retired Players)
 Gerson Sheotahul (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Kevin Brands (To  NAC Breda)
 Guyon Philips (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Sofian Akouili (To  De Graafschap)
 Erik Heijblok (To  Retired Players)
 Theo Zwarthoed (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Luke Thomas (To  Roda JC)
 Jack Tuijp (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Jeroen Verhoeven (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Gijs Luirink (To  Retired Players)
 Sofian Akouili (To  CAF Players)
 Kevin Wattamaleo (To  Non-Affiliated)
Go Ahead Eagles↓ IN

 Thomas Azevedo (To  _Other Clubs)
 Norichio Nieveld (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Joey Godee (To  _Other Clubs)
 Rochdi Achenteh (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Lars Lambooij (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Guyon Philips (To  FC Volendam)
 Jarchinio Antonia (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Patrick ter Mate (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Marcel Ritzmaier (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Omar Kavak (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Sander Duits (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Ruben Lucas (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Teije ten Den (To  FC Volendam)
 Fernando Lewis (To  FC Emmen)
 Henrik Ojamaa (To  Miedź Legnica)
 Giliano Wijnaldum (To  VfL Bochum)
 Xandro Schenk (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Jop van der Linden (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Stefano Beltrame (To  Juventus FC)
 Peter van Ooijen (To  Heracles Almelo)
 Sonny Stevens (To  SBV Excelsior)
 Sjoerd Overgoor (To  SC Cambuur)
 Maarten de Fockert (To  SBV Excelsior)
 Mickey van der Hart (To  AFC Ajax)
 Tim Hölscher (To  FC Twente)
 Lesly de Sa (To  AFC Ajax)
 Wesley Verhoek (To  Feyenoord)
 Leon de Kogel (To  _Spanish Lower Leagues)
 Glynor Plet (To  _Other Clubs)
 Joey Suk (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Mawouna Amevor (To  _English Lower Leagues)
 Shadrach Eghan (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Guyon Philips (To  FC Volendam)
 Sjoerd Overgoor (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Thomas Azevedo (To  _Other Clubs)
 Jeff Stans (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Jules Reimerink (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Nick Marsman (To  FC Twente)
 Tiago Silva (To  _English Lower Leagues)
 Deniz Türüç (To  _Turkey Other Clubs)
 Joeri Schroijen (To  VVV-Venlo)
 Elso Brito (To  Wigry Suwałki)
 Dario Tanda (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Eloy Room (To  Vitesse)
 Sven Nieuwpoort (To  De Graafschap)
 Stephan Andersen (To  FC København)
 Bart Vriends (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Xander Houtkoop (To  ADO Den Haag)
 Ridgeciano Haps (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Sinan Bytyqi (To  Manchester City FC)
 Jarchinio Antonia (To  FC Groningen)
 Mohamed Hamdaoui (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Erik Falkenburg (To  NAC Breda)
 Kevin Brands (To  _Turkey Other Clubs)
 Doke Schmidt (To  sc Heerenveen)
 Henrik Ojamaa (To  _Other Clubs)
 Michel Gerritsen Mulkes (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Kenny Teijsse (To  _CONCACAF Players)
 Joost Krijns (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Chris David (To  FC Utrecht)
 Tom Oostinjen (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Erik Cummins (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Joran Pot (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Theo Zwarthoed (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Kevin Spanjaard (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Sander Fischer (To  Non-Affiliated)
NEC Nijmegen↓ IN

 Rémy Amieux (To  RKC Waalwijk)
 Segun Owobowale (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Admir Bajrović (To  _Other Clubs)
 Nick van der Velden (To  FC Groningen)
 Joey Sleegers (To  _Other Clubs)
 Alireza Jahanbakhsh (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Kevin Conboy (To  FC Utrecht)
 Khalid Sinouh (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Gino Coutinho (To  Retired Players)
 Seydina Diarra (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Leroy George (To  _Other Clubs)
 Marco van Duin (To  FC Groningen)
 Giovanni Gravenbeek (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Melvin Platje (To  _Other Clubs)
 Anass Achahbar (To  PEC Zwolle)
 Todd Kane (To  Chelsea FC)
 Nathaniel Will (To  De Graafschap)
 Chiel Kramer (To  NAC Breda)
 Marcel Ritzmaier (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Michel Breuer (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Oliver Zelenika (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Lucas Woudenberg (To  Feyenoord)
 Pavel Čmovš (To  _Other Clubs)
 Robin Buwalda (To  _Other Clubs)
 Rens van Eijden (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Geert Arend Roorda (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Guus Joppen (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Mihai Roman (To  CS Universitatea Craiova)
 Luciano José Pereira da Silva (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Leroy Labylle (To  _Other Clubs)
 Brad Jones (To  Feyenoord)
 Luciano José Pereira da Silva (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Kevin Jansen (To  West Asia Players)
 Anthony Limbombe (To  Club Brugge KV)
 Daan Bovenberg (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Brahim Darri (To  _Turkey Other Clubs)
 Joey van den Berg (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Joey Sleegers (To  VVV-Venlo)
 Karl-Johan Johnsson (To  _Other Clubs)
 Stefanos Kotsolis (To  Retired Players)
 Marcel Appiah (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Danzell Gravenberch (To  AFC Ajax)
 Navarone Foor (To  Vitesse)
 Marnick Vermijl (To  Manchester United FC)
 Benjamin Kirsten (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Jakob Jantscher (To  _Other Clubs)
 Mihai Roman (To  _Other Clubs)
 Daði Bergsson (To  _Other Clubs)
 Thijs van Hofwegen (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Geoffrey Castillion (To  AFC Ajax)
 Niki Zimling (To  Club Brugge KV)
 Quincy Owusu-Abeyie (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Youri Loen (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Björn Vleminckx (To  Club Brugge KV)
 Jeffrey Leiwakabessy (To  Retired Players)
 Victor Pálsson (To  _Other Clubs)
 Ramon Zomer (To  sc Heerenveen)
 André Fomitschow (To  HNK Hajduk Split)
 Samuel Štefánik (To  _Other Clubs)
 Rick ten Voorde (To  RKC Waalwijk)
 Ali Messaoud (To  SBV Excelsior)
 Lasse Nielsen (To  _Other Clubs)
 Lasse Schöne (To  AFC Ajax)
 Lorenzo Burnet (To  SBV Excelsior)
 Genero Zeefuik (To  FC Groningen)
 Gregor Breinburg (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Hans Mulder (To  West Asia Players)
 John Goossens (To  Feyenoord)
 Joris Delle (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Marcel Stutter (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Stef Nijland (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Wojciech Golla (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Ryan Koolwijk (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Bram Nuytinck (To  RSC Anderlecht)
 Janio Bikel (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Stijn de Looijer (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Dico Koppers (To  ADO Den Haag)
 Ted van de Pavert (To  PEC Zwolle)
 Søren Rieks (To  _Other Clubs)
 Rick ten Voorde (To  NAC Breda)
 Anass Achahbar (To  PEC Zwolle)
 Michael Higdon (To  _English Lower Leagues)
 Erik Falkenburg (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Michael Heinloth (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Paco van Moorsel (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Ruud Boymans (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Steeven Langil (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Tobias Haitz (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Gábor Babos (To  NAC Breda)
 Joshua Smits (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Cayfano Latupeirissa (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
RKC Waalwijk↓ IN

 Prince Gouano (To  Atalanta BC)
 Kenny Anderson (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Jonas Ivens (To  FC Groningen)
 Jordy Deckers (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Johan Voskamp (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Daniël de Ridder (To  SC Cambuur)
 Roland Bergkamp (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Rémy Amieux (To  NAC Breda)
 Kevin Vermeulen (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Luca Zuffi (To  _Other Clubs)
 Daan Rienstra (To  Volos FC)
 Kenny Van Hoevelen (To  _Other Clubs)
 Ingo van Weert (To  Stomil Olsztyn)
 Mitch Apau (To  _Other Clubs)
 Ingo van Weert (To  Stomil Olsztyn)
 Romeo Castelen (To  East Asia Players)
 Tijjani Reijnders (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Jean-David Beauguel (To  _Other Clubs)
 Henrico Drost (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Jos Peltzer (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Fabian Sporkslede (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Arsenio Valpoort (To  _Other Clubs)
 Stanley Elbers (To  FC Hermannstadt)
 Arsenio Valpoort (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Arsenio Valpoort (To  _Other Clubs)
 Mickaël Tavares (To  _Other Clubs)
 Sander Duits (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Robert Braber (To  Willem II)
 Michael Lamey (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Damiano Schet (To  _Other Clubs)
 Dejan Babić (To  _Other Clubs)
 Adil Auassar (To  Feyenoord)
 Damiano Schet (To  _Other Clubs)
 Geoffrey Castillion (To  AFC Ajax)
 Dennis Rommedahl (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Krisztián Németh (To  Roda JC)
 Simon van Zeelst (To  Willem II)
 Rick ten Voorde (To  NEC Nijmegen)
 Maxime Deckers (To  Willem II)
 Henrico Drost (To  NAC Breda)
 Jeroen Zoet (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Sandro Calabro (To  _Other Clubs)
 Ard van Peppen (To  Roda JC)
 Peter Jungschläger (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Guy Ramos (To  Roda JC)
 Kenny Van Hoevelen (To  _Other Clubs)
 Jeff Stans (To  SBV Excelsior)
 Kenny Anderson (To  _Other Clubs)
 Florian Jozefzoon (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Arsenio Valpoort (To  _Other Clubs)
 Cuco Martina (To  FC Twente)
 Imad Najah (To  Vitesse)
 Sigourney Bandjar (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Frank van Mosselveld (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Nourdin Boukhari (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Mark Engberink (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Dennis Lemke (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Nando Wormgoor (To  Non-Affiliated)
Roda JC↓ IN

 Roly Bonevacia (To  East Asia Players)
 Dani Schahin (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Mitchell Donald (To  _Other Clubs)
 Adil Auassar (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Christian Kum (To  VVV-Venlo)
 Berry Powel (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Nathan Rutjes (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Timo Letschert (To  FC Utrecht)
 Ard van Peppen (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Dylan Zwartjes (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Filip Kurto (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Davy de Beule (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Ognjen Gnjatić (To  Korona Kielce)
 Wiljan Pluim (To  Willem II)
 Henk Dijkhuizen (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Raymond Gyasi (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Mohamed El Makrini (To  _Other Clubs)
 Christian Groß (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Mario Engels (To  SV Sandhausen)
 Arjan Swinkels (To  Willem II)
 Mitchell Paulissen (To  SC Cambuur)
 Guy Ramos (To  _Other Clubs)
 Luke Thomas (To  _English Lower Leagues)
 Marc Höcher (To  _German Lower Leagues)
 Yann Aurel Bisseck (To  1. FC Köln)
 Frank Demouge (To  _Other Clubs)
 Richmond Boakye (To  Atalanta BC)
 Antonio Cotán (To  CD Numancia de Soria)
 Mike van Duinen (To  Fortuna Düsseldorf)
 Roland Alberg (To  West Asia Players)
 Arjan Swinkels (To  _Other Clubs)
 Martijn Monteyne (To  _Other Clubs)
 Nayib Lagouireh (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Rydell Poepon (To  _Turkey Other Clubs)
 Przemysław Tytoń (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Ilya Shkurin (To  _Russia Other Clubs)
 Ruud Vormer (To  Feyenoord)
 Kristoffer Peterson (To  FC Utrecht)
 Jagoš Vuković (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Henk Dijkhuizen (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Paweł Kieszek (To  FC Porto)
 Edwin Gyasi (To  _Other Clubs)
 Wiljan Pluim (To  PEC Zwolle)
 Tamás Kádár (To  _Other Clubs)
 Anco Jansen (To  _Turkey Other Clubs)
 Abel Tamata (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Gibril Sankoh (To  East Asia Players)
 Adil Ramzi (To  Retired Players)
 Roel Brouwers (To  Retired Players)
 Rob Wielaert (To  East Asia Players)
 Yves De Winter (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Guus Hupperts (To  AZ Alkmaar)
 Simon Church (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Anouar Kali (To  FC Utrecht)
 Abdul Ajagun (To  Panathinaikos A.O.)
 Mark-Jan Fledderus (To  Heracles Almelo)
 Athanasios Papazoglou (To  _Other Clubs)
 Vasil Shkurtaj (To  _Greek Lower Leagues)
 Marcos Gullón (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Kees Luijckx (To  _Greek Lower Leagues)
 Mikhail Rosheuvel (To  NAC Breda)
SC Cambuur↓ IN

 Bart van Brakel (To  Retired Players)
 Furdjel Narsingh (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Marco van der Heide (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Marvin Peersman (To  _Other Clubs)
 Martijn van der Laan (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Alexander Christovao (To  CAF Players)
 Xander Houtkoop (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Albert Rusnák (To  FC Groningen)
 Martijn Barto (To  Retired Players)
 Oebele Schokker (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Ibrahima Touré (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Dejan Meleg (To  AFC Ajax)
 Matthew Steenvoorden (To  _Other Clubs)
 Sinan Bytyqi (To  _Other Clubs)
 Robbert Schilder (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Sinan Bytyqi (To  Manchester City FC)
 Kevin Schindler (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Wout Droste (To  Heracles Almelo)
 Mart Dijkstra (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Lucas Bijker (To  sc Heerenveen)
 Bob Schepers (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Mohamed El Makrini (To  _Other Clubs)
 Donovan Slijngard (To  _Other Clubs)
 Michiel Hemmen (To  _Other Clubs)
 Etiënne Reijnen (To  FC Groningen)
 Sebastian Steblecki (To  Górnik Zabrze)
 Darryl Lachman (To  Sheffield Wednesday FC)
 Rai Vloet (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Marcel Ritzmaier (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Bartholomew Ogbeche (To  Willem II)
 Kevin Brands (To  Willem II)
 Mikhail Rosheuvel (To  Roda JC)
 Leon Broekhof (To  Retired Players)
 Martijn van der Laan (To  FC Groningen)
 Elvis Manu (To  Feyenoord)
 Erik Bakker (To  PEC Zwolle)
 Tim Coremans (To  ADO Den Haag)
 Robert van Boxel (To  Sparta Rotterdam)
 Sander van de Streek (To  FC Utrecht)
 Paco van Moorsel (To  FC Groningen)
 Raymond Gyasi (To  _Other Clubs)
 Jody Lukoki (To  AFC Ajax)
 Vytautas Andriuškevičius (To  _CONCACAF Players)
 Martijn van der Laan (To  FC Groningen)
 Kai Heerings (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Ramon Leeuwin (To  FC Utrecht)
 Marlon Pereira (To  _Other Clubs)
 Marcel Ritzmaier (To  PSV Eindhoven)
 Sjoerd Overgoor (To  _Other Clubs)
 Jeremy de Graaf (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Harm Zeinstra (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Johnny de Vries (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Leonard Nienhuis (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Oliver Feldballe (To  _Other Clubs)
 Michiel Hemmen (To  Non-Affiliated)
Sparta Rotterdam↓ IN

 David Mendes Da Silva (To  Retired Players)
 Mart Dijkstra (To  NEC Nijmegen)
 Roderick Gielisse (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Christian Supusepa (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Kees van Buuren (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Johan Voskamp (To  RKC Waalwijk)
 Roland Bergkamp (To  RKC Waalwijk)
 Giovanni Hiwat (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Michiel Kramer (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Sander Fischer (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Dabney dos Santos (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Ryan Sanusi (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Paco van Moorsel (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Michel Breuer (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Robert Mühren (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Miquel Nelom (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Bart Vriends (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Ryan Sanusi (To  _French Lower Leagues)
 Nick Proschwitz (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Nico Pellatz (To  SV Sandhausen)
 Paco van Moorsel (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Danny Buijs (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Sander Fischer (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Toni Varela (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Leonard Nienhuis (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Gijs Luirink (To  FC Volendam)
 Xandro Schenk (To  FC Twente)
 Kaj Ramsteijn (To  CS Marítimo)
 Daniel Bessa (To  FC Internazionale Milano)
 Royston Drenthe (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Soufian El Hassnaoui (To  _Other Clubs)
 Édouard Duplan (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Donovan Slijngard (To  SC Cambuur)
 Dries Wuytens (To  _Other Clubs)
 Nourdin Boukhari (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Giliano Wijnaldum (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Aleksandar Bjelica (To  PEC Zwolle)
 Dante Rigo (To  ADO Den Haag)
 Kenny Teijsse (To  Go Ahead Eagles)
 Ariel Harush (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Denis Mahmudov (To  PEC Zwolle)
 Jurgen Mattheij (To  CSKA Sofia)
 Robert van Boxel (To  _Dutch Lower Leagues)
 Khalid Karami (To  Non-Affiliated)
 Tim Vincken (To  _Spanish Lower Leagues)

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