Global Transfers


Anthony ModesteEast Asia Players to  1. FC Köln


Shaun Wright-PhillipsRetired Players to  Retired Players
Randall BrenesRetired Players to  Retired Players
Danny BuijsRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jeroen VerhoevenRetired Players to  Retired Players
Matthew AmoahRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jhonny Van BeukeringRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jack TuijpRetired Players to  Retired Players
Kurt ElshotRetired Players to  Retired Players
Uğur YıldirımRetired Players to  Retired Players
Frank Van KouwenRetired Players to  Retired Players
Marcel SeipRetired Players to  Retired Players
Robert Van BoxelRetired Players to  Retired Players
Sandro CalabroRetired Players to  Retired Players
Gibril SankohRetired Players to  Retired Players
Kevin NolanRetired Players to  Retired Players
Sébastien SquillaciRetired Players to  Retired Players
Sébastien PuygrenierRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jonathan BrisonRetired Players to  Retired Players
Pierre WoméRetired Players to  Retired Players
Selim BenachourRetired Players to  Retired Players
David SuarezRetired Players to  Retired Players
Kossi AgassaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Oliver KirchRetired Players to  Retired Players
Srđan LakićRetired Players to  Retired Players
Dragan PaljićRetired Players to  Retired Players
Mimoun AzaouaghRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ranisav JovanovićRetired Players to  Retired Players
Christian WeberRetired Players to  Retired Players
Torsten MattuschkaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Sascha KirschsteinRetired Players to  Retired Players
Florent MaloudaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jorge MartínezRetired Players to  Retired Players
Heiko WestermannRetired Players to  Retired Players
Mahir ShukurovRetired Players to  Retired Players
Danko LazovićRetired Players to  Retired Players
Dimitris OrfanosRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ilco NaumoskiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Vilmos VanczákRetired Players to  Retired Players
Elyaniv BardaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Constantinos MakridesRetired Players to  Retired Players
Adnan MravacRetired Players to  Retired Players
Raúl NavasRetired Players to  Retired Players
Kaspars GorkšsRetired Players to  Retired Players
Zurab KhizanishviliRetired Players to  Retired Players
Alin VigariuRetired Players to  Retired Players
Migen MemelliRetired Players to  Retired Players
Orges ShehiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Yevhen CheberyachkoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Maciej SzmatiukRetired Players to  Retired Players
Szymon GąsinskiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Hugo LuzRetired Players to  Retired Players
Bruno AmaroRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jorge BaptistaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ricardo PessoaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Bruno ChinaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Pedro MoutinhoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ricardo FernandesRetired Players to  Retired Players
Vítor MorenoRetired Players to  Retired Players
André CunhaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Hélder GodinhoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Bruno MadeiraRetired Players to  Retired Players
Marco RamosRetired Players to  Retired Players
Bernardo VasconcelosRetired Players to  Retired Players
Emil DicăRetired Players to  Retired Players
Sorin FrunzăRetired Players to  Retired Players
Cristian HăisanRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ciprian ProdanRetired Players to  Retired Players
Norbert VargaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Alexandru BălțoiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Cosmin PașcoviciRetired Players to  Retired Players
Rubén SuárezRetired Players to  Retired Players
Maurizio LanzaroRetired Players to  Retired Players
Javier ParedesRetired Players to  Retired Players
Gerardo NoriegaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Pedro MairataRetired Players to  Retired Players
Samuel BañosRetired Players to  Retired Players
Marcel NdjengRetired Players to  Retired Players
Carlos MerinoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Cristian GarcíaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jesús TatoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Gerard BordasRetired Players to  Retired Players
Roberto CuevasRetired Players to  Retired Players
Rubén AnuarbeRetired Players to  Retired Players
Sergio MantecónRetired Players to  Retired Players
Antonio CañadasRetired Players to  Retired Players
Aníbal ZurdoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Gorka AzkorraRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jordi LópezRetired Players to  Retired Players
Iñigo RosRetired Players to  Retired Players
Fábio SimplicioRetired Players to  Retired Players
César SantinRetired Players to  Retired Players
Rosinei Retired Players to  Retired Players
JeciRetired Players to  Retired Players
Emmanuel EbouéRetired Players to  Retired Players
Stephen KellyRetired Players to  Retired Players
Stuart TaylorRetired Players to  Retired Players
Shola AmeobiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Carlton ColeRetired Players to  Retired Players
Stephen HuntRetired Players to  Retired Players
Domingo CismaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Saïd BoutaharRetired Players to  Retired Players
Grégory ArnolinRetired Players to  Retired Players
Modeste MbamiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Alejandro DomínguezRetired Players to  Retired Players
Alberto GilardinoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Salvatore MasielloRetired Players to  Retired Players
Nicolás BurdissoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Mariano IzcoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Francesco ModestoRetired Players to  Retired Players
MatuzalémRetired Players to  Retired Players
Inacio PiàRetired Players to  Retired Players
Michele PazienzaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Andreas IvanschitzRetired Players to  Retired Players
Benjamin KöhlerRetired Players to  Retired Players
Halil AltintopRetired Players to  Retired Players
Hamit AltıntopRetired Players to  Retired Players
Arthur BokaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Benjamin GavanonRetired Players to  Retired Players
JussiêRetired Players to  Retired Players
BrandãoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Kanga AkaléRetired Players to  Retired Players
Glauber BertiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Geraldo AlvesRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ianis ZicuRetired Players to  Retired Players
Epaminonda NicuRetired Players to  Retired Players
Miguel GarciaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Carlos MartinsRetired Players to  Retired Players
Hakan BaltaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ilias AnastasakosRetired Players to  Retired Players
Sanel JahićRetired Players to  Retired Players
Nikos SpyropoulosRetired Players to  Retired Players
Michel BreuerRetired Players to  Retired Players
Stefanos KotsolisRetired Players to  Retired Players
Domenico GiampàRetired Players to  Retired Players
Andy WebsterRetired Players to  Retired Players
Nikola MijailovićRetired Players to  Retired Players
Łukasz MadejRetired Players to  Retired Players
ObinaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Emiliano TaranaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Lucas RimoldiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Leandro GraciánRetired Players to  Retired Players
BottiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Vukašin PoleksićRetired Players to  Retired Players
Rade PricaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Paulo JorgeRetired Players to  Retired Players
Franck SignorinoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Tomáš PešírRetired Players to  Retired Players
Omar BravoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Matías VuosoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Javier MalagueñoRetired Players to  Retired Players
David CerraRetired Players to  Retired Players
Iñaki GoitiaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Benoît LesoimierRetired Players to  Retired Players
Clint HillRetired Players to  Retired Players
Alessandro SgrignaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Timo OchsRetired Players to  Retired Players
Sergio MoraRetired Players to  Retired Players
George MccartneyRetired Players to  Retired Players
Mark GowerRetired Players to  Retired Players
NagoreRetired Players to  Retired Players
Roberto TrashorrasRetired Players to  Retired Players
Marc BertránRetired Players to  Retired Players
Matías EscobarRetired Players to  Retired Players
Michael LameyRetired Players to  Retired Players
Kandia TraoréRetired Players to  Retired Players
Mamadou DialloRetired Players to  Retired Players
James FanchoneRetired Players to  Retired Players
Osmar FerreyraRetired Players to  Retired Players
Richie WellensRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ricardo VerónRetired Players to  Retired Players
Wellington GonçalvesRetired Players to  Retired Players
Georgios BarkoglouRetired Players to  Retired Players
Anthony GardnerRetired Players to  Retired Players
Javi BarralRetired Players to  Retired Players
Seyi OlajengbesiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Goran ŠukaloRetired Players to  Retired Players
Markus ThorandtRetired Players to  Retired Players
Damien PerrinelleRetired Players to  Retired Players
Andrea SoncinRetired Players to  Retired Players
Frazer RichardsonRetired Players to  Retired Players
Juan Antonio ZamoraRetired Players to  Retired Players
Jermaine EasterRetired Players to  Retired Players
Lee WilliamsonRetired Players to  Retired Players
Eugênio Rômulo TogniRetired Players to  Retired Players
Mitar NovakovićRetired Players to  Retired Players
Marco PisanoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Manuel TurchiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Giacomo CiprianiRetired Players to  Retired Players
Daniele FicagnaRetired Players to  Retired Players
Christian MüllerRetired Players to  Retired Players
Massimo ZappinoRetired Players to  Retired Players
Branko GrahovacRetired Players to  Retired Players
Pablo VilchezRetired Players to  Retired Players
Matías MarchesiniRetired Players to  Retired Players
Ángel DealbertRetired Players to  Retired Players
NilmarRetired Players to  Retired Players
José Ortigoza_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Paraná
Andrés RoaRetired Players to  Huracán
Julio ChiariniInstituto to  Retired Players


Ángel DealbertNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Matías MarchesiniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Pablo VilchezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Branko GrahovacNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Massimo ZappinoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Christian MüllerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Daniele FicagnaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Giacomo CiprianiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Manuel TurchiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marco PisanoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mitar NovakovićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Eugênio Rômulo TogniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Lee WilliamsonNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jermaine EasterNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Juan Antonio ZamoraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Frazer RichardsonNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Andrea SoncinNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Damien PerrinelleNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Markus ThorandtNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Goran ŠukaloNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Seyi OlajengbesiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Javi BarralNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Anthony GardnerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Georgios BarkoglouNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Wellington GonçalvesNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ricardo VerónNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Richie WellensNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Osmar FerreyraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
James FanchoneNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mamadou DialloNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kandia TraoréNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Michael LameyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Matías EscobarNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marc BertránNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Roberto TrashorrasNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
NagoreNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mark GowerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
George MccartneyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sergio MoraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Timo OchsNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alessandro SgrignaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Clint HillNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Benoît LesoimierNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Iñaki GoitiaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
David CerraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Javier MalagueñoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Matías VuosoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Omar BravoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Tomáš PešírNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Franck SignorinoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Paulo JorgeNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Rade PricaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Vukašin PoleksićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
BottiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Leandro GraciánNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Lucas RimoldiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Emiliano TaranaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
ObinaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Łukasz MadejNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nikola MijailovićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Andy WebsterNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Domenico GiampàNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Stefanos KotsolisNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Michel BreuerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nikos SpyropoulosNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sanel JahićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ilias AnastasakosNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Hakan BaltaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Carlos MartinsNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Miguel GarciaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Epaminonda NicuNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ianis ZicuNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Geraldo AlvesNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Glauber BertiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kanga AkaléNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
BrandãoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
JussiêNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Benjamin GavanonNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Arthur BokaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Hamit AltıntopNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Halil AltintopNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Benjamin KöhlerNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Andreas IvanschitzNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Michele PazienzaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Inacio PiàNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
MatuzalémNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
AmauriNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Francesco ModestoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mariano IzcoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nicolás BurdissoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Salvatore MasielloNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alberto GilardinoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alejandro DomínguezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Modeste MbamiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Grégory ArnolinNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Saïd BoutaharNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Domingo CismaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Stephen HuntNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Carlton ColeNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Shola AmeobiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Stuart TaylorNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Stephen KellyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Emmanuel EbouéNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jeci_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Rosinei _Série B & Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
César Santin_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Fábio Simplicio_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Iñigo Ros_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jordi López_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Gorka Azkorra_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Aníbal Zurdo_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Antonio Cañadas_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Sergio Mantecón_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Rubén Anuarbe_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Roberto Cuevas_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Gerard Bordas_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jesús Tato_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Cristian García_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Carlos Merino_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Marcel Ndjeng_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Samuel Baños_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Pedro Mairata_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Gerardo Noriega_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Javier Paredes_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Maurizio Lanzaro_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Rubén Suárez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Cosmin Pașcovici_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Alexandru Bălțoi_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Norbert Varga_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Ciprian Prodan_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Cristian Hăisan_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Sorin Frunză_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Emil Dică_Romanian Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Bernardo Vasconcelos_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Marco Ramos_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Bruno Madeira_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Hélder Godinho_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
André Cunha_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Vítor Moreno_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Ricardo Fernandes_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Pedro Moutinho_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Bruno China_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Ricardo Pessoa_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Jorge Baptista_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Bruno Amaro_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Hugo Luz_Portugal Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Szymon Gąsinski_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Maciej Szmatiuk_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Yevhen Cheberyachko_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Orges Shehi_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Migen Memelli_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Alin Vigariu_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Zurab Khizanishvili_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Kaspars Gorkšs_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Raúl Navas_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Adnan Mravac_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Constantinos Makrides_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Elyaniv Barda_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Vilmos Vanczák_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Ilco Naumoski_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Dimitris Orfanos_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Danko Lazović_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Mahir Shukurov_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Heiko Westermann_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Jorge Martínez_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Florent Malouda_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Sascha Kirschstein_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Torsten Mattuschka_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Christian Weber_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Ranisav Jovanović_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Mimoun Azaouagh_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Dragan Paljić_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Srđan Lakić_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Oliver Kirch_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Kossi Agassa_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
David Suarez_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Selim Benachour_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Pierre Womé_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jonathan Brison_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Sébastien Puygrenier_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Sébastien Squillaci_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Kevin Nolan_English Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Gibril Sankoh_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Sandro Calabro_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Robert Van Boxel_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Marcel Seip_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Frank Van Kouwen_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Uğur Yıldirım_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Kurt Elshot_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jack Tuijp_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jhonny Van Beukering_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Matthew Amoah_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jeroen Verhoeven_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Danny Buijs_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Randall Brenes_CONCACAF Players to  Retired Players
Shaun Wright-Phillips_CONCACAF Players to  Retired Players


NilmarNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Vladimir GabulovNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
PiresPortimonense SC to  _Portugal Other Clubs


Rodrigo CabalucciNon-Affiliated to  Agropecuario (CC)
Román MartínezDeportivo Morón to  Non-Affiliated


Francesco BenussiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ferdinando CoppolaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Hilario NavarroNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Enrico GuarnaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Eiji KawashimaNon-Affiliated to  RC Strasbourg Alsace
Dumitru HotobocNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
David MeulNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Antonio SilleroNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Biel RibasNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Andrea PanseraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Filip KurtoNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Juan Pablo_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Juan PabloNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan Pablo_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Rachid Aït-AtmaneNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București


Geoffrey JourdrenAS Nancy to  Non-Affiliated


Rafael Van Der Vaart_Other Clubs to  Retired Players


Alexandru TârnovanFC Hermannstadt to  Non-Affiliated
Iulian PopaFC Hermannstadt to  Non-Affiliated
Radu ZahariaFC Hermannstadt to  Non-Affiliated
Tiberiu SerediucFC Botoșani to  FC Hermannstadt
Nikola Trujić_Russia Other Clubs to  FC Botoșani
Alejandro Barbaro_Russia Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
ChumbinhoLevadiakos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Frickson ErazoAtlético Mineiro to  Non-Affiliated
Felipe SantanaAtlético Mineiro to  Non-Affiliated
GiovanniAtlético Mineiro to  Non-Affiliated
ErikAtlético Mineiro to  Botafogo FR
ClaytonAtlético Mineiro to  EC Bahia
RogerAtlético Mineiro to  Non-Affiliated
Karim AnsarifardNon-Affiliated to  Nottingham Forest FC
Teddy MézagueFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Gheorghe GrozavFC Dinamo București to  Non-Affiliated
Marquinhos Carioca_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
MarcelinhoAvaí FC to  West Asia Players
WilliansAvaí FC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Alejandro MartinuccioAvaí FC to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Éverton SantosFigueirense FC to  West Asia Players
Guilherme MorassiFigueirense FC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Leandro AlmeidaFigueirense FC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
NirleyFigueirense FC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
BadyFigueirense FC to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Lucas SilvaFigueirense FC to  Non-Affiliated
Jefferson NogueiraFigueirense FC to  _Turkey Other Clubs
WeldinhoFigueirense FC to  Non-Affiliated
Zé EduardoFigueirense FC to  Non-Affiliated
Marquinhos BarbosaFigueirense FC to  Avaí FC
André Santos_Turkey Other Clubs to  Figueirense FC


Aleksandar Miljković_Russia Other Clubs to  Miedź Legnica


DanielCoritiba FC to  Retired Players


Abou DiabyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Maksim GrigorjevNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Maksim GrigorjevNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Dmytro KhomchenovskyiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Iñigo LópezSD Huesca to  Extremadura UD
Cristian RiveraUD Las Palmas to  SD Huesca
Russell MartinNorwich City FC to  _English Lower Leagues
Sébastien BassongNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Oleg GusevNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Oleg GusevNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated


Luuk De JongPSV Eindhoven to  PSV Eindhoven


Evgeni MakeevNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Ján ĎuricaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ján ĎuricaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Vladimir DišljenkovićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ross TurnbullNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ross TurnbullNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Fabio ColtortiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Luca CeccarelliNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A
Miguel VelosoNon-Affiliated to  Genoa CFC


Simão JuniorWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Sotiris Ninis_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Georg NiedermeierNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Alexandru ComanFC Hermannstadt to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Pedro MoreiraNon-Affiliated to  FC Hermannstadt
KucaNon-Affiliated to  FC Hermannstadt


Aaron Olanare_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Araz Abdullayev_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Innocent Emeghara_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Aaron OlanareNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Terell OndaanNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues


Walter SerranoGodoy Cruz Antonio Tomba to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Cristian VillagraAtlético Tucumán to  Retired Players
Luciano CabralArgentinos Juniors to  Retired Players


Carlos Lampe_Other Clubs to  Boca Juniors
Stephen IrelandNon-Affiliated to  Bolton Wanderers FC


Lorenzo Del PreteNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A


Rúben RibeiroNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
John TerryNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players


Łukasz MadejŚląsk Wrocław to  Non-Affiliated
Marco AirosaNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Cristián MillaNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Tomás BerraRamón Santamarina to  Non-Affiliated
Marco DonadelImpact de Montréal to  Retired Players
Denilson GabionettaAEL Limassol to  East Asia Players
Bogdan MitreaAEL Limassol to  _Other Clubs
Marios NicolaouAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
Marco AirosaAEL Limassol to  Non-Affiliated
Nils TeixeiraNon-Affiliated to  AEL Limassol
Jon GaztañagaNon-Affiliated to  AEL Limassol
Alberto LoraNon-Affiliated to  AC Omonia Nicosia
Lesly De SaŠK Slovan Bratislava to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin ConstantFC Sion to  Non-Affiliated
Tongo DoumbiaGNK Dinamo Zagreb to  West Asia Players
Ludovic ObraniakNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bashkim KadriiFC København to  _Other Clubs
Youssef ToutouhFC København to  _Other Clubs


Pedro Franco_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs


Simone IocolanoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Cedric GondoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Horacio FalcónVilla Dálmine to  Retired Players


Pedro Botelho_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Giovanni SioMontpellier HSC to  West Asia Players
Gheorghe GrozavNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Bakary SakoNon-Affiliated to  West Bromwich Albion FC


Mohamed El-Munir_CONCACAF Players to  Orlando City SC
Andreas ParaskevasAPOEL FC to  _Other Clubs


Zarek Valentin_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Alvas Powell_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers


Kazenga LualuaNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Raúl Ruidíaz_CONCACAF Players to  Seattle Sounders FC
Víctor Rodríguez_CONCACAF Players to  Seattle Sounders FC
Nicolás Lodeiro_CONCACAF Players to  Seattle Sounders FC
Kelvin Leerdam_CONCACAF Players to  Seattle Sounders FC
Román Torres_CONCACAF Players to  Seattle Sounders FC
Lucas Melano_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Samuel Armenteros_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Tomás Conechny_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Andy Polo_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Sebastián Blanco_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Diego Valeri_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Diego Chara_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Bill Tuiloma_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
David Guzmán_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Julio Cascante_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Roy Miller_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Liam Ridgewell_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Larrys Mabiala_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Jake Gleeson_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Jeff Attinella_CONCACAF Players to  Portland Timbers
Cristian Higuita_CONCACAF Players to  Orlando City SC
Carlos Ascues_CONCACAF Players to  Orlando City SC
Will Johnson_CONCACAF Players to  Orlando City SC
Yoshimar Yotún_CONCACAF Players to  Orlando City SC
Scott Sutter_CONCACAF Players to  Orlando City SC
Jonathan Spector_CONCACAF Players to  Orlando City SC
Lamine Sané_CONCACAF Players to  Orlando City SC
Marcos Ureña_CONCACAF Players to  Los Angeles FC
André Horta_CONCACAF Players to  Los Angeles FC
Lee Nguyen_CONCACAF Players to  Los Angeles FC
Carlos Vela_CONCACAF Players to  Los Angeles FC
Adama Diomandé_CONCACAF Players to  Los Angeles FC
Steven Beitashour_CONCACAF Players to  Los Angeles FC
Dejan Jakovic_CONCACAF Players to  Los Angeles FC
Danilo Silva_CONCACAF Players to  Los Angeles FC


Sekou BaradjiSC Amiens to  _French Lower Leagues
Christian KouakouSM Caen to  Non-Affiliated
Ramiro CáseresVélez Sársfield to  Platense


Ismaël Fofana_Other Clubs to  FK Vojvodina
Łukasz PiątekNon-Affiliated to  ŁKS Łódź
Mateusz CetnarskiCracovia Kraków to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Szymon DrewniakCracovia Kraków to  Chrobry Głogów
Pablo MattosNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Tsubasa Endoh_CONCACAF Players to  Toronto FC


Guido MarilungoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B


Didier NdongSunderland AFC to  Non-Affiliated


Sergio SánchezNon-Affiliated to  Cádiz CF
Ross WallaceNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Ross MccormackAston Villa FC to  East Asia Players
Tommy OarNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Balázs DzsudzsákNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players


Grigoris MakosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Miquel NelomNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Marko Poletanović_Russia Other Clubs to  Jagiellonia Białystok
Andreas Stamatis_Other Clubs to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Dominic MarohNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Fernando BobSC Internacional to  _CONCACAF Players
LuccaSC Internacional to  West Asia Players
Thiago MartinsSE Palmeiras to  East Asia Players
Vladimir GabulovClub Brugge KV to  Non-Affiliated
Cheick Diabaté_Turkey Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Marquinhos GabrielSC Corinthians P to  West Asia Players
Álvaro NegredoBeşiktaş JK to  West Asia Players
Kypros ChristoforouAPOEL FC to  _Other Clubs
Andreas MakrisAPOEL FC to  AEL Limassol
ViníciusAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
Tommy OarAPOEL FC to  Non-Affiliated
LionnNon-Affiliated to  GD Chaves


Michael OlaitanNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
David LombánNon-Affiliated to  Málaga CF
Yura Movsisyan_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Juan Manuel MartínezIndependiente to  Agropecuario (CC)


Tim CahillNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Jonathan CafúFC Girondins de Bordeaux on loan to  FK Crvena Zvezda
Jonathan CafúFK Crvena Zvezda to  FC Girondins de Bordeaux


Frank Feltscher_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Gabriel Torres_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Juan Carlos Mariño_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Luis Manuel SeijasChapecoense to  _Other Clubs
Rolando BianchiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sergiu BușNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Sven SchipplockNon-Affiliated to  DSC Arminia Bielefeld
Sylvan Ebanks-BlakeNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Simon ChurchNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Yohann RivièreNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
YazaldeNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Toifilou MaoulidaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Yura MovsisyanNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Nedum OnuohaNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Arlind AjetiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Aleksandr SapetaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ritchie De LaetAston Villa FC to  East Asia Players
Seydouba SoumahFK Partizan Belgrade to  _Other Clubs
Ante Puljić_Russia Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Aleksandr Hleb_Russia Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
André SantosCS Universitatea Craiova to  CF Belenenses
Eduard StăncioiuNon-Affiliated to  CS Universitatea Craiova
Nuno Rocha_Russia Other Clubs to  CS Universitatea Craiova
Thomas Phibel_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ricardinho_Russia Other Clubs to  Wisła Płock
Wes HoolahanNon-Affiliated to  West Bromwich Albion FC
Wes HoolahanNon-Affiliated to  West Bromwich Albion FC
José FurtadoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Panagiotis LinardosNon-Affiliated to  AOK Kerkyra


Edgar Çani_Other Clubs to  Serie C - Girone C
AngeloSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Fahd AktaouNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Luigi ScagliaParma Calcio 1913 to  Serie C - Girone C
Jan PolákSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Nikola JakimovskiNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Simone PesceSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Michele CaniniSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Riccardo ColomboNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A
Mario SantanaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A
Ivano BaldanzedduSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Christos IntzidisWest Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Nicola BelmonteNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A
Gianni ManfrinAC ChievoVerona to  Non-Affiliated
Abdou DoumbiaUS Lecce to  Non-Affiliated
Daniel PavlovićFC Crotone to  Non-Affiliated
Federico MorettiAS Livorno Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Simone FarelliNon-Affiliated to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Gennadios XenodochofNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Diego AriasAtletico Nacional to  _Other Clubs
Roosevelt OyolaBarcelona Sporting Club to  _Other Clubs
Ulises DávilaClub Santos Laguna to  Non-Affiliated
Mauricio CueroClub Santos Laguna to  Olimpia
Orlando Gaona LugoOlimpia to  _Other Clubs
Rodrigo BurgosOlimpia to  _Other Clubs
Carlos MatheuHuracán to  Peñarol
Carlos MatheuPeñarol to  Huracán
Diego PolentaNacional to  Non-Affiliated
Pierre Webó_Turkey Other Clubs to  Nacional
Mato Miloš SL Benfica to  Desportivo Aves
DanielsonRio Ave FC to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Chrysovalantis KozoronisNon-Affiliated to  Ergotelis FC
Joel AcostaOlympiacos FC to  Apollon Smyrni
Joel Acosta_Other Clubs to  Olympiacos FC
Gabriel FélixCR Vasco da Gama to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Godfrey OboabonaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Giorgi Loria_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan Calleri_Other Clubs to  Deportivo Alavés
Jonathan Calleri_Other Clubs to  Deportivo Alavés
Daniel NovacNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Markus SteinhöferNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Stefan MiloševićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Yasin PehlivanNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Luis FernándezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Edivaldo RojasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Nikolay Markov_Russia Other Clubs to  FC Krasnodar
Constant DjakpaNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Teddy MézagueNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo București
Papy Mison DjilobodjiSunderland AFC to  Non-Affiliated


Adam MaherNon-Affiliated to  AZ Alkmaar
Dominique MalongaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Matías DefedericoWest Asia Players to  Apollon Smyrni
ReginaldoSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
JéffersonSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Daniele CaciaSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Gianluca SansoneSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Tommaso BianchiSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Daniele SciaudoneSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Marco ChiosaSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
RonaldoSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Pietro ViscontiSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Diego PeraltaSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Jacopo ManconiSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Cesare BovoNon-Affiliated to  US Lecce


Jonathan ReisNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Juanito GómezNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Chris IkonomidisSS Lazio to  East Asia Players
Mergim BrahimiPanionios G.S.S. to  Non-Affiliated
Nikolaos PourtoulidisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Panagiotis SpyropoulosErgotelis FC to  _Other Clubs
Angelos ChantiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kenan BarganNon-Affiliated to  AE Larisa
Juan RodríguezAlmagro to  San Martín (SJ)
Grzegorz KuświkNon-Affiliated to  Stal Mielec
Ibrahima TouréSC Cambuur to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Shadrach EghanGo Ahead Eagles to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan ReisFC Twente to  Non-Affiliated
Xandro SchenkSparta Rotterdam to  FC Twente
Gino CoutinhoNEC Nijmegen to  Retired Players
Leroy LabylleVVV-Venlo to  NEC Nijmegen
Harm ZeinstraHeracles Almelo to  Retired Players
Etien VelikonjaWillem II to  Non-Affiliated
Bilal Ould-ChikhFC Utrecht to  Non-Affiliated
Ozan TufanFenerbahçe SK to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Julien FéretNon-Affiliated to  AJ Auxerre
Marco BuenoCF Pachuca to  _Other Clubs
Braian RodríguezCF Pachuca to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro GagliardiMonarcas Morelia to  _CONCACAF Players
Florian RaspentinoNon-Affiliated to  Valenciennes FC
MarquinhoNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Paranaense
Ahmed AkaïchiWest Asia Players to  CAF Players
Ricardo AlvesNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Yohan MolloNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Clément ChantômeNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues


Lossemy KarabouéValenciennes FC to  FC Botoșani
Claudio YacobNon-Affiliated to  Nottingham Forest FC
Nacho GilValencia CF to  Elche CF
Serge GakpéNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alen StevanovićEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
David StockdaleBirmingham City FC to  _English Lower Leagues
Sergio OjedaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jens WemmerNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Daisuke SuzukiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Rodrigo CabalucciOlimpo to  Non-Affiliated
Jem KaracanNon-Affiliated to  Millwall FC
Andrey GorbunovNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mauricio AriasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Leonardo BorzaniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Santiago HoyosNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Thievy BifoumaNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs


Dean HammondNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Raphael GuzzoCF Reus Deportiu to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Dejan LekićCF Reus Deportiu to  Cádiz CF
Javier CarpioCádiz CF to  Non-Affiliated
Nico Hidalgo_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Racing Club de Santander
Nico HidalgoCádiz CF to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Carlos AbadCD Tenerife to  Córdoba CF
Igor StefanovićCórdoba CF to  Non-Affiliated
Edu RamosCórdoba CF to  Cádiz CF
Kostas Mendrinos_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Nikolaos Kaltsas_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Markos Dounis_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Fotis Georgiou_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Dimitrios Koutromanos_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Javi VarasGranada CF to  Non-Affiliated
Martin CranieNon-Affiliated to  Sheffield United FC
Georgios Kousas_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Dimitrios Stamou_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Nikolaos Ziabaris_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Giannis Pasas_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Cleyton_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Emanuel Perrone_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Giannis Papadopoulos_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Christos Koukolis_Other Clubs to  Iraklis Thessaloniki
Salva ChamorroCAF Players to  _Other Clubs
Doru BratuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Isaiah OsbourneNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Dario VidošićNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Miloš ZukanovićNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Zak WhitbreadNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Elliott WardNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Takuya MurayamaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Damien BoudjemaaNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Robert ArzumanyanNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Aleksandar StanisavljevićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jairo MorillasNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Marko JovanovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Miladin StevanovićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Abel AguilarNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Adam NemecNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
JacksonNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Wanderson Non-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Óscar GilNon-Affiliated to  Racing Club de Santander
Darvin ChavezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Gojko KačarNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Leandro SalinoNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Walter AcevedoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Mohammed RabiuNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Georgi MilanovNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Maksim KanunnikovNon-Affiliated to  _Russia Other Clubs
Ricardo LabordeNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Jesse Van Bezooijen_Other Clubs to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Mika Väyrynen_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Artjom Artjunin_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Ivan Sesar_Other Clubs to  FC Voluntari
Ivan Sesar_Other Clubs to  FC Voluntari
Nigel Reo-Coker_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo Guichón_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Darvydas Šernas_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
José María Cases_Other Clubs to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Marko Maletić_Other Clubs to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Mustafa Saymak_Other Clubs to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Enrico_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Christian Brüls_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Dimitris Giantsis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated


Nathan Kabasele_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Jeffrén Suárez_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Seydina Diarra_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Ryan McgivernNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kevin Mcnaughton_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
David Rozehnal_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Michael Higdon_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Moestafa El Kabir_Other Clubs to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Mix Diskerud_Other Clubs to  East Asia Players
Nicolas Verdier_Other Clubs to  _French Lower Leagues
Henri Ndong_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Scott Mcdonald_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Davy De Beule_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Mindaugas Kalonas_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Uroš Vitas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
GutiJagiellonia Białystok to  _Other Clubs


Stefanos AthanasiadisNon-Affiliated to  PAS Giannina
Łukasz HanzelNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Manolis BertosNon-Affiliated to  AE Larisa
Valerio Di CesareParma Calcio 1913 to  Non-Affiliated
Federico MorettiNon-Affiliated to  AS Livorno Calcio
CleytonNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Matías SarulyteNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


André MartinsNon-Affiliated to  Legia Warszawa
Karim AnsarifardNottingham Forest FC to  Non-Affiliated
Juan José NarváezReal Betis Balompié to  UD Almería
Michele TroianoNon-Affiliated to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Antonio Floro FloresNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Chung-Yong LeeNon-Affiliated to  VfL Bochum
Fernando NavarroNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Christophe Vincent_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Fabien Camus_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Danny Gabbidon_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
David Addy_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Paul Dixon_Other Clubs to  _English Lower Leagues
Mahamane Traoré_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
László Köteles_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Jakub Sylvestr_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Cédric Fauré_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
JoãozinhoNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo Moskva
JoãozinhoNon-Affiliated to  FC Dinamo Moskva
Marko Biskupovic_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs


Dawid PlizgaNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Adam DejaCracovia Kraków to  Arka Gdynia
Georgios BantisNon-Affiliated to  PAS Lamia
Georgios BantisNon-Affiliated to  PAS Lamia
Georgios BantisNon-Affiliated to  PAS Lamia
Charilaos CharisisPAOK to  _Other Clubs
Jérôme GuihoataPanionios G.S.S. to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian Ledesma_Other Clubs to  Serie C - Girone B
Rodrigo DepetrisAtlético de Rafaela to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Manuel IturraNon-Affiliated to  Villarreal CF
Ali SoweAC ChievoVerona to  CSKA Sofia
André MartinsOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
André MartinsNon-Affiliated to  Olympiacos FC
Mërgim MavrajNon-Affiliated to  Aris Thessaloniki FC


Christian GimenezCF Pachuca to  Retired Players
Christian GimenezCF Pachuca to  Retired Players
Sebastián PérezBoca Juniors to  CF Pachuca
Panagiotis KoneUdinese Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Gianluca GaudinoAC ChievoVerona to  Non-Affiliated
Armando VajushiSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Lorenzo LaveroneNon-Affiliated to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
André MartinsOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Patrik MrázNon-Affiliated to  Zagłębie Sosnowiec
Giannis Skondras_Other Clubs to  PAS Lamia


Nikita Chernov_Russia Other Clubs to  PFC CSKA Moskva
Rio MavubaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Claudio MarchisioNon-Affiliated to  FC Zenit
Samed YeşilNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Panagiotis TachtsidisOlympiacos FC to  Nottingham Forest FC
Panagiotis TachtsidisOlympiacos FC to  Nottingham Forest FC
Karim AnsarifardOlympiacos FC to  Nottingham Forest FC
Karim AnsarifardOlympiacos FC to  Nottingham Forest FC
Federico MachedaNon-Affiliated to  Panathinaikos A.O.
Federico MachedaNon-Affiliated to  Panathinaikos A.O.
Raphael MartinhoAscoli Calcio 1898 FC to  Serie C - Girone A
Kevin YamgaDelfino Pescara 1936 to  _French Lower Leagues
Dirk MarcellisPEC Zwolle to  Retired Players
Gareth McauleyNon-Affiliated to  Rangers FC
Bartosz ŚpiączkaBruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza on loan to  GKS Katowice
Luis AbramRetired Players to  Vélez Sársfield
James DavisRCD Mallorca to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Álvaro BustosRCD Mallorca to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Juan José CollantesElche CF to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Uroš RačićValencia CF to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Yoel RodríguezSD Eibar to  Real Valladolid CF
Héctor HernándezReal Sociedad de Fútbol to  CD Tenerife
Álex AlegríaReal Betis Balompié to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Jairo IzquierdoGirona FC to  Cádiz CF
Gabriel Torje_Russia Other Clubs to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Szilárd VeresFC CFR 1907 Cluj to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Cosmin VâtcăFC CFR 1907 Cluj to  FC Voluntari
Ionuţ RadaCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  Non-Affiliated
Andrei PiţianAFC Astra Giurgiu to  FC Botoșani
Marian PleașcăFCSB to  Non-Affiliated
Hristo ZlatinskiCS Universitatea Craiova to  FCSB
Mihai RomanFC Botoșani to  FCSB
Kamer QakaFCSB to  CSM Politehnica Iaşi
Miles Addison_Other Clubs to  _English Lower Leagues
Massimo Donati_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Alex Schalk_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Kevin Gomis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Mathias Gehrt_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Mathias Gehrt_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Mamadou Diallo_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Paul Quinn_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Mark MilliganNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
César IbáñezNon-Affiliated to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Anthony StokesNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Flávio FerreiraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marcelo MossetNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Germán Rodriguez RojasNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Héctor FigueroaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Héctor FigueroaNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Héctor FigueroaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Daniel DelgadoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ebo AndohNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Carlos MorenoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues


Santiago GentilettiNon-Affiliated to  Albacete Balompié
Raúl PoclabaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Diego FabbriniBirmingham City FC to  FC Botoșani
Demba BaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Yohan CabayeNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Waldo PonceNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Andreas BjellandNon-Affiliated to  FC København
Piotr GrzelczakNon-Affiliated to  Chojniczanka Chojnice
Armando LozanoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Fernando De La Fuente_CONCACAF Players to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Alfredo MejíaNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Darius HendersonNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Luís FabianoNon-Affiliated to  AA Ponte Preta
Alexander MerkelNon-Affiliated to  Heracles Almelo
Enrique EsquedaNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Álvaro NavarroNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Néstor SalinasNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Hugo ÁlvarezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Morgan AmalfitanoStade Rennais FC to  Non-Affiliated
Julien GoriusNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Victor Hugo MontañoNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Samuel Eto'oNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Yaya TouréNon-Affiliated to  Olympiacos FC
Terell OndaanPEC Zwolle to  Non-Affiliated
Hatem Ben ArfaNon-Affiliated to  Stade Rennais FC
Ehsan HajsafiOlympiacos FC to  West Asia Players
Ehsan HajsafiOlympiacos FC to  West Asia Players
Dejan LazarevićJagiellonia Białystok to  Non-Affiliated
Arkadiusz WoźniakZagłębie Lubin to  GKS Katowice
Hatem Ben ArfaStade Rennais FC to  Non-Affiliated


Patryk MałeckiWisla Kraków to  _Other Clubs
Matías ValdézNon-Affiliated to  Los Andes
KaykeEC Bahia to  Fluminense FC
Tommy ElphickAston Villa FC to  Hull City AFC
Tommy ElphickHull City AFC to  Aston Villa FC
Tommy ElphickAston Villa FC to  Hull City AFC
Gedion ZelalemArsenal FC to  _English Lower Leagues
Jamie WardNottingham Forest FC to  _English Lower Leagues
Bautista CasciniEstudiantes de La Plata to  APOEL FC
Samed YeşilPanionios G.S.S. to  Non-Affiliated
Samed YeşilPanionios G.S.S. to  Non-Affiliated
Ognjen OžegovićFK Partizan Belgrade to  _Russia Other Clubs
Armin HodžićGNK Dinamo Zagreb to  _Other Clubs
Tal Ben HaimMaccabi Tel Aviv FC to  _Other Clubs
Michiel KramerMaccabi Tel Aviv FC to  _Other Clubs
Enric SaboritNon-Affiliated to  Maccabi Tel Aviv FC
Zoran NižićHNK Hajduk Split to  _Russia Other Clubs
Mirko Ivanovski_Turkey Other Clubs to  HNK Hajduk Split
Tokelo RantieNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
David ConchaReal Sociedad de Fútbol to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Mattheus OliveiraSporting Clube de Portugal to  Vitória de Guimarães
Márkó FutácsHNK Hajduk Split to  Non-Affiliated
Billy KetkeophomphoneAngers SCO to  AJ Auxerre
Pablo GranocheSpezia Calcio to  Serie C - Girone B
Luka MilunovićAris Thessaloniki FC to  _Other Clubs
Luka MilunovićAris Thessaloniki FC to  _Other Clubs
Michele RussoCalcio Padova to  Serie C - Girone A
Francesco BolzoniSpezia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Alberto MasiNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A
Mattia AramuTorino FC to  Serie C - Girone A
Andrea MengoniAscoli Calcio 1898 FC to  Serie C - Girone C
Michele TroianoSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriele AngellaUdinese Calcio to  _Other Clubs
Lorenzo Del PreteAC Perugia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Dariusz DudkaLech Poznań to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Mariusz PrzybylskiGórnik Zabrze to  _Polish Lower Leagues
José SáFC Porto to  Olympiacos FC
Matías NahuelVillarreal CF to  Olympiacos FC
Rafał MurawskiPogoń Szczecin on loan to  Retired Players
Mateusz SzczepaniakCracovia Kraków on loan to  Miedź Legnica
Airam CabreraExtremadura UD on loan to  Cracovia Kraków
Steven Caulker_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Raúl AlbentosaRC Deportivo La Coruña to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Stole DimitrievskiClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Filip BenkovićLeicester City FC to  Celtic FC
Goran Čaušić_Russia Other Clubs to  FK Crvena Zvezda
Raúl BaenaGranada CF to  East Asia Players
Sebastián CristóforoACF Fiorentina to  Getafe CF
Richmond BoakyeEast Asia Players to  FK Crvena Zvezda
Marko MarinOlympiacos FC to  FK Crvena Zvezda
Zacharie BoucherAJ Auxerre to  Angers SCO
Rui FonteFulham FC to  Lille OSC
Jesé RodríguezFC Nantes to  Paris Saint-Germain FC
Sergey RyzhikovFC Rubin Kazan to  _Russia Other Clubs
Oleg KuzminFC Rubin Kazan to  Retired Players
Gökdeniz KaradenizFC Rubin Kazan to  Retired Players
Aleksandr BukharovNon-Affiliated to  FC Rubin Kazan
Sergio SánchezFC Rubin Kazan to  Non-Affiliated
Ricardo KishnaSS Lazio to  ADO Den Haag
Charly MusondaChelsea FC to  Vitesse
Michał ŻyroWolverhampton Wanderers to  Pogoń Szczecin
Eric Maxim Choupo-MotingStoke City FC to  Paris Saint-Germain FC
Adnane TighadouiniMálaga CF to  _Other Clubs
Jackson MartínezNon-Affiliated to  Portimonense SC
Sabin MerinoAthletic Club to  CD Leganés
Faitout MaouassaStade Rennais FC to  Nîmes Olympique
Florian Raspentino_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Manuel IturraMálaga CF to  Non-Affiliated
Rachid Aït-AtmaneReal Sporting de Gijón to  Non-Affiliated
Yannis SaliburEn Avant de Guingamp to  AS Saint-Étienne
Yassine BenziaLille OSC to  Fenerbahçe SK
Giovani Lo CelsoParis Saint-Germain FC to  Real Betis Balompié
Jean-Christophe Bahebeck_French Lower Leagues to  FC Utrecht


Moussa DembéléCeltic FC to  Olympique Lyonnais
Diafra SakhoStade Rennais FC to  Bursaspor
Hatem Ben ArfaNon-Affiliated to  Stade Rennais FC
RecioMálaga CF to  CD Leganés
Cristian LópezNon-Affiliated to  Angers SCO
Xabi IruretaCultural y Deportiva Leonesa to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Darko BrašanacReal Betis Balompié to  Deportivo Alavés
Paweł KieszekCórdoba CF to  Málaga CF
Joaquín FernándezUD Almería to  Real Valladolid CF
Mevlüt ErdinçMedipol Başakşehir to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Apostolos VelliosNottingham Forest FC to  _Other Clubs
BebéSD Eibar to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Miguel De Las CuevasNon-Affiliated to  Córdoba CF
Tolga CiğerciNon-Affiliated to  Fenerbahçe SK
Danny BatthWolverhampton Wanderers to  Middlesbrough FC
George SavilleMillwall FC to  Middlesbrough FC
Papiss Demba CisséEast Asia Players to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Joe MasonWolverhampton Wanderers to  _English Lower Leagues
Jesé Rodríguez_French Lower Leagues to  FC Nantes
Bartosz KapustkaLeicester City FC to  _Other Clubs
Cameron JeromeDerby County FC to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Andreas CorneliusAtalanta BC to  FC Girondins de Bordeaux
Yann KaramohFC Internazionale Milano to  FC Girondins de Bordeaux
GansoSevilla FC to  SC Amiens
Stefan Buck_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Oliver Barth_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Thomas Paulus_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Manuel Hartmann_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Tommy ElphickHull City AFC to  Aston Villa FC
Peter Schyrba_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Adrián LuceroNon-Affiliated to  Panetolikos FC
Christian Rahn_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Adrián LuceroNon-Affiliated to  Panetolikos FC
Uwe Möhrle_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Benjamin Maas_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Fabio Morena_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jens Langeneke_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Tim Jerat_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Bartosz Romanczuk_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Patrick Kohlmann_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Shervin Radjabali-Fardi_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Albert Streit_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Maximilian Nicu_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Dominick Kumbela_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Florian Bruns_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Marc Heitmeier_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Robert Lechleiter_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Matthew Taylor_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Njazi Kuqi_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Patrick Mayer_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Markus Brzenska_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Mirko Boland_German Lower Leagues to  East Asia Players
Marc Höcher_German Lower Leagues to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Patrick Zoundi_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Esteban SaveljichLevante UD to  UD Almería
Massimo BrunoRB Leipzig to  _Other Clubs
Riechedly BazoerVfL Wolfsburg to  FC Porto
David TimorGirona FC to  UD Las Palmas
Michael HectorChelsea FC to  Sheffield Wednesday FC
Tammy Abraham Chelsea FC to  Aston Villa FC
Douglas LuizManchester City FC to  Girona FC
Juan BernatFC Bayern München to  Paris Saint-Germain FC
Matheus PereiraSporting Clube de Portugal on loan to  1. FC Nürnberg
Athanasios PanteliadisNon-Affiliated to  Levadiakos FC
Athanasios PanteliadisNon-Affiliated to  Levadiakos FC
Fábio CoentrãoReal Madrid CF to  Rio Ave FC
Björn Kopplin_German Lower Leagues to  Brøndby IF
Mario Fillinger_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Srđan Baljak_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Timo Furuholm_German Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Taku Ishihara_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Jan Fießer_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Nikolas Ledgerwood_German Lower Leagues to  _CONCACAF Players
René Klingbeil_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Christian Lell_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Markus Bollmann_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Christian Stuff_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Thomas Hübener_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Andreas Buchner_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Lévy MadindaFC Asteras Tripolis to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Lévy MadindaFC Asteras Tripolis to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Dennis Lemke_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Alexander Bugera_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Daniel Ziebig_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Lukasz Derbich_German Lower Leagues to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Marcel Kandziora_German Lower Leagues to  _CONCACAF Players
Timo Gebhart_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Oliver Schröder_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Halil Savran_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Joe Gyau_German Lower Leagues to  MSV Duisburg
René Renno_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Benedikt Fernandez_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Saïf-Eddine KhaouiOlympique de Marseille to  SM Caen
Jakub Więzik_German Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Pascal Bieler_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Roussel Ngankam_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Christoph Menz_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Silvano Varnhagen_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Bogdan Müller_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
David Solga_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Sebastian Schachten_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastian Pelzer_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Kim Falkenberg_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Stefan Reisinger_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Furghill Zeldenrust_German Lower Leagues to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Steffen Haas_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Cidimar_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Emil Noll_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Leonhard Haas_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Julian Wießmeier_German Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Mohammadou Idrissou_German Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Milorad Peković_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Selçuk Alibaz_German Lower Leagues to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Zafer Yelen_German Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian Fiél_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Marc Hensel_German Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Peter WhittinghamBlackburn Rovers FC to  Non-Affiliated
Phil Ofosu-AyehWolverhampton Wanderers to  _German Lower Leagues
Leonardo Nunzella Serie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Tommy ElphickAston Villa FC to  Hull City AFC
Chris MartinDerby County FC to  Hull City AFC
Geoff CameronStoke City FC to  Queens Park Rangers FC
Josh OnomahTottenham Hotspur FC to  Sheffield Wednesday FC
Vasilios PapafotisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
VerzaNon-Affiliated to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Lars Hutten_German Lower Leagues to  Fortuna Sittard
Vitor Saba_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Fortuna Sittard
José Rodríguez_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Fortuna Sittard
Mark Diemers_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Fortuna Sittard
Mica Pinto_Portugal Other Clubs to  Fortuna Sittard
Kai Heerings_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Fortuna Sittard
Lazaros Lamprou_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Fortuna Sittard
Frank Olijve_Dutch Lower Leagues to  De Graafschap
Dennis Telgenkamp_Dutch Lower Leagues to  FC Emmen
Bart Vriends_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Sparta Rotterdam
Danny Schenkel_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Ransford SelasiDelfino Pescara 1936 to  Serie C - Girone B
Bas Sibum_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Josimar Lima_Dutch Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Rick Kruys_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Nuri ŞahinBorussia Dortmund to  SV Werder Bremen
Genero Zeefuik_Dutch Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Roland SallaiAPOEL FC to  SC Freiburg
Adem LjajićTorino FC to  Beşiktaş JK
AgenorSport CR to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Gianluca ScamaccaUS Sassuolo Calcio to  PEC Zwolle
Roman MacekSerie C - Girone A to  _Other Clubs
Antonio VaccaParma Calcio 1913 to  Serie C - Girone C
Francesco FedatoFoggia Calcio to  Serie C - Girone A
HernaneGrêmio FBPA to  Sport CR
JailsonGrêmio FBPA to  Fenerbahçe SK
MoratoSão Paulo FC to  Sport CR
Vincent Enyeama_French Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas FernandesSão Paulo FC to  Portimonense SC
Przemysław TytońRC Deportivo La Coruña to  Non-Affiliated
Quincy PromesFC Spartak Moskva to  Sevilla FC
Youssuf Mulumbu_Other Clubs to  Celtic FC
Julien De SartMiddlesbrough FC to  _Other Clubs
Vurnon AnitaLeeds United FC to  Willem II
Kevin TrappParis Saint-Germain FC to  Eintracht Frankfurt
Ricardo Van RhijnClub Brugge KV to  AZ Alkmaar
Álex GálvezNon-Affiliated to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
JorgeAS Monaco FC to  FC Porto
Tom Van WeertFC Groningen to  _Other Clubs
Jesper DrostFC Groningen to  Heracles Almelo
Javier EspinosaNon-Affiliated to  FC Twente
Danny HollaNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
ÉltonCeará SC to  Figueirense FC
Kenan BarganAris Thessaloniki FC to  Non-Affiliated
Kenan BarganAris Thessaloniki FC to  Non-Affiliated
Lazaros LamprouPAOK to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Lazaros LamprouPAOK to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Sotiris PispasPanathinaikos A.O. to  _Other Clubs
Martín TonsoNon-Affiliated to  FC Asteras Tripolis
Martín TonsoNon-Affiliated to  FC Asteras Tripolis
Panagiotis SpyropoulosNon-Affiliated to  Ergotelis FC
Kevin PezzoniApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin PezzoniApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Anastasios KaramanosNon-Affiliated to  PAS Lamia
Jon WaltersBurnley FC to  Ipswich Town FC
Claudio BeauvueRC Celta de Vigo to  SM Caen
M'baye NiangTorino FC to  Stade Rennais FC


Nacer ChadliWest Bromwich Albion FC to  AS Monaco FC
Sandro RamírezEverton FC to  Real Sociedad de Fútbol
Marco RomiziNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Vittorio Fabris Non-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Henri BédimoOlympique de Marseille to  Non-Affiliated
Isaiah BrownChelsea FC to  Leeds United FC
Roberto RosalesMálaga CF to  RCD Espanyol
Javier EspinosaLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated
Clément ChantômeStade Rennais FC to  Non-Affiliated
Michał MiśkiewiczNon-Affiliated to  Korona Kielce
Miroslav ČoviloCracovia Kraków to  _Other Clubs
Aurélien ChedjouMedipol Başakşehir on loan to  Bursaspor
Robert MührenNon-Affiliated to  NAC Breda
Dabney Dos SantosAZ Alkmaar to  Heracles Almelo
Nemanja Radonjić FK Crvena Zvezda to  Olympique de Marseille
Lucas Andersen_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Ola ToivonenToulouse FC to  East Asia Players
Iasmin LatovleviciNon-Affiliated to  Bursaspor
Harun TekinBursaspor to  Fenerbahçe SK
Álex GálvezSD Eibar to  Non-Affiliated
Giannelli ImbulaStoke City FC on loan to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Kara MbodjiRSC Anderlecht to  FC Nantes
Dimitrios GoutasOlympiacos FC to  Lech Poznań
Jean-Christophe BahebeckParis Saint-Germain FC to  _French Lower Leagues
Jesé RodríguezParis Saint-Germain FC to  _French Lower Leagues
Pablo De Blasis1. FSV Mainz 05 to  SD Eibar
VerzaLevante UD to  Non-Affiliated


Tolga CiğerciGalatasaray AŞ to  Non-Affiliated
Yohan TavaresAPOEL FC to  Troyes AC
Clint Dempsey_CONCACAF Players to  Retired Players
Guilherme SiqueiraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Damian ByrtekWisła Płock to  Piast Gliwice
Janusz Gol_Russia Other Clubs to  Cracovia Kraków
Mariano DíazOlympique Lyonnais to  Real Madrid CF
Federico GerardiNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Francesco NicastroFoggia Calcio to  Serie C - Girone B
Giannis GianniotasOlympiacos FC to  AEK Athens
Alexandros KourosNon-Affiliated to  AOK Kerkyra
Alexandros KourosNon-Affiliated to  AOK Kerkyra
Pedro CondePAS Giannina to  West Asia Players
Alexandros KourosApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Alexandros KourosApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Anastasios KaramanosOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Anastasios KaramanosOlympiacos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Theodoros TripotserisNon-Affiliated to  AE Larisa
Theodoros TripotserisNon-Affiliated to  AE Larisa
Noé AcostaNon-Affiliated to  AE Larisa
Noé AcostaNon-Affiliated to  AE Larisa
Michal KadlecAC Sparta Praha to  _Other Clubs
Mario HolekAC Sparta Praha to  Non-Affiliated
Rio MavubaAC Sparta Praha to  Non-Affiliated
Imanol AgirretxeReal Sociedad de Fútbol to  Retired Players
Joseph AkpalaNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Jeremie AliadiereNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jeremie AliadiereNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
LimaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Issam JemaaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kamil ZayatteNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Lucas NeillNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Enis NadarevićSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Lewin NyatangaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Giuseppe MadoniaSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Marco CassettiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Giovanni PasqualeSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Christian TerlizziSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea MarconiSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Lorenzo StaitiSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe AbruzzeseSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe De FeudisSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Pietro De GiorgioSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Peter RamageNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gaetano VastolaSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Felipe SodinhaSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Pape DiakhatéNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marco SansoviniSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Armando PernaSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Jason ShackellNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Neto PereiraSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Corrado ColomboSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Rubén OliveraSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Simone Del NeroSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Salvatore BrunoSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Nicola FerrariSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Wilfred OsujiSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Jordan LotièsNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alex PinardiSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Manolo PestrinSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Kader ManganeNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Andrea MantovaniSerie C - Girone C to  Serie C - Girone B
Jan WuytensNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jean-Pascal MignotNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Jiří JarošíkNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Simone BassoSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Dušan VeškovacNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Davide GiorginoSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Alberto FrisonSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto MaurantonioSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Edson BraafheidNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gaël GivetNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Olivier DeschachtNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Raúl BravoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Oguchi OnyewuNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Mohamed AmsifNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Filip BednarekNon-Affiliated to  sc Heerenveen
Gianluca CurciNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Karim FegrouchNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Renze FijNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Charles ItandjeNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Tomáš KošickýNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Yves Ma-KalambayNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Yves De WinterNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Timo PlattelNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Massimiliano BenassiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Daniel AranzubíaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Massimo ZappinoNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Alberto FrisonNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Roberto MaurantonioNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Salomón LibmanNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Eladio HerreraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nelson RivasNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Joël SamiNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Timothée AtoubaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alexis ThébauxNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Andrea MantovaniNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Tony LochheadNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Manolo PestrinNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Manolo PestrinNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Rémy AmieuxNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Sebastian ZiajkaNon-Affiliated to  _German Lower Leagues
Guy RamosNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Adam JohanssonNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Şerban MoraruNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sébastien GraxNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nico ChaferNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Antonio LópezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Fran CortésNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Rodney SneijderNon-Affiliated to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Alessandro FraraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Fouad RachidNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Wilfred OsujiNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Alex PinardiNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Manuel CoppolaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
UellitonNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Salvatore BrunoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Nicola FerrariNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Jan PawłowskiNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
BorgesNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ernesto FaríasNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Michele PaolucciNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Emmanuel SarkiNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Neto PereiraNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Corrado ColomboNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Rubén OliveraNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Simone Del NeroNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
David MiguélezNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Roberto BatresNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Olivier KapoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Peter LøvenkrandsNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Thomas LamNottingham Forest FC to  PEC Zwolle
Piet VelthuizenNon-Affiliated to  AZ Alkmaar
Grzegorz KuświkLechia Gdańsk to  Non-Affiliated
Armando PernaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Lee NaylorNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Dariusz KłusNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Vasco FaiscaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kafoumba CoulibalyNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Houssine KharjaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Oumar KalabaneNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Maurizio LanzaroNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Geoffrey DernisNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Álvaro ReyNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Sergio Díaz CastillaNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Iván MorenoNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Iván MorenoNon-Affiliated to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Marco SansoviniNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Felipe SodinhaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Gaetano VastolaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Tiberio GuarenteNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Vincent PlantéNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Pablo González_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
DiguinhoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Pablo GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Alin VigariuNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Liviu GaneaNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Pietro De GiorgioNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Giuseppe De FeudisNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Carlo PelagattiNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A
Florin NohaiNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Héctor LaderoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gennaro SardoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Dawid NowakNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Giuseppe AbruzzeseNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Adam PazioNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Nicola VasileNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
RomeuNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Ashkan DejagahNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Đorđe LazićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Serginho RodriguesNon-Affiliated to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Pablo SantilloNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Łukasz MierzejewskiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nicolas BremecNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Lorenzo StaitiNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Andrea MarconiNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Christian TerlizziNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Rodrigo AlbornoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
NeutonNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Tomasz WróbelNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Maciej SzmatiukNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Rashid BrowneNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Stefano MauriNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kalilou TraoréNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marko KordićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Abdoulay KonkoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Simone BassoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Davide GiorginoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Giovanni PasqualeNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Giuseppe MadoniaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Gianni ManfrinNon-Affiliated to  AC ChievoVerona
Bartosz KanieckiNon-Affiliated to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Enzo RéaleNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Marco EstradaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gianvito PlasmatiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Bartosz FabiniakNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Onyekachi ApamNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Kamil Biliński_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Christopher Dibon_Other Clubs to  SK Rapid Wien
Andrija Pavlović_Other Clubs to  SK Rapid Wien
Deni Alar_Other Clubs to  SK Rapid Wien
Andrei Ivan_Other Clubs to  SK Rapid Wien
Richard Strebinger_Other Clubs to  SK Rapid Wien
Stefan Schwab_Other Clubs to  SK Rapid Wien
Mario Sonnleitner_Other Clubs to  SK Rapid Wien
Zdeněk Pospěch_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Csaba Horváth_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Martin Angha_Other Clubs to  FC Sion
Fabrício Dornellas_Other Clubs to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Stéphane Besle_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Lorand Szilagyi_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Leandro Marín_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Johan Vonlanthen_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Franz Burgmeier_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Levan Kenia_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Uche Nwofor_Other Clubs to  CAF Players
François Affolter_Other Clubs to  _CONCACAF Players
Žarko Marković_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Danijel Aleksić_Other Clubs to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Jiří Bílek_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Caio_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Vitali Rodionov_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Stefan Nikolić_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Marek Gancarczyk_Other Clubs to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Gabriel Nowak_Other Clubs to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Vitālijs Maksimenko_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Manuel Redondo_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas Domínguez_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Boban Grnčarov_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Tonči Mujan_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Martin Polaček_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Bojan Brac_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Ján Novota_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Enis Nadarević_Other Clubs to  Serie C - Girone C
Peter GrajciarNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Enis NadarevićNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Juan ArandaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Nicolae MiteaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Abdelaziz BarradaWest Asia Players to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Iván LópezLevante UD on loan to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Laurent Ciman_CONCACAF Players to  Dijon FCO
Grejohn KyeiStade de Reims to  RC Lens
Benjamin HenrichsBayer 04 Leverkusen to  AS Monaco FC
Derrick LuckassenPSV Eindhoven to  Hertha BSC Berlin


Daniele CorviaSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Nicola PozziSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Julio ChiariniTigre to  Instituto
Santiago VerginiBoca Juniors to  Bursaspor
Paco AlcácerFC Barcelona to  Borussia Dortmund
Liassine CadamuroNon-Affiliated to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Dominique AgostiniNon-Affiliated to  _French Lower Leagues
Nicola PozziNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Daniele CorviaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Walter BressanNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Matteo ContiniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
FernandinhoNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Wilfried SanouNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Marco AmeliaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gheorghe FlorescuNon-Affiliated to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Pawel GolańskiNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Sebastian MaderaNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Didac DevesaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Fernando BoldrinKayserispor to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Oswaldo AlanísNon-Affiliated to  Real Oviedo
DouglasSporting Clube de Portugal to  Non-Affiliated
Seydou DoumbiaSporting Clube de Portugal to  Girona FC
Frickson ErazoCR Vasco da Gama loan return to  Atlético Mineiro
Ramon Motta_Turkey Other Clubs to  CR Vasco da Gama
Vinícius AraújoNon-Affiliated to  CR Vasco da Gama
EvanderCR Vasco da Gama to  _Other Clubs
Tomáš NecidBursaspor to  ADO Den Haag
José Rodríguez1. FSV Mainz 05 to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Jeroen HouwenVitesse to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Kevin StrootmanAS Roma to  Olympique de Marseille
Andrea CaraccioloNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Fabio ScarsellaUS Cremonese to  Serie C - Girone B
Filip RaicevicNon-Affiliated to  AS Livorno Calcio
Jérémy PiedNon-Affiliated to  Lille OSC


Timothy Derijck_Other Clubs to  KAA Gent
Nicolás MartínezOlympiacos FC to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Jean-Paul Boëtius1. FSV Mainz 05 to  1. FSV Mainz 05
Jean-Paul BoëtiusFeyenoord to  1. FSV Mainz 05
Alberto De La BellaReal Sociedad de Fútbol to  UD Las Palmas
Gonçalo GuedesParis Saint-Germain FC to  Valencia CF
Danny BlumEintracht Frankfurt on loan to  UD Las Palmas
GabrielCD Leganés to  SL Benfica
Sebastian RudyFC Bayern München to  FC Schalke 04
Manolis SiopisOlympiacos FC to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Viera Ellong Platanias FC to  _Other Clubs
Viera Ellong Platanias FC to  _Other Clubs
Emiljano Vila_Other Clubs to  AOK Kerkyra
Emiljano Vila_Other Clubs to  AOK Kerkyra
Miguel NúñezRCD Mallorca to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Fran MirandaExtremadura UD to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Henri SaivetNewcastle United FC on loan to  Bursaspor
Pablo SantilloArsenal de Sarandí to  Non-Affiliated


Marcelo ScatolaroAlmagro to  Non-Affiliated
Franco Flores_Argentina Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Gonzalo RiosMitre (SdE) to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Facundo ErpenLobos BUAP to  San Martín (SJ)
Carlos Adrian MoralesMonarcas Morelia to  Retired Players
Édison Flores_Other Clubs to  Monarcas Morelia
Oscar UstariClub Atlas to  Non-Affiliated
Fidel MartínezClub Atlas to  Non-Affiliated
Ricky ÁlvarezNon-Affiliated to  Club Atlas
Sergio López_Other Clubs to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Nicolás ParejaNon-Affiliated to  Club Atlas
Matías Presentado_Other Clubs to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Martín Díaz_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Daniel GarroNon-Affiliated to  Sarmiento de Junín
Nahuel LujánBelgrano to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Dante LopezNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Diego BarradoNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Luis VilaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Francesco SignoriVenezia FC to  Serie C - Girone B


Juan Carlos Maldonado_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Joel BarayeSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone C
Masakatsu Sawa_Other Clubs to  East Asia Players
Pablo Pintos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Elkin Soto_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio Ojeda_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Edivaldo Rojas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin Harbottle_Other Clubs to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Nicolás Ferreyra_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos Valdes_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Richard Porta_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Salomón Libman_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Kelvin MatuteSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Magnus TroestNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Gonzalo BuenoNacional to  Colón de Santa Fe
Abdoul CamaraEn Avant de Guingamp to  Retired Players
Stuart O'keefeCardiff City FC on loan to  _English Lower Leagues
Yannick BolasieEverton FC on loan to  Aston Villa FC
Diego ReyesNon-Affiliated to  Fenerbahçe SK
Theodoros BeriosPAS Giannina to  _Other Clubs
Theodoros BeriosPAS Giannina to  _Other Clubs
Federico Puppo_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Diego Rojas_Other Clubs to  Universidad Católica
Diego Rojas_Other Clubs to  Universidad Católica
Ángel Rojas_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriel Cichero_Other Clubs to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Franco Arizala_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Rodrigo Alborno_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Marco Prieto_Other Clubs to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Germán DenisLanús to  _Other Clubs
Carlos Ascues_Other Clubs on loan to  _CONCACAF Players
Sergio Sosa_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo Brandán_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
José MéndezIndependiente Rivadavia to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Eial StrahmanIndependiente Rivadavia to  Almagro


Kamil VacekŚląsk Wrocław to  _Other Clubs
Germán LessmanHuracán to  Villa Dálmine
Adrián ScifoNon-Affiliated to  Nueva Chicago
Guillermo VernettiFerro Carril Oeste to  Mitre (SdE)
Raúl De TomásReal Madrid CF on loan to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Alin ToșcaReal Betis Balompié to  PAOK
Evgeni Makeev_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Stefanos Athanasiadis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolás ParejaSevilla FC to  Non-Affiliated
Sofyan AmrabatFeyenoord to  Club Brugge KV
Marcin KamińskiVfB Stuttgart on loan to  Fortuna Düsseldorf
Maicon_Série B & Lower Leagues to  AS Livorno Calcio
PaulinhoNon-Affiliated to  US Cremonese
Luca GermoniSS Lazio to  Serie C - Girone A
JéffersonSerie C - Girone C to  Serie C - Girone A
Emanuele NordiSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Federico GerardiSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo GonzálezSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated


Álvaro VázquezRCD Espanyol on loan to  Real Zaragoza
Dimitri FoulquierWatford FC to  Getafe CF
Jack RodwellNon-Affiliated to  Blackburn Rovers FC
Bafétimbi GomisGalatasaray AŞ to  West Asia Players
SomáliaToulouse FC to  West Asia Players
Johannes WurtzVfL Bochum to  SV Darmstadt 98
Nahki Wells Burnley FC on loan to  Queens Park Rangers FC
Bruno Nazário_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Atlético Paranaense
Carlos AlbertoAtlético Paranaense to  Non-Affiliated
ÉdersonAtlético Paranaense to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Álvaro GarcíaCádiz CF to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Anthony LimbombeClub Brugge KV to  FC Nantes
Obbi OulareWatford FC on loan to  Standard Liège
SouzaFenerbahçe SK to  West Asia Players
Nemanja GudeljEast Asia Players to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
Kyle LaffertyHeart of Midlothian FC to  Rangers FC
Michael Frey_Other Clubs to  Fenerbahçe SK
Siem De JongAFC Ajax to  East Asia Players
Yan Brice_Spanish Lower Leagues to  UD Almería
Muhamed BešićEverton FC on loan to  Middlesbrough FC
Tomáš KalasChelsea FC on loan to  Bristol City FC
Tomer HemedBrighton & Hove Albion FC on loan to  Queens Park Rangers FC
Paul KeitaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Paul KeitaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs


Giorgos ManthatisOlympiacos FC on loan to  Panionios G.S.S.
Uroš ĐurđevićOlympiacos FC to  Real Sporting de Gijón
Steve SidwellNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Ramon LeeuwinFC Utrecht to  _Other Clubs
Robert ŽuljTSG 1899 Hoffenheim on loan to  1. FC Union Berlin
Álvaro JiménezGetafe CF on loan to  Real Sporting de Gijón
Michele SommaNon-Affiliated to  RC Deportivo La Coruña
Anwar El GhaziLille OSC on loan to  Aston Villa FC
Stephen QuinnNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Miguel Ángel Sainz-MazaFoggia Calcio to  Serie C - Girone C
Andrea De FalcoBenevento Calcio to  Serie C - Girone B
Daniele CaciaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Franco NiellGimnasia de La Plata to  Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn


Pedro Costa FerreiraUS Lecce to  Serie C - Girone C
May MahlanguFC Dinamo București to  _Other Clubs
Laurens De BockLeeds United FC on loan to  _Other Clubs
Aleksandr Sapeta_Russia Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Vitaliy DenisovFC Lokomotiv Moskva on loan to  _Russia Other Clubs
Norbert BaloghUS Città di Palermo on loan to  APOEL FC
Martin ØdegaardReal Madrid CF on loan to  Vitesse
Matías OrihuelaTemperley to  Apollon Smyrni
Matías OrihuelaTemperley to  Apollon Smyrni
Matías OrihuelaTemperley to  Apollon Smyrni
Ioannis MystakidisPAOK to  PAS Giannina
Ioannis MystakidisPAOK to  PAS Giannina
Nikolaos PantidosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dimitrios GrontisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dimitrios GrontisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Pitu GarciaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Pitu GarciaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Georgios MakrisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Georgios MakrisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Georgios Makris_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Georgios Makris_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Georgios Makris_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Georgios Makris_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Georgios MakrisNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Álex Cruz_Spanish Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Álex Cruz_Spanish Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Álex Cruz_Other Clubs to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Álex Cruz_Other Clubs to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Álex Cruz_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Álex Cruz_Spanish Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Stavros Petavrakis_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Stavros Petavrakis_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Niccolò BelloniFC Internazionale Milano to  Serie C - Girone A
Israel CollNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Israel CollNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Fotis GeorgiouAOK Kerkyra to  _Other Clubs
Fotis GeorgiouAOK Kerkyra to  _Other Clubs
Giannis PasasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Giannis PasasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kostas MendrinosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Kostas MendrinosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Giannis Papadopoulos_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Giannis Papadopoulos_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Nikolaos KaltsasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Nikolaos KaltsasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dimitrios KoutromanosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dimitrios KoutromanosNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Georgios KousasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Georgios KousasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dimitrios StamouPlatanias FC to  _Other Clubs
Dimitrios StamouPlatanias FC to  _Other Clubs
Charis Pappas_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Charis Pappas_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Kostas Nebegleras_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Kostas Nebegleras_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Nemanja Tomić_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Nemanja Tomić_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Stelios PozoglouIraklis Thessaloniki to  Non-Affiliated
Stelios PozoglouIraklis Thessaloniki to  Non-Affiliated
Abdoulay DiabyClub Brugge KV to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
Jason DenayerManchester City FC to  Olympique Lyonnais
Marc-André Zoro_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Marc-André Zoro_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Christos Intzidis_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Christos Intzidis_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Georgios Fotakis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Georgios Fotakis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Alkis Dimitris_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Alkis Dimitris_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Cyril Kali_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Cyril Kali_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Andreas Lampropoulos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Andreas Lampropoulos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Andreas Lampropoulos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
José Furtado_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
José Furtado_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Henri Camara_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Henri Camara_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Antonis Ranos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Antonis Ranos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Vladimir Dimitrovski_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Vladimir Dimitrovski_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Panagiotis Spyropoulos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Panagiotis Spyropoulos_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Georgios Georgiadis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Georgios Georgiadis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Vladan Milosavljev_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Vladan Milosavljev_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Daisuke SuzukiClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated
Jairo IzquierdoExtremadura UD to  Girona FC
Ramil Sheydaev_Other Clubs to  _Russia Other Clubs
Ramil SheydaevTrabzonspor AŞ to  _Other Clubs
Veli KavlakBeşiktaş JK to  Non-Affiliated
Oğuzhan ÖzyakupNon-Affiliated to  Beşiktaş JK
Atiba HutchinsonNon-Affiliated to  Beşiktaş JK
George GavrilașFC Voluntari to  CS Juventus Bucureşti
Dinu MoldovanNon-Affiliated to  FC Voluntari
Kermit Erasmus_Other Clubs to  Vitória de Setúbal
LulinhaWest Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Cristian GavraFC Viitorul to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Sorin RădoiFC Viitorul to  Retired Players
Árpád TordaiFC Viitorul to  FC Petrolul Ploiești
Cătălin ŢîrăFC Viitorul to  Non-Affiliated
Răzvan HorjFC Viitorul to  _Other Clubs
Robert HodorogeaFC Viitorul to  FC Voluntari
Felipe AvenattiBologna FC 1909 to  _Other Clubs
Josué SáRSC Anderlecht to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Alejandro Pozo_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Granada CF
Oswaldo AlanísGetafe CF on loan to  Non-Affiliated
Loris KariusLiverpool FC on loan to  Beşiktaş JK
Rodrigo UreñaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Luis MaldonadoPeñarol to  _Other Clubs
Diego ForlánPeñarol to  Non-Affiliated
Ignacio LoresNon-Affiliated to  Peñarol
Ignacio LoresNon-Affiliated to  Peñarol
Leonardo Cáceres_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Esteban Solari_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Cristian Bonilla_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Cristian Bonilla_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Marcos Pirchio_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Christian Suarez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Johan AudelNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Danny BejaranoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Steffen Hofmann_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
John Pajoy_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
John Pajoy_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Matías Defederico_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Robert Almer_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Abel Aguilar_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Gaspar Servio_Other Clubs to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Gaspar Servio_Other Clubs to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Ognjen Vukojević_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Cristián CuevasNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Dario KrešićNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Luis Martínez_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Jhon Valoy_Other Clubs to  _CONCACAF Players


Justo Villar_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Justo Villar_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Kamil BilińskiWisła Płock to  _Other Clubs
Sebastián BartoliniNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Wilson PalaciosNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Kevin ItabelNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Alou DiarraNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Rubén GarcíaLevante UD to  CA Osasuna
Guillermo RodríguezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Abiola DaudaNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Edu GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Nigel De JongNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Alexandru TudoseNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
José Luis ChávezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Germán PachecoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Germán PachecoNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Damián Lizio_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Romel Quiñoñez_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Filip KostićHamburger SV on loan to  Eintracht Frankfurt
Marko BakićSC Braga on loan to  _Other Clubs
Héctor Rodas_Other Clubs to  AD Alcorcón
Gabriel HaucheNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Silvio DulcichNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Claudio PérezNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Agustín TorassaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Pedro BotelhoNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Guillermo MolinsNon-Affiliated to  Malmö FF
Guillermo MolinsNon-Affiliated to  Malmö FF
Simone GozziSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Arlind AjetiTorino FC to  Non-Affiliated
Assane GnoukouriFC Internazionale Milano to  Non-Affiliated
Martin ValjentAC ChievoVerona to  RCD Mallorca
Stiven RivićSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Daniele CorviaSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto MaurantonioSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe AbruzzeseSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Enis NadarevićSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Gaetano VastolaSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea EspositoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Giuseppe MadoniaSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Stefan DjordjevićSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
FabinhoSerie C - Girone C to  Non-Affiliated
Stefano BrundoAtlético de Rafaela to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Martín Pérez GuedesRacing Club to  Defensores de Belgrano
Luigi CastaldoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Angelo D'angeloNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone C
Martí RiverolaSerie C - Girone B to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Neto PereiraSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Nicholas CaglioniSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Armando PernaSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Nicola FerrariSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Gianpietro ZecchinSerie C - Girone B to  Retired Players
Elia BastianoniSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Gianmario ComiSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Andrea BovoSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone C
Pietro De GiorgioSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Marco RomiziSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Gianni ManfrinSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Alessandro BastriniSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Massimiliano CarliniSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone C
Nikola JakimovskiSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Federico MachedaSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea MantovaniSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Magnus TroestSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Simone FarelliSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea OrlandiSerie C - Girone B to  West Asia Players
Petar GolubovićSerie C - Girone B to  _Other Clubs
Diego Peralta_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Serie C - Girone B
Pietro ViscontiSerie C - Girone C to  Serie C - Girone B
Fabrizio GrilloSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Oualid El HasniSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto VitielloSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone C
Aniello SalzanoNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Modibo DiakitéSerie C - Girone C to  Serie C - Girone B
Pasquale FazioSerie C - Girone C to  Serie C - Girone B
Cedric GondoSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea RossiSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Lys GomisSerie C - Girone C to  Serie C - Girone B
Armin BačinovičSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea RussottoSerie C - Girone C to  Serie C - Girone B
Simone PalermoSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone C
Marco SansoviniSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Ricardo BagadurSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
Lorenzo StaitiSerie C - Girone B to  Non-Affiliated
EmersonSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone C
Alessio VitaNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone B
Ciro CapuanoSerie C - Girone A to  Retired Players
Davide BiondiniSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Gianluca MusacciSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone C
JéffersonSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone C
Simone SiniSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone C
Nicola MingazziniSerie C - Girone A to  Retired Players
Stefano BeltrameSerie C - Girone A to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Giovanni AbateSerie C - Girone A to  Retired Players
Sofyane CherfaSerie C - Girone A to  _Other Clubs
Laurentiu BrănescuSerie C - Girone A to  _Other Clubs
Andrea MantovaniSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Tommaso BianchiSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Gianluca SansoneSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Magnus TroestSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Daniele SciaudoneSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Marco ChiosaSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Federico MachedaSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Simone FarelliSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
RonaldoSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Petar GolubovićSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Andrea OrlandiSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Federico MaracchiSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Jacopo ManconiSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Marco RossiSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Davide BrivioSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Naser AlijiSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Luca CeccarelliSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Krisztián Adorján_Other Clubs to  Serie C - Girone A
Fabrizio PagheraSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Filip RaicevicSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
William JidayiSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Giuseppe VivesSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone B
Simone RossoSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Eros SchiavonNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A
Giovanni FiettaSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Leonardo FontanesiSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Riccardo NardiniSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Juan SurracoSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Andrea LisuzzoSerie C - Girone A to  Retired Players
Luca GiannoneSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone C
Alex PederzoliSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Filippo PorcariSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Valerio FoglioSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Salvatore BrunoSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Fabiano SantacroceNon-Affiliated to  Serie C - Girone A
Marco MarchionniSerie C - Girone A to  Retired Players
Ettore LagomarsiniSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Massimo MaccaroneSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Stefano FerrarioSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe De FeudisSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Amidu SalifuSerie C - Girone B to  Serie C - Girone A
Felice PiccoloSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Manuel FischnallerSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone C
Riccardo CazzolaSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Antonio GiosaSerie C - Girone A to  Serie C - Girone C
Francesco SignoriSerie C - Girone B to  Venezia FC
Alberto MasiSpezia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Luigi GiorgiSpezia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Alberto GilardinoSpezia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Raffaele PalladinoSpezia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
JuandeSpezia Calcio to  East Asia Players
Gennaro AcamporaSerie C - Girone A to  Spezia Calcio
Luca VignaliSerie C - Girone B to  Spezia Calcio
Nunzio Di RobertoUS Salernitana 1919 to  Serie C - Girone C
Antonio ZitoUS Salernitana 1919 to  Serie C - Girone C
Francesco Di TacchioNon-Affiliated to  US Salernitana 1919
Giacomo BindiCalcio Padova to  Serie C - Girone B
Gabriele PericoAS Livorno Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Martino BorgheseAS Livorno Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Michele FrancoAS Livorno Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Michele RoccaSerie C - Girone B to  AS Livorno Calcio
Abdou DoumbiaAS Livorno Calcio to  US Lecce
Simon LanerHellas Verona FC to  Non-Affiliated
Mathieu DuhamelFoggia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe FigliomeniFoggia Calcio to  Serie C - Girone C
Miguel Ángel Sainz-MazaSerie C - Girone A to  Foggia Calcio
Giovanni SbrissaUS Cremonese to  Serie C - Girone A
Michele CaniniUS Cremonese to  Serie C - Girone A
Matteo ProcopioUS Cremonese to  Serie C - Girone B
Daniele GalloppaUS Cremonese to  Retired Players
PaulinhoUS Cremonese to  Non-Affiliated
Juanito GómezUS Cremonese to  Non-Affiliated
Simone PesceUS Cremonese to  Serie C - Girone A
Fabio ScarsellaSerie C - Girone C to  US Cremonese
Kristaps ZommersCosenza Calcio to  Serie C - Girone B
David OkerekeCosenza Calcio to  Spezia Calcio
Massimo LovisoCosenza Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Soufiane BidaouiNon-Affiliated to  Spezia Calcio
Ronny MarcosAE Larisa to  Non-Affiliated
Ronny MarcosAE Larisa to  Non-Affiliated
Macnelly TorresAtletico Nacional to  _Other Clubs
Camilo ZúñigaAtletico Nacional to  Retired Players
NenêNon-Affiliated to  Moreirense FC
RabiolaFC Paços de Ferreira to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Ânderson LuísNon-Affiliated to  Non-Affiliated
Luís FelipeVitória de Setúbal to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Fernando Tissone_Other Clubs to  Desportivo Aves
QuimDesportivo Aves to  Retired Players
Paulo MachadoDesportivo Aves to  Non-Affiliated
Issam El AdouaWest Asia Players to  Desportivo Aves
Gonçalo SantosDesportivo Aves to  
Sulley MuniruCD Tondela to  Non-Affiliated
Enes ÜnalVillarreal CF on loan to  Real Valladolid CF
Emanuel PerroneNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Massadio HaïdaraNon-Affiliated to  RC Lens
Guillaume GilletNon-Affiliated to  RC Lens
Tsubasa EndohNon-Affiliated to  _CONCACAF Players
Grégory BettiolNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Alexander BaumjohannNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Gastón SangoyNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Masoud ShojaeiNon-Affiliated to  West Asia Players
Borja EkizaNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Loukas VyntraNon-Affiliated to  AC Omonia Nicosia
Iván PérezAldosivi to  Ramón Santamarina
Maxime GonalonsAS Roma on loan to  Sevilla FC
Kenny MillerRangers FC to  _Other Clubs


ChuliGetafe CF on loan to  Extremadura UD
Duje ČopStandard Liège to  Real Valladolid CF
GiulianoFenerbahçe SK to  West Asia Players
Sébastien CorchiaSevilla FC on loan to  SL Benfica
Björn EngelsOlympiacos FC to  Stade de Reims
Diamantis ChouchoumisNon-Affiliated to  FK Vojvodina
Marcelo DjalóFulham FC on loan to  Extremadura UD
Oliver NorwoodBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  Sheffield United FC
Micah RichardsAston Villa FC to  Non-Affiliated
Antimo IuncoAS Cittadella to  Non-Affiliated
Filippo LoraAS Cittadella to  Non-Affiliated
Carlo PelagattiAS Cittadella to  Non-Affiliated
Mattia FinottoSerie C - Girone B to  AS Cittadella
M'bala NzolaCarpi FC 1909 to  Serie C - Girone C
Giancarlo MalcoreCarpi FC 1909 to  AS Cittadella
Enrico PezziAS Cittadella to  Carpi FC 1909
Franck KanoutèAscoli Calcio 1898 FC to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Daniele BuzzegoliAscoli Calcio 1898 FC to  Non-Affiliated
Michael AgazziAscoli Calcio 1898 FC to  Non-Affiliated
Tommaso BianchiAscoli Calcio 1898 FC to  Serie C - Girone A
Salvatore D'eliaNon-Affiliated to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Nemanja Radonjić Olympique de Marseille to  FK Crvena Zvezda
Fabian Pawela_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Paweł Buzała_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Przemyslaw Pitry_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Michał Szewczyk_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Sylwester Patejuk_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Filip Jazvić_Polish Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Pawel Kaczmarek_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Jakub Smektała_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Mario Martínez Rubio_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Bartosz Iwan_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Sebastian Dudek_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Paweł Lisowski_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Mariusz Muszalik_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Aleksander Kwiek_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Piotr Kuklis_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Princewill Okachi_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Princewill Okachi_Polish Lower Leagues to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Łukasz Tymiński_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Marek Szyndrowski_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Tomasz Górkiewicz_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Tomasz Górkiewicz_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Tomasz Lisowski_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Bojan Marković_Polish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Marko GrujićLiverpool FC on loan to  Hertha BSC Berlin
Nemanja Radonjić FK Crvena Zvezda to  Olympique de Marseille
Juraj Dancik_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Michal Pytkowski_Polish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Brice DdjadjedjeWatford FC to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Dominik Kun_Polish Lower Leagues to  Stomil Olsztyn
Marcin Cabaj_Polish Lower Leagues to  Garbarnia Kraków
Michał Czekaj_Polish Lower Leagues to  Garbarnia Kraków
Michał Przybyła_Polish Lower Leagues to  Warta Poznań
Kamil Adamek_Polish Lower Leagues to  GKS 1962 Jastrzębie
Pawel AbbottStomil Olsztyn to  Non-Affiliated
Krzysztof BąkBytovia Bytów to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Jakub WilkBytovia Bytów to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Kamil WacławczykBytovia Bytów to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Michał SzewczykBytovia Bytów to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Kamil AdamekBytovia Bytów to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Michał StasiakBytovia Bytów to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Michele CremonesiSPAL 2013 to  AC Perugia Calcio
Michele CremonesiAC Perugia Calcio to  SPAL 2013
Alfredo BifulcoSSC Napoli to  Serie C - Girone B


Jherson VergaraCagliari Calcio to  Serie C - Girone A
Constantin NicaAtalanta BC to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos ZambranoFC Dynamo Kyiv on loan to  FC Basel
Yassine El GhanassyFC Nantes to  West Asia Players
Dawid NowakPuszcza Niepołomice to  Non-Affiliated
Kamil Pożniak_Polish Lower Leagues to  Puszcza Niepołomice
Gabriel NowakOdra Opole to  _Other Clubs
Marek GancarczykOdra Opole to  _Other Clubs
Martin BaranOdra Opole to  _Other Clubs
Paweł BaranowskiStomil Olsztyn to  Odra Opole
Dudú ParaibaNon-Affiliated to  Odra Opole
Tomasz PodgórskiPodbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Łukasz HanzelPodbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała to  Non-Affiliated
Aghvan PapikyanRaków Częstochowa to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Przemysław OziębałaRaków Częstochowa to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Laurenţiu IorgaWigry Suwałki to  Non-Affiliated
Dawid PlizgaGKS Katowice to  Non-Affiliated
Mateusz AbramowiczGKS Katowice to  Chrobry Głogów
Wojciech KędzioraGKS Katowice to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Marcin Kowalczyk_Polish Lower Leagues to  GKS Tychy
Marcin Kowalczyk_Polish Lower Leagues to  GKS Tychy
Seweryn MichalskiChrobry Głogów to  Chojniczanka Chojnice
Patrik MrázSandecja Nowy Sącz to  Non-Affiliated
Tomasz BrzyskiSandecja Nowy Sącz to  _Polish Lower Leagues
Alexandru BengaSandecja Nowy Sącz to  _Other Clubs
Ján MuchaBruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriel IancuBruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza to  Non-Affiliated
Łukasz PiątekBruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza to  Non-Affiliated
Guido MarilungoAtalanta BC to  Non-Affiliated
Thomas HeurtauxUdinese Calcio to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Cenk GönenNon-Affiliated to  Málaga CF
Federico PiovaccariSerie C - Girone B to  Córdoba CF
Vicente GómezUD Las Palmas to  RC Deportivo La Coruña
Maikel MesaClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  UD Las Palmas
ShikabalaCAF Players on loan to  Apollon Smyrni
ShikabalaCAF Players on loan to  Apollon Smyrni
Thomas VasiliouAtromitos FC to  Serie C - Girone C
Thomas VasiliouAtromitos FC to  Serie C - Girone C
Markos DounisAris Thessaloniki FC to  _Other Clubs
Markos DounisAris Thessaloniki FC to  _Other Clubs
Neofytos MichaelAPOEL FC to  PAS Giannina
Neofytos MichaelAPOEL FC to  PAS Giannina
Júlio BaptistaRetired Players to  FC CFR 1907 Cluj
Jesús FernándezCultural y Deportiva Leonesa to  FC CFR 1907 Cluj
Rareş EnceanuFCSB to  Non-Affiliated
Constantin BudescuFCSB to  West Asia Players
Cristian TănaseFCSB to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Raul RusescuNon-Affiliated to  FCSB
Thibault MoulinPAOK to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Alexandru StanAFC Astra Giurgiu to  FCSB


Nicolò FazziAtalanta BC to  AS Livorno Calcio
Ferdinando Del SoleSerie C - Girone A to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Nicola BelmonteAC Perugia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Marco D'alessandroAtalanta BC to  Udinese Calcio
Andrea PinamontiFC Internazionale Milano to  Frosinone Calcio
Łukasz TeodorczykRSC Anderlecht to  Udinese Calcio
Ali AdnanUdinese Calcio to  Atalanta BC
Alessandro DeiolaCagliari Calcio to  Parma Calcio 1913
Federico CasariniSerie C - Girone A to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Mattia SprocatiSS Lazio to  Parma Calcio 1913
Nahuel ValentiniNon-Affiliated to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Christian CaponeAtalanta BC to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Deian BoldorHellas Verona FC to  Foggia Calcio
Alan EmpereurFoggia Calcio to  Hellas Verona FC
Sauli VäisänenSPAL 2013 to  FC Crotone
Luca VernaSerie C - Girone B to  Cosenza Calcio
Cristian GalanoParma Calcio 1913 to  Foggia Calcio
Matteo LegittimoUS Lecce to  Cosenza Calcio
Luca ClemenzaJuventus FC to  Calcio Padova
David OspinaArsenal FC to  SSC Napoli
Francesco CassataUS Sassuolo Calcio to  Frosinone Calcio
Djavan AndersonSS Lazio to  US Salernitana 1919
Simone ZazaValencia CF to  Torino FC
Riccardo ManieroSerie C - Girone A to  Cosenza Calcio
Nikola NinkovićGenoa CFC to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Andrej GalabinovGenoa CFC to  Spezia Calcio
Riccardo SaponaraACF Fiorentina to  UC Sampdoria
Jherson VergaraAC Milan to  Cagliari Calcio
Luca RizzoBologna FC 1909 to  Foggia Calcio
Davide Di GennaroSS Lazio to  US Salernitana 1919
Simone RomagnoliEmpoli FC to  Brescia Calcio
Lorenzo VenutiACF Fiorentina to  US Lecce
Biagio MeccarielloBrescia Calcio to  US Lecce
Ragnar KlavanLiverpool FC to  Cagliari Calcio
Stratos SvarnasAO Xanthi to  AEK Athens
Stratos SvarnasAO Xanthi to  AEK Athens
Stratos SvarnasAE Larisa to  AO Xanthi
Stratos SvarnasAE Larisa to  AO Xanthi
Stratos SvarnasAO Xanthi to  AE Larisa
Stratos SvarnasAO Xanthi to  AE Larisa
Christos KarypidisPlatanias FC to  PAS Lamia
Christos KarypidisPlatanias FC to  PAS Lamia
Sebastián Píriz_Other Clubs to  Panionios G.S.S.
Sebastián Píriz_Other Clubs to  Panionios G.S.S.
Ahmed HassanSC Braga to  Olympiacos FC
Ahmed HassanSC Braga to  Olympiacos FC
GuilhermeRC Deportivo La Coruña to  Olympiacos FC
GervinhoEast Asia Players to  Parma Calcio 1913
Héctor HernándezMálaga CF loan return to  Real Sociedad de Fútbol
Lorenzo TonelliSSC Napoli on loan to  UC Sampdoria
Nicola CitroFrosinone Calcio on loan to  Venezia FC
Luka ĐorđevićFC Zenit on loan to  _Russia Other Clubs
Emiliano RigoniFC Zenit on loan to  Atalanta BC
Miguel GarcíaCF Reus Deportiu to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Héctor HernándezReal Sociedad de Fútbol on loan to  Málaga CF
Leandro CarusoNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
José ArnaizFC Barcelona on loan to  CD Leganés
Allan NyomWest Bromwich Albion FC on loan to  CD Leganés
Lucas ChiarettiAS Cittadella to  Foggia Calcio
Ezequiel MontagnaSan Lorenzo  to  Atlético de Rafaela
Luca GarritanoAC ChievoVerona to  Cosenza Calcio
Marco CapuanoCagliari Calcio to  Frosinone Calcio
Salih UçanFenerbahçe SK to  Empoli FC
Afriyie AcquahTorino FC to  Empoli FC
Roberto SorianoVillarreal CF to  Torino FC
Paulo DíazSan Lorenzo  to  West Asia Players
Cuco MartinaEverton FC on loan to  Stoke City FC
Timo LetschertUS Sassuolo Calcio on loan to  FC Utrecht
Nicola FalascoNon-Affiliated to  AC Perugia Calcio
Pierre-Yves NgawaNon-Affiliated to  AC Perugia Calcio
Michele CremonesiSPAL 2013 on loan to  AC Perugia Calcio
Paolo DellafioreAC Perugia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Damiano ZanonAC Perugia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Alejandro GonzálezAC Perugia Calcio to  _Other Clubs
Valerio VerreUC Sampdoria on loan to  AC Perugia Calcio
Jordi Gómez_Other Clubs to  AC Omonia Nicosia
Adam Le FondreBolton Wanderers FC to  East Asia Players
Claudio MarchisioJuventus FC to  Non-Affiliated
Cristian BuonaiutoAC Perugia Calcio on loan to  Benevento Calcio
Emanuele TerranovaFrosinone Calcio to  US Cremonese
Simone MissiroliUS Sassuolo Calcio to  SPAL 2013
Samuel SouprayenHellas Verona FC to  AJ Auxerre
Diego LaxaltGenoa CFC to  AC Milan
GabrielAC Milan on loan to  AC Perugia Calcio
Samu CastillejoVillarreal CF to  AC Milan
Carlos BaccaAC Milan to  Villarreal CF
Mamadou KonéCD Leganés on loan to  Málaga CF
Youssef En-NesyriMálaga CF to  CD Leganés
Ali Sowe_Other Clubs loan return to  AC ChievoVerona
Ryan DonkNon-Affiliated to  Galatasaray AŞ
William Troost-EkongBursaspor to  Udinese Calcio
Lionel CaroleGalatasaray AŞ to  RC Strasbourg Alsace
Mathieu DosseviFC Metz to  Toulouse FC
SomáliaWest Asia Players to  Toulouse FC
Stéphane MbiaNon-Affiliated to  Toulouse FC
Hamza MendylLille OSC to  FC Schalke 04
Fede San EmeterioReal Valladolid CF on loan to  Granada CF
Fede San Emeterio_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Real Valladolid CF
Kevin BonifaziTorino FC to  SPAL 2013
Mirko ValdifioriTorino FC to  SPAL 2013


Marlon SantosFC Barcelona to  US Sassuolo Calcio
Jakub WawrzyniakLechia Gdańsk to  GKS Katowice
Gaëtan LabordeFC Girondins de Bordeaux to  Montpellier HSC
Matteo ArdemagniNon-Affiliated to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Santiago ColombattoCagliari Calcio to  Hellas Verona FC
Matteo CiofaniFrosinone Calcio to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Manuel ScavoneParma Calcio 1913 to  US Lecce
Andrea La MantiaSerie C - Girone A to  US Lecce
Salvatore CaturanoUS Lecce to  Serie C - Girone A
Celso BorgesRC Deportivo La Coruña to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Hugo ÁlvarezAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
Enrico GuarnaFoggia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Francesco ZampanoDelfino Pescara 1936 to  Frosinone Calcio
Joel CampbellNon-Affiliated to  Frosinone Calcio
Rémy CabellaOlympique de Marseille to  AS Saint-Étienne
Han Kwang-SongCagliari Calcio on loan to  AC Perugia Calcio
Krystian BielikArsenal FC on loan to  _English Lower Leagues
Cheikh N'doyeBirmingham City FC to  Angers SCO
Filippo PerucchiniBologna FC 1909 to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
DaniloUdinese Calcio to  Bologna FC 1909
Paul BaysseFC Girondins de Bordeaux on loan to  SM Caen
Pontus WernbloomNon-Affiliated to  PAOK
Pontus WernbloomNon-Affiliated to  PAOK
Aras Özbiliz_Other Clubs to  Willem II
Erik BakkerPEC Zwolle to  De Graafschap
Rafael Van Der VaartPEC Zwolle to  _Other Clubs
Ben RienstraAZ Alkmaar to  sc Heerenveen
Aleix GarcíaManchester City FC on loan to  Girona FC
Patrik HidiReal Oviedo to  Non-Affiliated
Iñigo Ruiz De Galarreta_Spanish Lower Leagues to  UD Las Palmas
Tomáš PekhartNon-Affiliated to  UD Las Palmas
Nick BlackmanDerby County FC on loan to  Real Sporting de Gijón


Nikola VlašićEverton FC on loan to  PFC CSKA Moskva
Àngel RangelNon-Affiliated to  Queens Park Rangers FC
Lorenco ŠimićUC Sampdoria to  SPAL 2013
Kenneth OmeruoChelsea FC on loan to  CD Leganés
Kenneth Omeruo_Turkey Other Clubs loan return to  Chelsea FC
Dani PachecoGetafe CF to  Málaga CF
Xavi TorresNon-Affiliated to  Elche CF
Manu Del MoralNon-Affiliated to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Stéphane EmanáClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Jean LucClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  _Other Clubs
Jon GaztañagaClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  Non-Affiliated
Xavi MolinaClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  _Other Clubs
Isaac BecerraReal Valladolid CF to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
MáyorCF Reus Deportiu to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Edgar HernándezCF Reus Deportiu to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
David HaroCF Reus Deportiu to  _Other Clubs
Joan CampinsCF Reus Deportiu to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo ÍñiguezCF Reus Deportiu to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Omar PerdomoCD Tenerife to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
VitoloCD Tenerife to  Non-Affiliated
Juan MuñizClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  CD Lugo
Juan VillarCD Tenerife to  CA Osasuna
Tomislav GomeltCA Osasuna to  FC Dinamo București
Javier FlañoCA Osasuna to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Aleix Febas_Spanish Lower Leagues on loan to  Albacete Balompié
Rafa GálvezAlbacete Balompié to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Carlos DelgadoAlbacete Balompié to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
José Antonio CaroNon-Affiliated to  Albacete Balompié
Rubén MiñoAlbacete Balompié to  Non-Affiliated
Juan MuñozNon-Affiliated to  AD Alcorcón
Foued KadirAD Alcorcón to  Non-Affiliated
César SorianoAD Alcorcón to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Raúl LizoainNon-Affiliated to  AD Alcorcón
CastoAD Alcorcón to  Extremadura UD
Unai ElgezabalSD Eibar on loan to  AD Alcorcón
Benjamin AngouaEn Avant de Guingamp to  Non-Affiliated
Ronny RodelinSM Caen to  En Avant de Guingamp
Nicolás RomatHuracán to  _Dutch Lower Leagues


Adriano RussoFrosinone Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Claudio SpinelliGenoa CFC to  FC Crotone
Benjamin MokuluUS Cremonese to  Carpi FC 1909
Federico BarbaReal Sporting de Gijón to  AC ChievoVerona
Norbert GyömbérAS Roma to  AC Perugia Calcio
Lamin JallowAC ChievoVerona to  US Salernitana 1919
Paweł StolarskiLechia Gdańsk to  Legia Warszawa
Steven N'zonziSevilla FC to  AS Roma
MandiUD Almería to  Non-Affiliated
Adrià CarmonaCD Lugo to  Non-Affiliated
Roberto FernándezCD Lugo to  Retired Players
Jaime RomeroCD Lugo loan return to  Córdoba CF
Jean Marie DongouClub Gimnàstic de Tarragona to  CD Lugo
Cenk GönenMálaga CF to  Non-Affiliated
Nahuel ValentiniReal Oviedo to  Non-Affiliated
Guillermo CotugnoReal Oviedo to  Nacional
JoseluGranada CF to  Real Oviedo
Carlos MartínezNon-Affiliated to  Real Oviedo
Matej PučkoReal Oviedo to  Korona Kielce
Khalifa SankaréCádiz CF to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas BijkerCádiz CF to  _Other Clubs
Rafidine AbdullahCádiz CF to  _Other Clubs
David BarralCádiz CF to  East Asia Players
Mikel VillanuevaCádiz CF on loan to  CF Reus Deportiu
Aitor GarcíaCádiz CF on loan to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Manuel NoccioliniParma Calcio 1913 on loan to  Serie C - Girone B
Francisco SierraltaUdinese Calcio to  Parma Calcio 1913
Antonio Floro FloresAC ChievoVerona to  Non-Affiliated
Álvaro MedránValencia CF on loan to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Martín MontoyaValencia CF to  Brighton & Hove Albion FC
Boštjan CesarNon-Affiliated to  AC ChievoVerona
Emiliano ArmenterosRayo Vallecano de Madrid to  Non-Affiliated
Matheus JesusEast Asia Players to  Santos FC
Esteban SaveljichAlbacete Balompié loan return to  Levante UD
Aaron OlanarePFC CSKA Moskva to  Non-Affiliated
Nikola VlašićPFC CSKA Moskva to  Everton FC
Raúl FernándezLevante UD to  UD Las Palmas
Manuel GarcíaHuracán to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Denis CheryshevVillarreal CF on loan to  Valencia CF
Albin EkdalHamburger SV to  UC Sampdoria
Alberto GrassiSSC Napoli on loan to  Parma Calcio 1913
Roberto IngleseSSC Napoli on loan to  Parma Calcio 1913
Alex SongNon-Affiliated to  FC Sion
Emiliano AgüeroSan Martín (SJ) to  Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn
Tiémoué BakayokoChelsea FC to  AC Milan
Rai Vloet_Other Clubs to  Frosinone Calcio


Pietro IemmelloBenevento Calcio to  Foggia Calcio
Keita BaldéAS Monaco FC to  FC Internazionale Milano
Manuel LocatelliAC Milan to  US Sassuolo Calcio
César FallettiBologna FC 1909 to  US Città di Palermo
Rodrigo BattagliaNon-Affiliated to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
Johan ElmanderSD Eibar to  Retired Players
Johan ElmanderRetired Players to  SD Eibar
Edimilson FernandesWest Ham United FC to  ACF Fiorentina
Adrián MarínVillarreal CF to  Deportivo Alavés
Jordi CalaveraReal Sporting de Gijón loan return to  SD Eibar
Sergio ÁlvarezReal Sporting de Gijón to  SD Eibar
NanoSD Eibar on loan to  CD Tenerife
Iván AlejoSD Eibar to  Getafe CF
PaulinhoCR Vasco da Gama to  Bayer 04 Leverkusen
PaulinhoBayer 04 Leverkusen to  CR Vasco da Gama
Christos AravidisNon-Affiliated to  OFI Crete
Christos AravidisNon-Affiliated to  OFI Crete
Kyle Lafferty_Other Clubs to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Steven Naismith_Other Clubs to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Danny Amankwaa_Other Clubs to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Don Cowie_Other Clubs to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Arnaud Djoum_Other Clubs to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Oliver Bozanic_Other Clubs to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Aaron Hughes_Other Clubs to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Christophe Berra_Other Clubs to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Colin DoyleNon-Affiliated to  Heart of Midlothian FC
Michalis Sifakis_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Saulius Mikoliūnas_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Adamo Coulibaly_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Khaleem Hyland_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Mikael Forssell_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Victor Pálsson_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Alexander Farnerud_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Andy Webster_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Deividas Česnauskis_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Filip Daems_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Nacho Novo_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Joseph Akpala_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Oskars Kļava_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Aleksandr Dmitrijev_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Dwayne Miller_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Donovan Slijngard_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Vladimir Voskoboinikov_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Lucas García López_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Igor Morozov_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Ayanda Patosi_Other Clubs to  CAF Players
Eduards Višņakovs_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Aleksandrs Fertovs_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Radek Dejmek_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Artis Lazdiņš_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Povilas Leimonas_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Sebastian Sorsa_Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Rémy RiouNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Eneko CapillaReal Sociedad de Fútbol to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Rúben SemedoVillarreal CF on loan to  SD Huesca
Tomás PinaClub Brugge KV on loan to  Deportivo Alavés
James WilsonManchester United FC to  _Other Clubs
Gabriel GracianiSan Martín de Tucumán to  Olimpo
Paolo GuerreroCR Flamengo to  SC Internacional


Rodrigo BattagliaSporting Clube de Portugal to  Non-Affiliated
Rodrigo BattagliaNon-Affiliated to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
Diego ArismendiNacional to  Rosario Central
Kévin GameiroClub Atlético de Madrid to  Valencia CF
Zié DiabatéNîmes Olympique to  Non-Affiliated
Oussama TannaneAS Saint-Étienne on loan to  FC Utrecht
Brahim DarriHeracles Almelo to  NEC Nijmegen
Marcos CuradoGenoa CFC on loan to  FC Crotone
Andrés SchetinoACF Fiorentina to  Cosenza Calcio
Andrea ArrighiniAS Cittadella to  Carpi FC 1909
Federico Furlan Non-Affiliated to  
Adrián ScifoTemperley to  Non-Affiliated
Matías SarulyteSarmiento de Junín to  Non-Affiliated
Leonel NúñezNueva Chicago to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro GiodaNueva Chicago to  Non-Affiliated
Agustín TorassaMitre (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Javier GrbecMitre (SdE) to  Non-Affiliated
Matías EscobarLos Andes to  Non-Affiliated
Matías ValdézLos Andes to  Non-Affiliated
Franco PiergiacomiIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolás BrunaGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn to  Non-Affiliated
David DistéfanoGimnasia Jujuy to  Non-Affiliated
Diego NicolaievskyGimnasia Jujuy to  Non-Affiliated
Lihué PrichodaGimnasia Jujuy to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Nicolás DemateiAtlético de Rafaela to  Independiente Rivadavia
Iván BellaArsenal de Sarandí to  Ramón Santamarina
Raúl Hernán VillalbaAgropecuario (CC) to  Non-Affiliated
Diego LagosAgropecuario (CC) to  Non-Affiliated
Eduardo CasaisAgropecuario (CC) to  Non-Affiliated
Leandro Lázzaro_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Darío Cajaravilla_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Martín Gómez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo Bangardino_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Eduardo Eluchans_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Pablo Garnier_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Salvador Reynoso_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Germán Rodriguez Rojas_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Raúl Poclaba_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Javier Páez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Matías Marchesini_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Maximiliano Timpanaro_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Gonzalo Carniel_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolás Batista_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Arraya_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Matías Carabajal_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Diego Reynoso_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Mauricio Carrasco_Argentina Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Israel Coll_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Stefano SturaroJuventus FC on loan to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
Gastón Losa_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Joel ObiTorino FC to  AC ChievoVerona
André SilvaAC Milan to  Sevilla FC
Harmeet SinghNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Ruben JenssenFC Groningen to  _Other Clubs
Mohammed Abu_CONCACAF Players to  _Other Clubs
Sebas CorisGirona FC on loan to  Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona
Andrea Favilli Juventus FC on loan to  Genoa CFC
Stefano BeltrameJuventus FC to  
Grigoris KastanosJuventus FC to  
Roman MacekJuventus FC to  
Ferdinando Del SoleJuventus FC to  
Laurentiu BrănescuJuventus FC to  
Simone Emmanuello Serie C - Girone A to  
Simone Emmanuello Atalanta BC to  Serie C - Girone A
Luca AntonelliAC Milan to  Empoli FC
Imoh EzekielNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Lee CampCardiff City FC to  Birmingham City FC
Szymon PawłowskiLech Poznań to  Zagłębie Sosnowiec
Sylvain Monsoreau_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Julien Viale_French Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Pylyp Budkivskyi_Russia Other Clubs to  FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Rafa Navarro_French Lower Leagues to  FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Nando_French Lower Leagues to  FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Einar Galilea_French Lower Leagues to  FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Josema_French Lower Leagues to  FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Rafa Páez _French Lower Leagues to  FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Vincent NogueiraRC Strasbourg Alsace to  Non-Affiliated
Landry BonnefoiRC Strasbourg Alsace to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Alsina_Other Clubs to  Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn
Raphaël CaceresTroyes AC to  Non-Affiliated
Johan GastienStade Brestois 29 to  _French Lower Leagues
Bruno GrougiStade Brestois 29 to  Retired Players
Florent MolletFC Metz to  Montpellier HSC
Florent MolletFC Metz to  Montpellier HSC
Eiji KawashimaFC Metz to  Non-Affiliated
Milan BiševacFC Metz to  _Other Clubs
Michaël Chrétien BasserAS Nancy to  Non-Affiliated
Julien CétoutAS Nancy to  _Other Clubs
Ludovic ObraniakAJ Auxerre to  Non-Affiliated
Salih Uçan_Other Clubs loan return to  Fenerbahçe SK
Islam SlimaniLeicester City FC on loan to  Fenerbahçe SK
Bruno GamaNon-Affiliated to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Bruno GamaNon-Affiliated to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Sam ByramWest Ham United FC on loan to  Nottingham Forest FC


Lucas AlgozinoUnión de Santa Fe to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Claudio AquinoUnión de Santa Fe to  _Other Clubs
Dmitri Efremov_Russia Other Clubs loan return to  PFC CSKA Moskva
Abel HernándezNon-Affiliated to  PFC CSKA Moskva
Nikola VlašićEverton FC on loan to  PFC CSKA Moskva
Denis DavydovFC Spartak Moskva on loan to  _Other Clubs
Ivelin PopovFC Rubin Kazan loan return to  FC Spartak Moskva
Aleksandr TashayevFC Dinamo Moskva to  FC Spartak Moskva
Roman EremenkoNon-Affiliated to  FC Spartak Moskva
Kurt ZoumaChelsea FC on loan to  Everton FC
Michy BatshuayiChelsea FC on loan to  Valencia CF
Leonardo UlloaLeicester City FC to  CF Pachuca
Mike WilliamsonNon-Affiliated to  _English Lower Leagues
Theo HernándezReal Madrid CF on loan to  Real Sociedad de Fútbol
Aboubakar OumarouEast Asia Players to  West Asia Players
Alfred N'diayeVillarreal CF on loan to  Málaga CF
Luis JiménezWest Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Préjuce NakoulmaFC Nantes to  Non-Affiliated
Emilio IzaguirreNon-Affiliated to  Celtic FC
Steven MoreiraFC Lorient to  Toulouse FC
Jimmy BriandEn Avant de Guingamp to  FC Girondins de Bordeaux
Ryan ThomasPEC Zwolle to  PSV Eindhoven
Aleksandar KovačevićPAS Lamia to  AO Xanthi
Aleksandar KovačevićPAS Lamia to  AO Xanthi
Aleksandar Kovačević_Other Clubs to  PAS Lamia
Aleksandar Kovačević_Other Clubs to  PAS Lamia
Christos KoukolisPAS Lamia to  _Other Clubs
Christos KoukolisPAS Lamia to  _Other Clubs
Manolis BertosFC Asteras Tripolis to  Non-Affiliated
Manolis BertosFC Asteras Tripolis to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin TapokoApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin TapokoApollon Smyrni to  Non-Affiliated
Maximiliano CorreaGodoy Cruz Antonio Tomba to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Marco TorsiglieriVélez Sársfield to  Lanús
Augusto BatallaRiver Plate to  Tigre


Eloi AmagatNon-Affiliated on loan to  _CONCACAF Players
Bill Hamid_Other Clubs on loan to  _CONCACAF Players
Danny IngsLiverpool FC to  Southampton FC
André-Frank Zambo AnguissaOlympique de Marseille to  Fulham FC
Timothy Fosu-MensahManchester United FC on loan to  Fulham FC
Stefano SturaroWatford FC loan return to  Juventus FC
Jordi AmatSwansea City AFC to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Jordan AyewSwansea City AFC on loan to  Crystal Palace FC
Luciano ViettoClub Atlético de Madrid to  Fulham FC
Senijad Ibričić_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Mirkan Aydın_Turkey Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Jakob Jantscher_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Cleyton_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Doka Madureira_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Michael Eneramo_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Moussa KonéFrosinone Calcio to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Alessandro FraraFrosinone Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Massimo ZappinoFrosinone Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Björn Vleminckx_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Florentin Pogba_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Ludovic Sylvestre_Turkey Other Clubs to  _French Lower Leagues
Ozan Ipek_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Custódio_Turkey Other Clubs to  Retired Players
Narcisse Ekanga_Turkey Other Clubs to  CAF Players
Lamine Diarra_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Alanzinho_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Nikola Mikić_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Nemanja Kojić_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Ümit Korkmaz_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Jerry Akaminko_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Petr Janda_Turkey Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Bruno Mezenga_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Georgios Sarris_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Rémy Riou_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Milan DjurićBristol City FC to  US Salernitana 1919
Federico FernándezSwansea City AFC to  Newcastle United FC
Carlos SánchezACF Fiorentina to  West Ham United FC
Isaac MbenzaMontpellier HSC to  Huddersfield Town FC
Declan JohnRangers FC to  Swansea City AFC
Gary GardnerAston Villa FC on loan to  Birmingham City FC
Sergio RicoSevilla FC to  Fulham FC
Çağlar SöyüncüSC Freiburg to  Leicester City FC
Harry ArterAFC Bournemouth on loan to  Cardiff City FC
Federico AndradaNon-Affiliated to  Unión de Santa Fe
Santiago ZurbriggenDefensa y Justicia to  Unión de Santa Fe
Jaime BáezACF Fiorentina on loan to  Cosenza Calcio
André GomesFC Barcelona to  Everton FC
André GomesFC Barcelona to  Everton FC
Yerry MinaFC Barcelona to  Everton FC
BernardNon-Affiliated to  Everton FC
Michael HefeleHuddersfield Town FC to  Nottingham Forest FC
Mauro FormicaPumas de la UNAM to  Newell's Old Boys
Nikola KalinićAC Milan to  Club Atlético de Madrid
Nicolás López_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Carlos Soto_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Julio Barraza_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
René Lima_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Leander DendonckerRSC Anderlecht to  Wolverhampton Wanderers
Diego Sánchez Paredes_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Franco Sosa_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Gerónimo PobleteFC Metz to  San Lorenzo
Ariel ChávesAlmagro to  Colón de Santa Fe
Nikola VukčevićSC Braga to  Levante UD
Víctor CamarasaReal Betis Balompié on loan to  Cardiff City FC
Artur SobiechSV Darmstadt 98 to  Lechia Gdańsk
Henk Veermansc Heerenveen to  FC St. Pauli
Hyun-Jun SukTroyes AC to  Stade de Reims
Fedor SmolovFC Krasnodar to  FC Lokomotiv Moskva
Filip BenkovićGNK Dinamo Zagreb to  Leicester City FC
Sam ClucasSwansea City AFC to  Stoke City FC
Stefano SturaroJuventus FC on loan to  Watford FC
Lucas PérezArsenal FC to  West Ham United FC
David BrazSantos FC on loan to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Nicklas Pedersen_Other Clubs to  FC Emmen
Bartosz SalamonSPAL 2013 on loan to  Frosinone Calcio
Danilo RussoVenezia FC to  Serie C - Girone C
Davide FacchinSerie C - Girone B to  Venezia FC
Salvatore MonacoUS Salernitana 1919 loan return to  AC Perugia Calcio
Agustín Vuletich_Other Clubs to  US Salernitana 1919
Andrea CodaDelfino Pescara 1936 to  Non-Affiliated
Cesare BovoDelfino Pescara 1936 to  Non-Affiliated
Vittorio Fabris Calcio Padova to  Non-Affiliated
Michelangelo AlbertazziNon-Affiliated to  AS Livorno Calcio
Jacopo ManconiAS Livorno Calcio loan return to  
Ransford SelasiUS Lecce to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Alessandro CrescenziDelfino Pescara 1936 to  Hellas Verona FC
Ferdinando CoppolaHellas Verona FC to  Non-Affiliated
Alessio CerciHellas Verona FC to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolò CherubinAscoli Calcio 1898 FC to  Hellas Verona FC
Mariano IzcoFC Crotone to  Non-Affiliated
Lautaro RinaldiBrescia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Federico Furlan Brescia Calcio to  Non-Affiliated
Tommaso CancellottiBrescia Calcio to  AS Cittadella
Mauro CoppolaroBrescia Calcio on loan to  Venezia FC
Carlos EmbaloBrescia Calcio loan return to  US Città di Palermo
Michel MorganellaUS Città di Palermo to  Non-Affiliated
Lucas JansonTigre on loan to  Toronto FC
Nicolás BurdissoTorino FC to  Non-Affiliated
Arlind AjetiFC Crotone loan return to  Torino FC
Cheick DiabatéBenevento Calcio loan return to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Vittorio PariginiBenevento Calcio loan return to  Torino FC
Marco D'alessandroBenevento Calcio loan return to  Atalanta BC
Andrea De FalcoSerie C - Girone C to  Benevento Calcio
Bacary SagnaBenevento Calcio to  Impact de Montréal
Eugenio MenaEC Bahia to  Racing Club
Mariano BarbieriBelgrano to  _Other Clubs
Joel WardNon-Affiliated to  Crystal Palace FC
Shane DuffyBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Oliver NorwoodBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Jürgen LocadiaBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Alireza JahanbakhshBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Leon BalogunBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Florin AndoneBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Tomer HemedBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Jason SteeleBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Yves BissoumaBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Ángelo HenríquezNon-Affiliated to  Universidad de Chile
Mauricio PinillaUniversidad de Chile to  Non-Affiliated
Ángelo HenríquezUniversidad de Chile to  Non-Affiliated
Gonzalo EspinozaKayserispor to  Universidad de Chile
Fabián ManzanoUniversidad Católica on loan to  _Other Clubs
José Luis MuñozUniversidad Católica on loan to  _Other Clubs
Carlos EspinosaUniversidad Católica on loan to  _Other Clubs
Juan Carlos EspinozaUniversidad Católica on loan to  _Other Clubs
Cristopher ToselliUniversidad Católica on loan to  _Other Clubs
Franco CostanzoUniversidad Católica to  Retired Players
Soner Aydoğdu_Turkey Other Clubs to  Medipol Başakşehir
Egemen KorkmazMedipol Başakşehir to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Tunay TorunMedipol Başakşehir on loan to  Bursaspor
Andreu FontàsNon-Affiliated to  Sporting Kansas City
Kepa ArrizabalagaAthletic Club to  Chelsea FC
Mateo KovačićReal Madrid CF on loan to  Chelsea FC
Thibaut CourtoisChelsea FC to  Real Madrid CF


Sofian KiyineUS Salernitana 1919 loan return to  AC ChievoVerona
Antonio CinelliUS Cremonese loan return to  AC ChievoVerona
Nicolas FreyVenezia FC loan return to  AC ChievoVerona
Boštjan CesarAC ChievoVerona loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Scott MaloneHuddersfield Town FC to  Derby County FC
Andrea CossuCagliari Calcio to  Retired Players
Marko PajačAC Perugia Calcio loan return to  Cagliari Calcio
Santiago ColombattoAC Perugia Calcio loan return to  Cagliari Calcio
Marco CapuanoFC Crotone loan return to  Cagliari Calcio
Alan AguerreVélez Sársfield to  Newell's Old Boys
Gustavo Blanco LeschukFC Shakhtar Donetsk on loan to  Málaga CF
Daniele VerdeAS Roma on loan to  Real Valladolid CF
Massimiliano BusellatoNon-Affiliated to  Foggia Calcio
Giovanni Di NoiaNon-Affiliated to  Carpi FC 1909
Lisandro LópezSL Benfica to  Genoa CFC
Toma BašićHNK Hajduk Split to  FC Girondins de Bordeaux
Angelo D'angeloSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Guillermo FernándezGodoy Cruz Antonio Tomba to  Racing Club
Pier BarriosNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Tucumán
Tomasz MokwaGKS Katowice to  Piast Gliwice
Nicolás SilvaHuracán to  Banfield
Gonzalo PioviRacing Club to  Gimnasia de La Plata
Fernando PellegrinoSarmiento de Junín to  Huracán
Emiliano AmorSporting Kansas City to  Aldosivi
Iván ColmanArgentinos Juniors to  Aldosivi
Walter Acuña_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Diego Barrado_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Cristián Milla_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
George PușcașFC Internazionale Milano to  US Città di Palermo
Salvatore MolinaAtalanta BC to  FC Crotone
Luca RossettiniGenoa CFC on loan to  AC ChievoVerona
Kévin MalcuitLille OSC to  SSC Napoli
Emil KrafthBologna FC 1909 on loan to  SC Amiens
Martyn WaghornIpswich Town FC to  Derby County FC
Ángelo HenríquezClub Atlas to  Universidad de Chile
Daniel Garro_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Matías Jaime_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan Cháves_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo Coria_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Facundo Coria_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Hernán Encina_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Silvio Dulcich_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Hilario Navarro_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Claudio Pérez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Mario Bolatti_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated


Everton FelipeSport CR to  São Paulo FC
Calum ChambersArsenal FC on loan to  Fulham FC
Matěj VydraDerby County FC to  Burnley FC
Jefferson LermaLevante UD to  AFC Bournemouth
Andreu FontàsRC Celta de Vigo to  Non-Affiliated
Isaac CofieNon-Affiliated to  Real Sporting de Gijón
Gabriel BoschiliaAS Monaco FC on loan to  FC Nantes
Luca CreccoSS Lazio to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Francisco SierraltaParma Calcio 1913 loan return to  Udinese Calcio
Giovanni PintoAscoli Calcio 1898 FC loan return to  Parma Calcio 1913
Manuel NoccioliniSerie C - Girone B loan return to  Parma Calcio 1913
Luigi ScagliaFoggia Calcio loan return to  Parma Calcio 1913
Marcelo DíazPumas de la UNAM to  Racing Club
Jonathan BiabianyFC Internazionale Milano to  Parma Calcio 1913
Federico DimarcoFC Internazionale Milano to  Parma Calcio 1913
Matías SanchezNon-Affiliated to  San Martín (SJ)
Ezequiel Videla_Other Clubs to  Aldosivi
Isaac ThelinRSC Anderlecht on loan to  Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Isaac ThelinFC Bayern München to  RSC Anderlecht
Isaac ThelinRSC Anderlecht on loan to  FC Bayern München
Florin AndoneBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Alireza JahanbakhshBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Leon BalogunBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Oliver NorwoodBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Beram KayalBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Yves BissoumaBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Bruno SaltorBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Ezequiel SchelottoBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Lewis DunkBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Mathew RyanBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Jason SteeleBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
David ButtonBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  
Marko PjacaJuventus FC on loan to  ACF Fiorentina
EliseuSL Benfica to  Non-Affiliated
Ola John_Portugal Other Clubs to  Vitória de Guimarães
Alberto BuenoFC Porto to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Majeed WarisFC Porto on loan to  FC Nantes
Trent SainsburyNon-Affiliated loan return to  PSV Eindhoven
Paolo HurtadoVitória de Guimarães loan return to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Krisztián Németh_CONCACAF Players loan return to  Sporting Kansas City
Marco BorrielloSPAL 2013 loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Boukary DraméSPAL 2013 loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Eros SchiavonSPAL 2013 loan return to  Non-Affiliated
Gabriele MarchegianiSPAL 2013 loan return to  Serie C - Girone B
Gianluca ScamaccaUS Cremonese loan return to  US Sassuolo Calcio
Davide BiondiniUS Sassuolo Calcio to  Serie C - Girone A
Marcello TrottaFC Crotone loan return to  US Sassuolo Calcio
Gian Marco FerrariUC Sampdoria loan return to  US Sassuolo Calcio
Matías SilvestreUC Sampdoria to  Empoli FC
Lorenco ŠimićSPAL 2013 loan return to  UC Sampdoria
Marcel BüchelHellas Verona FC loan return to  Empoli FC
Leonardo CapezziUC Sampdoria on loan to  Empoli FC
Adrián FernándezAlmagro to  _Argentina Lower Leagues


Bibras NatkhoNon-Affiliated to  Olympiacos FC
Guillermo CosaroNon-Affiliated to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Adama TraoréMiddlesbrough FC to  Wolverhampton Wanderers
Dwight GayleNewcastle United FC on loan to  West Bromwich Albion FC
José Salomón RondónWest Bromwich Albion FC on loan to  Newcastle United FC
Omri Ben Harush_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Aarón MartínRCD Espanyol on loan to  1. FSV Mainz 05
Luke SteeleNon-Affiliated to  Nottingham Forest FC
David CotterillBirmingham City FC to  West Asia Players
Sam GallagherBirmingham City FC loan return to  Southampton FC
Gianluca Di ChiaraCarpi FC 1909 loan return to  Benevento Calcio
Niccolò BelloniCarpi FC 1909 loan return to  FC Internazionale Milano
Luca GarritanoCarpi FC 1909 loan return to  AC ChievoVerona
Luca BittanteCarpi FC 1909 loan return to  Empoli FC
Luca VernaCarpi FC 1909 loan return to  Serie C - Girone B
Jerry MbakoguCarpi FC 1909 to  Non-Affiliated
Jonathan Pitroipa_Other Clubs to  _French Lower Leagues
Moses SimonKAA Gent to  Levante UD
Jérôme RoussillonMontpellier HSC to  VfL Wolfsburg
Johnny Acosta_Other Clubs to  West Asia Players
Hernán Toledo_Other Clubs to  Argentinos Juniors
Moussa SowBursaspor loan return to  West Asia Players
Furkan ÖzçalBursaspor to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Ricardo FatyBursaspor to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Deniz YılmazBursaspor to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Pablo BatallaBursaspor to  Non-Affiliated
Serdar KurtuluşBursaspor to  Non-Affiliated
Sercan YıldırımBursaspor to  Non-Affiliated
Ewandro CostaUdinese Calcio on loan to  _Other Clubs
TitiBursaspor to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Joris DelleNon-Affiliated to  Feyenoord
Axel WitselEast Asia Players to  Borussia Dortmund
Keisuke HondaNon-Affiliated to  East Asia Players
Anouar KaliFC Utrecht to  NAC Breda
Raúl AsencioGenoa CFC on loan to  Benevento Calcio


Alexander GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  Elche CF
Ignasi MiquelMálaga CF to  Getafe CF
Rachid GhezzalAS Monaco FC to  Leicester City FC
LeozinhoNon-Affiliated to  AE Larisa
LeozinhoNon-Affiliated to  AE Larisa
Lucas RodríguezTiburones Rojos de Veracruz to  Tigre
Esteban PavezAtlético Paranaense to  Colo-Colo
Rafał KurzawaGórnik Zabrze to  SC Amiens
Ben Gibson Middlesbrough FC to  Burnley FC
Glenn LoovensNon-Affiliated to  Sunderland AFC
James MorrisonNon-Affiliated to  West Bromwich Albion FC
Pedro HenriqueEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Rubin OkotieEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Travis CooperEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Túlio De MeloEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Valeri BojinovEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Victor AnichebeEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Massimo MaccaroneEast Asia Players to  Serie C - Girone B
Marcos De La EspadaEast Asia Players to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Marcel EssombéEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Ronny Marcos_Other Clubs to  AE Larisa
Ronny Marcos_Other Clubs to  AE Larisa
Lucas CanoEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Leroy LitaEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
João MoreiraEast Asia Players to  CAF Players
Habib HabibouEast Asia Players to  West Asia Players
Eli BabaljEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Boubacar SanogoEast Asia Players to  Retired Players
Apostolos GiannouEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
RafinhaEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
MazolaEast Asia Players to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Youssef AdnaneEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Pablo PinoEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
EdúEast Asia Players to  Retired Players
Dominic AdiyiahEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Alharbi El JadeyaouiEast Asia Players to  _French Lower Leagues
Maximilian BeisterEast Asia Players to  _German Lower Leagues
Patricio RodríguezEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Karim MatmourEast Asia Players to  Retired Players
Tjaronn CheryEast Asia Players to  Kayserispor
SammirEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Miloš DimitrijevićEast Asia Players to  Retired Players
LulinhaEast Asia Players to  West Asia Players
Faton ToskiEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Chris IkonomidisEast Asia Players loan return to  SS Lazio
Luca MarroneJuventus FC on loan to  Hellas Verona FC
Romeo CastelenEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Szabolcs HusztiEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Thiago SantosEast Asia Players loan return to  CR Flamengo
Valdet RamaEast Asia Players to  _German Lower Leagues
Toni DovaleEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Richard GarcíaEast Asia Players to  Retired Players
Manuel AranaEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
David CarneyEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Oliver BozanicEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Kemy AgustienEast Asia Players to  _English Lower Leagues
Bruno GalloEast Asia Players to  GD Chaves
Moustapha QuaynorEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Mickaël TavaresEast Asia Players to  _French Lower Leagues
Marcos TébarEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Andreu GueraoEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Joseph MillsEast Asia Players to  _English Lower Leagues
Julien FaubertEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Arthur IrawanEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Sölvi OttesenEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Tsukasa ShiotaniEast Asia Players to  West Asia Players
Samuel CáceresEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Ryan McgowanEast Asia Players to  _English Lower Leagues
Ricardo CarvalhoEast Asia Players to  Retired Players
Marcus NilssonEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Marco RossiEast Asia Players to  Serie C - Girone B
Mario ÁlvarezEast Asia Players to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Nikola VasiljevićEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Jonathan FerrariEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Jacques FatyEast Asia Players to  Retired Players
Gibril SankohEast Asia Players to  _Dutch Lower Leagues
Alan BaróEast Asia Players to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Aritz BordaEast Asia Players to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
DemersonEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Diego CapelNon-Affiliated to  Extremadura UD
Toni Doblas_Spanish Lower Leagues to  East Asia Players
Jordi AlmeidaEast Asia Players loan return to  CR Vasco da Gama
Kristijan NaumovskiEast Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
Thomas SorensenEast Asia Players to  Retired Players
Róbert FeczesinEast Asia Players to  _Turkey Other Clubs
EullerEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Salva ChamorroEast Asia Players to  CAF Players
Ugo UkahEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Matías SanchezEast Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Abdelmoumene DjabouWest Asia Players loan return to  CAF Players
Dragoş GrigoreWest Asia Players to  _Other Clubs
RenanWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastián SáezWest Asia Players to  Universidad Católica
Isaac VorsahWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Rubert QuijadaWest Asia Players loan return to  _Other Clubs
Joan OumariWest Asia Players to  East Asia Players
Wes BrownWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Younis MahmoudWest Asia Players to  Retired Players
Michael BabatundeWest Asia Players to  CAF Players
JofreWest Asia Players to  Retired Players
Godfrey OboabonaWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Dimitar BerbatovWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
ZequinhaWest Asia Players to  Vitória de Setúbal
Kassim AbdallahWest Asia Players to  Non-Affiliated
Ahmed MusaLeicester City FC to  West Asia Players
Romulo OteroAtlético Mineiro to  West Asia Players
AnselmoSport CR to  West Asia Players
Renato ChavesFluminense FC to  West Asia Players
Marko Jevtović_Other Clubs to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Marko JevtovićFK Partizan Belgrade to  _Other Clubs
Đorđe Jovanović_Other Clubs to  _Other Clubs
Đorđe JovanovićFK Partizan Belgrade to  _Other Clubs
Aleksandar Subić_Other Clubs loan return to  FK Partizan Belgrade


Nicola DalmonteBologna FC 1909 to  Genoa CFC
GuilhermeBenevento Calcio to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Antonino RagusaUS Sassuolo Calcio to  Hellas Verona FC
Abel CamaráUS Cremonese to  _Other Clubs
Aleix VidalFC Barcelona to  Sevilla FC
Andrés Schetino_Other Clubs loan return to  ACF Fiorentina
Jaime BáezDelfino Pescara 1936 loan return to  ACF Fiorentina
Lorenzo VenutiBenevento Calcio loan return to  ACF Fiorentina
Kevin MirallasEverton FC on loan to  ACF Fiorentina
Salim CisséCSM Politehnica Iaşi to  Non-Affiliated
Paul PârvulescuCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  CSM Politehnica Iaşi
Iulian Roșu_Romanian Lower Leagues to  CSM Politehnica Iaşi
Alberto CobreaNon-Affiliated to  CSM Politehnica Iaşi
Laurenţiu RusFC CFR 1907 Cluj to  CSM Politehnica Iaşi
Ibrahima BaldéFC CFR 1907 Cluj to  Real Oviedo
Bruno PetkovićBologna FC 1909 to  GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Paweł DawidowiczSL Benfica on loan to  Hellas Verona FC
Paweł DawidowiczUS Città di Palermo loan return to  SL Benfica
Trent Sainsbury_Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Takashi UsamiFC Augsburg on loan to  Fortuna Düsseldorf
Juan Ignacio CavallaroEstudiantes de La Plata to  Tigre
Iker GuarrotxenaCultural y Deportiva Leonesa to  Pogoń Szczecin
Erik SaboPAOK to  _Other Clubs
Miguel Araujo_Other Clubs to  Talleres
Guillermo SaraBoca Juniors to  Lanús
Esteban AndradaLanús to  Boca Juniors
Jorge CórdobaVilla Dálmine loan return to  Dorados de Sinaloa
Ezequiel MontagnaTemperley loan return to  San Lorenzo
Alexis ZárateTemperley to  Non-Affiliated
Alexis ZárateTemperley to  Non-Affiliated
Joaquin BoghossianSarmiento de Junín to  _Other Clubs
Nicolás Orsini_Other Clubs to  Sarmiento de Junín
Patricio VidalSarmiento de Junín to  _Other Clubs
Alfredo González BordónRamón Santamarina to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Joaquín PapaleoRamón Santamarina to  Unión de Santa Fe
Juan GarcíaNon-Affiliated to  Ramón Santamarina
Felipe CadenazziQuilmes to  Mitre (SdE)
Miguel CaneoQuilmes to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Sebastián RomeroQuilmes to  Retired Players
Federico ÁlvarezQuilmes to  Belgrano
Luis VilaOlimpo to  Non-Affiliated
Michael CoveaOlimpo to  _Other Clubs
Sergio OjedaAgropecuario (CC) to  _Other Clubs
Sergio OjedaOlimpo to  Agropecuario (CC)
Mauricio RosalesOlimpo to  Estudiantes de La Plata
Cristian VillanuevaOlimpo to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Franco OlegoMitre (SdE) to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Juan BravoLos Andes to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Fabián Monserrat_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn
Gonzalo BazánSarmiento de Junín to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Nicolás OlmedoGimnasia Jujuy to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Luis QuirogaDefensores de Belgrano to  Non-Affiliated
Héctor CuevasCentral Córdoba de Santiago del Estero to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Rodrigo ContrerasAgropecuario (CC) to  _Other Clubs
Rodrigo ContrerasArsenal de Sarandí to  Agropecuario (CC)
Leonardo RolónAgropecuario (CC) to  _Other Clubs
Leonardo RolónArsenal de Sarandí to  Agropecuario (CC)
Sergio VelázquezArsenal de Sarandí to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Facundo CardozoAgropecuario (CC) to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Facundo CardozoArsenal de Sarandí to  Agropecuario (CC)
Diego FerreiraAgropecuario (CC) to  _Other Clubs
Mauricio RomeroAgropecuario (CC) to  Retired Players
Juan Andrés TejeraAgropecuario (CC) to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Michael MancienneNottingham Forest FC to  _CONCACAF Players
Danilo SilvaSC Internacional to  _CONCACAF Players
Fayçal FajrGetafe CF to  SM Caen
Rubén AlcarazGirona FC to  Real Valladolid CF
Arturo VidalFC Bayern München to  FC Barcelona


Darron GibsonNon-Affiliated to  Wigan Athletic FC
Samuel Eto'o_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Joe HartManchester City FC to  Burnley FC
Andy KingSwansea City AFC loan return to  Leicester City FC
Jack HobbsNon-Affiliated to  Bolton Wanderers FC
Markus SteinhöferSV Darmstadt 98 to  Non-Affiliated
Terrence BoydNon-Affiliated to  SV Darmstadt 98
Nicky AdlerFC Erzgebirge Aue to  _German Lower Leagues
Philipp Hosiner1. FC Union Berlin to  _Other Clubs
Martin HansenFC Ingolstadt 04 to  FC Basel
Mërgim MavrajHamburger SV to  Non-Affiliated
Rens Van EijdenAZ Alkmaar to  NEC Nijmegen
Luka IlićManchester City FC on loan to  NAC Breda
Djavan AndersonNon-Affiliated to  SS Lazio
Jacopo PetriccioneNon-Affiliated to  US Lecce
Cristian GalanoNon-Affiliated to  Parma Calcio 1913
Roberto CrivelloFrosinone Calcio to  Spezia Calcio
Alessandro MicaiNon-Affiliated to  US Salernitana 1919
Emanuele SuagherAtalanta BC to  Carpi FC 1909
Liam Henderson Non-Affiliated to  Hellas Verona FC
Jure Balkovec Non-Affiliated to  Hellas Verona FC
Dimitrios MacherasLevadiakos FC to  _Other Clubs
Dimitrios MacherasLevadiakos FC to  _Other Clubs
Adam Danch_Other Clubs to  Arka Gdynia
Raúl LizoainUD Las Palmas to  Non-Affiliated
Max MeyerNon-Affiliated to  Crystal Palace FC
Ashley WilliamsEverton FC on loan to  Stoke City FC
Piris Da MottaSan Lorenzo  to  CR Flamengo


RonnyRed Bull Brasil to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Ronny_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Red Bull Brasil
Ricardo BuenoRed Bull Brasil to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
NixonRed Bull Brasil to  _Other Clubs
William RochaRed Bull Brasil to  East Asia Players
Éwerton PáscoaRed Bull Brasil to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
MoraisAA Ponte Preta to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Morais_Série B & Lower Leagues to  AA Ponte Preta
NunesJoinville EC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Nunes_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Joinville EC
MoraisJoinville EC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Morais_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Joinville EC
MoraisNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Thiago RibeiroNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
NaldoCeará SC to  West Asia Players
NaldoWest Asia Players to  Ceará SC
Miguel VelosoGenoa CFC to  Non-Affiliated
Rodney StrasserGenoa CFC to  Non-Affiliated
Isaac CofieGenoa CFC to  Non-Affiliated
Giuseppe RossiGenoa CFC to  Non-Affiliated
Aleandro RosiGenoa CFC to  Non-Affiliated
Santiago GentilettiGenoa CFC to  Non-Affiliated
Lukáš ZimaGenoa CFC on loan to  AS Livorno Calcio
Nikola NinkovićEmpoli FC loan return to  Genoa CFC
Esteban RolónMálaga CF on loan to  Genoa CFC
Yassine ChikhaouiWest Asia Players to  CAF Players
SidneiRC Deportivo La Coruña to  Real Betis Balompié
Andrew LonerganNon-Affiliated to  Middlesbrough FC
Alfie Mawson Swansea City AFC to  Fulham FC
Maximiliano GonzálezRosario Central to  Tigre
Fernando GodoyTalleres to  Aldosivi
Jonathan MenéndezIndependiente to  West Asia Players
Fallou DiagnéSV Werder Bremen to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Jiří SkalákBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  Millwall FC
Luke MurphyNon-Affiliated to  Bolton Wanderers FC
Nicola DalmonteNon-Affiliated to  Bologna FC 1909
Federico RicciFC Crotone to  Benevento Calcio
Filippo BandinelliAC Perugia Calcio to  Benevento Calcio
Enrico BrignolaBenevento Calcio to  US Sassuolo Calcio
Gonzalo HiguaínJuventus FC to  AC Milan
Mattia CaldaraJuventus FC to  AC Milan
Leonardo BonucciAC Milan to  Juventus FC
Mathieu PeybernesFC Lorient to  Real Sporting de Gijón
Sanjin PrcićNon-Affiliated to  Levante UD
Luke MurphyLeeds United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Michael SantosMálaga CF on loan to  CD Leganés
Lamine KonéSunderland AFC to  RC Strasbourg Alsace
Cheikhou KouyatéWest Ham United FC to  Crystal Palace FC


Davis CurialeSerie C - Girone C to  
Cristian LlamaSerie C - Girone C to  
Rosario BucoloSerie C - Girone C to  
Marco BiagiantiSerie C - Girone C to  
Giuseppe RizzoSerie C - Girone C to  
Francesco LodiSerie C - Girone C to  
Simone CiancioUS Lecce to  
Giovanni MarcheseSerie C - Girone C to  
Alin ManeaCS Universitatea Craiova to  _Romanian Lower Leagues
Ronaldo VieiraLeeds United FC to  UC Sampdoria
NatalioNon-Affiliated to  Recreativo Huelva
Carlos Martínez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Recreativo Huelva
Juan Pedro Pina_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Recreativo Huelva
Iván GonzálezNon-Affiliated to  Recreativo Huelva
Jonathan Vila_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Recreativo Huelva
Iago Díaz_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Recreativo Huelva
Antonio Núñez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Recreativo Huelva
Fernando Llorente_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Recreativo Huelva
Joaquín Calderón_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Antxon Muneta_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Endika Bordas_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Juanjo Ciércoles_Spanish Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Ito_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Jonatan Valle_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Luismi Loro_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
José María Mena_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jesús Vázquez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Lucas Porcar_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Jorge Perona_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Angel Seguro_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Xavi Moré_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
David Vázquez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Paco Peña_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Diego Jiménez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Jony Lomas_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Saul Villalobos_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Víctor Fernández_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Adrián Ruiz_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Israel Castro_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Xavier Annunziata_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Adrián Martín_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Iván Pérez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Guillem Martí_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Héctor Figueroa_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Joseba Arriaga_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Antonio Calle_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Manuel Bonaque_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Sergio Juste_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Rubén González_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Toni Lao_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Rafa Páez _Spanish Lower Leagues to  _French Lower Leagues
Pedro Orfila_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Noé Pamarot_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
José Manuel Catalá_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Marc Vallho_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Borja Gómez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Erik GodoyBelgrano to  Colón de Santa Fe
David Mateos_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Raúl Moreno_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Antonio Sillero_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Manu Fernández_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Dani Mallo_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Bernardo Domínguez_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Alain Arroyo_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Non-Affiliated
Leon De Kogel_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Carlos Aranda_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Retired Players
Niki MäenpääNon-Affiliated to  Bristol City FC
Felipe_Série B & Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Luciano BalbiUnión de Santa Fe to  Extremadura UD
Aitor Fernández_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Extremadura UD
Fran Miranda_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Extremadura UD
Jairo Izquierdo_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Extremadura UD
Álex Barrera_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Extremadura UD
Vincenzo Rennella_CONCACAF Players to  Extremadura UD
Airam Cabrera_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Extremadura UD
SaimonJoinville EC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
FaustoCádiz CF to  Extremadura UD
Borja Granero_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Extremadura UD
TingaJoinville EC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
LusoSD Huesca to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Ernesto GalánNon-Affiliated to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Rafa LópezNon-Affiliated to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
David MorillasAlbacete Balompié to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Jorge García_Spanish Lower Leagues to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Héctor VerdésNon-Affiliated to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Fran Varela_Spanish Lower Leagues to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Isaac Carcelén_Spanish Lower Leagues to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Fede Varela_Portugal Other Clubs to  CF Rayo Majadahonda
Fernando CorderoUniversidad Católica to  San Martín de Tucumán
Federico MiloArsenal de Sarandí to  San Martín (SJ)
Javi Flores_Spanish Lower Leagues to  Elche CF
Edu AlbacarElche CF to  Retired Players
Diego BenitoElche CF to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Eldin HadžićElche CF to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Liberto BeltránElche CF to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Román GolobartElche CF to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Jony ÑiguezRCD Mallorca to  Elche CF
Damià SabaterRCD Mallorca to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Pol RoigéRCD Mallorca on loan to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
José ÁngelRCD Mallorca to  Non-Affiliated
Néstor SalinasRCD Mallorca to  Non-Affiliated
Mauro VigoritoFrosinone Calcio to  US Lecce
Leandro Montagud_Spanish Lower Leagues to  RCD Mallorca
Francisco FydriszewskiCD Lugo to  Newell's Old Boys
David CaiadoCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Jordi FiguerasNon-Affiliated to  Racing Club de Santander
Ritchie KitokoNon-Affiliated to  Racing Club de Santander
Álvaro CejudoNon-Affiliated to  Racing Club de Santander
Samuel LlorcaRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Mikel SantamaríaRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Israel PuertoRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Francisco RegalónRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Adán GurdielRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Santi JaraRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Dani AquinoRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Jagoba BeobideRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Borja GraneroRacing Club de Santander to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Álex GarcíaRacing Club de Santander to  Non-Affiliated
Borja LázaroRacing Club de Santander to  Non-Affiliated
David CórcolesRacing Club de Santander to  Non-Affiliated
Javi Hervás_Spanish Lower Leagues to  _Other Clubs
Isaac CarcelénCultural y Deportiva Leonesa to  _Spanish Lower Leagues
Mario OrtizCultural y Deportiva Leonesa to  CF Reus Deportiu
Adam KokoszkaŚląsk Wrocław to  Zagłębie Sosnowiec
Vitor BuenoSantos FC to  FC Dynamo Kyiv
Fran BeltránRayo Vallecano de Madrid to  RC Celta de Vigo
Adrián RamosEast Asia Players to  Granada CF
Pichu AtienzaCF Reus Deportiu to  CD Numancia
Pichu AtienzaCF Reus Deportiu to  CD Numancia
Markel Etxeberria CD Numancia to  CD Numancia
Markel Etxeberria CD Numancia to  Non-Affiliated
Aitor FernándezCD Numancia to  Levante UD
Julio ÁlvarezCD Numancia to  Retired Players
Juan CarlosNon-Affiliated to  CD Numancia
Sergio AguzaCórdoba CF to  UD Almería
RomeraNon-Affiliated to  UD Almería
NícolasHellas Verona FC to  Udinese Calcio
Lucas DigneFC Barcelona to  Everton FC
Timothée KolodziejczakTigres de la UANL to  AS Saint-Étienne
Stefanos KapinoNottingham Forest FC to  SV Werder Bremen
Vasile GheorgheCS Juventus Bucureşti to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Cristian BudCS Concordia Chiajna to  _Other Clubs
Mihai Leca_Other Clubs to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Alexandru GreabCS Gaz Metan Mediaș to  CS Concordia Chiajna
Ionuţ RadaNon-Affiliated to  CS Gaz Metan Mediaș
Felipe Baloy_CONCACAF Players to  Retired Players
Brad JonesFeyenoord to  West Asia Players
Santiago AriasPSV Eindhoven to  Club Atlético de Madrid
Šime VrsaljkoClub Atlético de Madrid to  FC Internazionale Milano
Lorenzo ReyesUniversidad de Chile to  Club Atlas
Ravel MorrisonClub Atlas loan return to  SS Lazio
NaldoCeará SC to  West Asia Players
FabianoSE Palmeiras to  SC Internacional
ViníciusNon-Affiliated to  Chapecoense
Carlos CésarAtlético Mineiro to  Coritiba FC
DeividAtlético Paranaense to  Sport CR
Felipe GedozAtlético Paranaense to  Goiás EC
EltonAA Ponte Preta to  EC Bahia
DiegoBotafogo FR to  Atlético Paranaense
Tiago AlvesRed Bull Brasil to  Ceará SC
Leandro SilvaCeará SC to  Coritiba FC
ErnandesCeará SC to  Goiás EC
ElicarlosFigueirense FC to  Chapecoense
Bruno PachecoAtlético Goianiense to  Chapecoense
Bruno SilvaChapecoense to  Cruzeiro EC
YagoSC Corinthians P to  Botafogo FR
MoisésSC Corinthians P to  Botafogo FR
WarianSC Corinthians P to  Atlético Goianiense
CarlinhosSC Corinthians P to  Oeste FC
LucianoNon-Affiliated to  Fluminense FC
JadsonAA Ponte Preta to  Fluminense FC
Douglas AugustoFluminense FC to  SC Corinthians P
BrunoSão Paulo FC to  EC Bahia
LucãoSão Paulo FC to  
LucãoSão Paulo FC to  
LucãoSão Paulo FC to  
SerginhoAmérica-MG to  East Asia Players
TonyAmérica-MG to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
AlisonAmérica-MG to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
SuélitonAmérica-MG to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Éder LimaAmérica-MG to  East Asia Players
ClebersonAtlético Paranaense to  Figueirense FC
Matheus SalesAmérica-MG to  Figueirense FC


Matteo RicciAS Roma to  Spezia Calcio
Cristian RiveraSD Eibar on loan to  UD Las Palmas
Pedro BigasUD Las Palmas on loan to  SD Eibar
Hadi Sacko Leeds United FC on loan to  UD Las Palmas
Benedikt HöwedesFC Schalke 04 to  FC Lokomotiv Moskva
Leonardo SánchezUnión de Santa Fe to  Aldosivi
Lorenzo ReyesSS Lazio to  Universidad de Chile
Santiago RosalesOlimpia to  Gimnasia de La Plata
Emil HallfredssonUdinese Calcio to  Frosinone Calcio
Mauro GuevgeoziánBelgrano to  Gimnasia de La Plata
Derlis GonzálezFC Dynamo Kyiv to  Santos FC
Gustavo Gómez AC Milan to  SE Palmeiras
Cristian EspinozaVillarreal CF to  Boca Juniors
Gian Filippo FelicioliHellas Verona FC to  AC Perugia Calcio
Patrick BamfordMiddlesbrough FC to  Leeds United FC
Boaz MyhillNon-Affiliated to  West Bromwich Albion FC
Boris RadunovićAtalanta BC to  US Cremonese
Cornel RâpăPogoń Szczecin to  Cracovia Kraków
Alberto GrassiSPAL 2013 loan return to  SSC Napoli
Sebastiano LupertoEmpoli FC loan return to  SSC Napoli
Mamadou Coulibaly Delfino Pescara 1936 to  Udinese Calcio
Alexis ZapataUdinese Calcio to  _Other Clubs
NícolasUdinese Calcio to  Hellas Verona FC
Thomas HeurtauxHellas Verona FC loan return to  Udinese Calcio
Francesco ZampanoUdinese Calcio loan return to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Emmanuel BaduBursaspor loan return to  Udinese Calcio
Simone RomagnoliBologna FC 1909 loan return to  Empoli FC
Bruno PetkovićHellas Verona FC loan return to  Bologna FC 1909
Luca RizzoAtalanta BC loan return to  Bologna FC 1909
Filippo PerucchiniUS Lecce loan return to  Bologna FC 1909
Chiró N'tokoNAC Breda to  Non-Affiliated
Luka IlićNAC Breda loan return to  Manchester City FC
AndersonNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Bakary KonéNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Kasey PalmerChelsea FC on loan to  Blackburn Rovers FC
Sam BaldockBrighton & Hove Albion FC to  Reading FC
Carlos AuzquiRiver Plate to  Huracán
Lucas OlazaTalleres to  Boca Juniors
Nicolás CastroQuilmes to  Sarmiento de Junín
Elías Borrego_Other Clubs to  Platense
Martín Pérez GuedesMitre (SdE) to  Racing Club
Ismael BlancoAtlético Tucumán to  Mitre (SdE)
Ismael BlancoAtlético Tucumán to  Mitre (SdE)
Pablo Ruiz_Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues to  Mitre (SdE)
Raúl IberbiaLos Andes to  Olimpo
Maximiliano CorreaInstituto to  Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba
Maximiliano CorreaInstituto to  Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba
Milton CélizIndependiente Rivadavia to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Juan Manuel CoboIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Juan Manuel CoboIndependiente Rivadavia to  Non-Affiliated
Agustín BrionesGimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Cristian LlamaGimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza to  Serie C - Girone C
Marcos RivaderoVilla Dálmine to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Luis CastilloNon-Affiliated to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Lucas BalduncielNueva Chicago to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Alexis BlancoGimnasia Jujuy to  _Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues
Fabian MuñozTemperley to  Gimnasia Jujuy
Fabian MuñozTemperley to  Gimnasia Jujuy
Nahuel LujánFerro Carril Oeste to  Belgrano
Diego RiveroNon-Affiliated to  Chacarita Juniors
Oscar SainzCentral Córdoba de Santiago del Estero to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Facundo Melivilo_Other Clubs to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Ezequiel BarrionuevoRamón Santamarina to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Renzo PérezVilla Dálmine to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Mateo AcostaGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Gabriel SolísGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Lucas AlgozinoGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn to  Unión de Santa Fe
Francisco DutariGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Luciano NietoBrown de Adrogué to  _Other Clubs
Germán LessmanBrown de Adrogué to  Huracán
Santiago NagüelBrown de Adrogué to  Racing Club
Fernando PiñeroAgropecuario (CC) to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Emmanuel PereaAlmagro to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Gabriel CompagnucciAlmagro to  Unión de Santa Fe
Sebastián Matos_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
José Vizcarra_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Platense
Facundo Curuchet_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Platense
Leandro Becerra_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Luis Quiroga_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Defensores de Belgrano
Diego Tonetto_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Platense
Cristian Llama_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Hernán Lamberti_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Platense
Ezequiel Gallegos_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Platense
Emmanuel García_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Agustín Briones_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Leandro AguirreDefensores de Belgrano to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Lucas Márquez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza
Leandro Aguirre_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Defensores de Belgrano
Francisco Martínez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Defensores de Belgrano
Luciano Goux_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Defensores de Belgrano
Leandro Caballero_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Defensores de Belgrano
Héctor Cuevas_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Diego Jara_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Alfredo Ramírez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Marcos Sánchez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Cristian Díaz_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Oscar Sainz_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Alexis Ferrero_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
Maximiliano Cavallotti_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
César Taborda_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero


Tomás PochettinoDefensa y Justicia to  Talleres
Francisco CerroNon-Affiliated to  Defensa y Justicia
Iván PirisCF Monterrey to  Newell's Old Boys
Sebastián Penco_Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Julian JeanvierStade de Reims to  Brentford FC
Aleksandar MitrovićNewcastle United FC to  Fulham FC
Antonio RozziSS Lazio to  Non-Affiliated
Luca GermoniAC Perugia Calcio loan return to  SS Lazio
Joseph MinalaUS Salernitana 1919 loan return to  SS Lazio
Lorenzo FilippiniNon-Affiliated to  SS Lazio
Cristiano LombardiBenevento Calcio loan return to  SS Lazio
Danilo CataldiBenevento Calcio loan return to  SS Lazio
Lorenzo ReyesClub Atlas loan return to  SS Lazio
Joaquín CorreaSevilla FC to  SS Lazio
Milan BadeljACF Fiorentina to  SS Lazio
Emil Bergström_Other Clubs to  FC Utrecht
Liam RoseniorNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Gaël DanicFC Lorient to  _French Lower Leagues
Arnold MvuembaFC Lorient to  Non-Affiliated
Ramil Sheydaev_Other Clubs loan return to  Trabzonspor AŞ
Luis Ibáñez_Turkey Other Clubs loan return to  Trabzonspor AŞ
Zargo TouréFC Lorient to  Trabzonspor AŞ
Julian PalmiériGazélec Ajaccio to  Gazélec Ajaccio


Ezequiel RescaldaniAtletico Nacional to  Patronato de Paraná
Leandro GuerreiroAmérica-MG to  Retired Players
Victor Rangel_Ascenso MX & Lower Leagues to  AA Ponte Preta
Anderson BambaOeste FC to  Retired Players
Anderson BambaNon-Affiliated to  Oeste FC
Anderson BambaOeste FC to  Non-Affiliated
Anderson Bamba_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Oeste FC
Anderson BambaNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
EdersonCR Flamengo to  Retired Players
Jop Van Der LindenAZ Alkmaar to  East Asia Players
BaianoRayo Vallecano de Madrid to  _Turkey Other Clubs
TitoCD Leganés to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Luis AdvínculaTigres de la UANL on loan to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
VitinhoPFC CSKA Moskva to  CR Flamengo
Oswaldo HenríquezSport CR to  CR Vasco da Gama
MaicosuelGrêmio FBPA to  Paraná
Leandro CastánAS Roma to  CR Vasco da Gama
PaulãoCR Vasco da Gama to  América-MG
Cléber ReisCoritiba FC to  Paraná
Emerson SantosSE Palmeiras to  SC Internacional
LéoCoritiba FC to  Fluminense FC
FabinhoSC Internacional to  Ceará SC
EdinhoCoritiba FC to  Ceará SC
Samuel XavierAtlético Mineiro to  Ceará SC
Marcelo CirinoWest Asia Players to  Atlético Paranaense
Wellington MartinsAtlético Mineiro to  Atlético Paranaense
Wellington MartinsCR Vasco da Gama to  Atlético Mineiro
Márcio AzevedoNon-Affiliated to  Atlético Paranaense
AírtonNon-Affiliated to  Fluminense FC
MarquinhosNon-Affiliated to  América-MG
Claudio PizarroNon-Affiliated to  SV Werder Bremen
John TerryAston Villa FC to  Non-Affiliated
James WilsonSheffield United FC loan return to  Manchester United FC
David McgoldrickNon-Affiliated to  Sheffield United FC
Yann KermorgantReading FC to  Non-Affiliated
Stephen QuinnReading FC to  Non-Affiliated
Deniss RakelsReading FC to  _Other Clubs
Steven NaismithNorwich City FC on loan to  _Other Clubs
Tim CahillMillwall FC to  Non-Affiliated
Shaun CummingsMillwall FC to  _English Lower Leagues
Josip RadoševićHNK Hajduk Split to  Brøndby IF
Andrew LonerganLeeds United FC to  Non-Affiliated
Miguel CifuentesAlbacete Balompié to  Málaga CF
Munir MohandNon-Affiliated to  Málaga CF
Bakary KonéMálaga CF to  Non-Affiliated
KekoMálaga CF on loan to  Real Valladolid CF
José Antonio CaroReal Valladolid CF on loan to  Albacete Balompié
Cameron Borthwick-JacksonManchester United FC to  _English Lower Leagues
Barry DouglasWolverhampton Wanderers to  Leeds United FC
Wayne RooneyChicago Fire SC to  _CONCACAF Players
Luis Solignac_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Nemanja Nikolić_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Raheem EdwardsImpact de Montréal to  Chicago Fire SC
Michael De Leeuw_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Nicolas Hasler_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Johan Kappelhof_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Bastian Schweinsteiger_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Aleksandar Katai_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Wayne Rooney_CONCACAF Players to  Chicago Fire SC
Yoann GourcuffNon-Affiliated to  Dijon FCO


Franco QuirogaNueva Chicago to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Sergio SánchezFerro Carril Oeste to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Emiliano MéndezDeportivo Morón to  Arsenal de Sarandí
Lautaro FórmicaDeportivo Morón to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Juan Martín ImbertChacarita Juniors to  Quilmes
Ignacio OronáBrown de Adrogué to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Joel BarbosaBrown de Adrogué to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Lucas Wilchez_Argentina Lower Leagues to  Temperley
Lucas WilchezArsenal de Sarandí to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Pablo VergaraAlmagro to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Mariano BíttoloAlbacete Balompié to  Newell's Old Boys
Sebastián MoyanoAldosivi to  Gimnasia de La Plata
Ricardo NoirHuracán to  Atlético Tucumán
Vasilis TorosidisNon-Affiliated to  Olympiacos FC
Vasilis TorosidisNon-Affiliated to  Olympiacos FC
Filip KasalicaPlatanias FC to  _Other Clubs
Filip KasalicaPlatanias FC to  _Other Clubs
Chigozie UdojiPlatanias FC to  _Other Clubs
Chigozie UdojiPlatanias FC to  _Other Clubs
Kostakis ArtymatasAOK Kerkyra to  APOEL FC
Kostakis ArtymatasAOK Kerkyra to  APOEL FC
Nikola LekovićAOK Kerkyra to  Non-Affiliated
Nikola LekovićAOK Kerkyra to  Non-Affiliated
Sotiris BalafasAOK Kerkyra to  Non-Affiliated
Sotiris BalafasAOK Kerkyra to  Non-Affiliated
Mathieu GomesAOK Kerkyra to  Non-Affiliated
Mathieu GomesAOK Kerkyra to  Non-Affiliated
Nikos AnastasopoulosNon-Affiliated to  AOK Kerkyra
Nikos AnastasopoulosNon-Affiliated to  AOK Kerkyra
Nicki Bille NielsenPanionios G.S.S. to  _Other Clubs
Nicki Bille NielsenPanionios G.S.S. to  _Other Clubs
Filip ManojlovićGetafe CF to  Panionios G.S.S.
Filip ManojlovićGetafe CF to  Panionios G.S.S.
Kevin ItabelPanetolikos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Kevin ItabelPanetolikos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Clésio BaúquePanetolikos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Clésio BaúquePanetolikos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Clésio BaúquePanetolikos FC to  Non-Affiliated
Igor SilvaOlympiacos FC to  _Other Clubs
Igor SilvaOlympiacos FC to  _Other Clubs
Jovan Krneta_Other Clubs to  Levadiakos FC
Jovan Krneta_Other Clubs to  Levadiakos FC
Giannis PasasAris Thessaloniki FC to  Non-Affiliated
Giannis PasasAris Thessaloniki FC to  Non-Affiliated
Hamza YounésWest Asia Players to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Hamza YounésWest Asia Players to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
Sandi KrižmanAE Larisa to  PAS Giannina
Sandi KrižmanAE Larisa to  PAS Giannina
Vasilios PapafotisAE Larisa to  Non-Affiliated
Vasilios PapafotisAE Larisa to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolás DibbleGimnasia de La Plata to  _Other Clubs


Jonathan RamisBelgrano to  Vélez Sársfield
Mickaël PotéAPOEL FC to  _Turkey Other Clubs
IviLevante UD on loan to  Real Valladolid CF
José Ángel PozoUD Almería to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Juan CarlosCD Tenerife to  UD Almería
David SimónUD Las Palmas to  RC Deportivo La Coruña
Yoshinori Muto1. FSV Mainz 05 to  Newcastle United FC
Juan Cruz KaprofRiver Plate to  Atlético Tucumán
Adrián CalelloHuracán to  Banfield
DóriaOlympique de Marseille to  Club Santos Laguna
Lucas EvangelistaUdinese Calcio to  FC Nantes
NícolasHellas Verona FC to  Udinese Calcio
Niccolò GiannettiSpezia Calcio to  AS Livorno Calcio
Ezequiel CeruttiWest Asia Players to  Independiente
Giangiacomo MagnaniJuventus FC to  US Sassuolo Calcio
Carl IkemeWolverhampton Wanderers to  Retired Players
Gregoire DefrelAS Roma on loan to  UC Sampdoria
Luca VidoAtalanta BC on loan to  AC Perugia Calcio
Marcel HellerFC Augsburg to  SV Darmstadt 98
Denis AlibecFCSB to  AFC Astra Giurgiu
Davy KlaassenEverton FC to  SV Werder Bremen
Dion MaloneNon-Affiliated on loan to  ADO Den Haag
Francisco GeraldesSporting Clube de Portugal on loan to  Eintracht Frankfurt
Julio AnguloHuracán to  _Other Clubs
Mauricio TévezInstituto to  Defensa y Justicia
Łukasz BroźLegia Warszawa to  Śląsk Wrocław
Marcos AngeleriSan Lorenzo  to  Nacional
Diego VeraColón de Santa Fe to  Tigre


Walter SerranoSan Martín de Tucumán to  Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba
Dmitry PolozFC Zenit on loan to  FC Rubin Kazan
Matz SelsNewcastle United FC to  RC Strasbourg Alsace
Diego RolánRC Deportivo La Coruña on loan to  CD Leganés
Damien Da SilvaNon-Affiliated to  Stade Rennais FC
Iván FuriosPatronato de Paraná to  _Argentina Lower Leagues
Rolando MandragoraJuventus FC to  Udinese Calcio
Eddy GnahoréUS Città di Palermo to  SC Amiens
Niccolò GiannettiCagliari Calcio to  Spezia Calcio
Francesco ForteSpezia Calcio to  _Other Clubs
Germán MontoyaBelgrano to  
Aleksandr GolovinPFC CSKA Moskva to  AS Monaco FC
Enzo RocoCruz Azul to  Beşiktaş JK
Édouard DuplanNon-Affiliated to  Sparta Rotterdam
Fabian SchärRC Deportivo La Coruña to  Newcastle United FC
Lenny NangisValenciennes FC to  Levadiakos FC
Alberto BrignoliJuventus FC on loan to  US Città di Palermo
Georges-Kévin N'koudouBurnley FC loan return to  Tottenham Hotspur FC
Jack HuntSheffield Wednesday FC to  Bristol City FC
Artur YusupovFC Zenit to  _Russia Other Clubs
Joris GnagnonStade Rennais FC to  Sevilla FC
Robert GreenNon-Affiliated to  Chelsea FC
Michał KopczyńskiLegia Warszawa on loan to  East Asia Players
Michał KopczyńskiLegia Warszawa on loan to  East Asia Players
Fran VélezWisla Kraków to  Aris Thessaloniki FC
André AyewSwansea City AFC on loan to  Fenerbahçe SK
André SchürrleBorussia Dortmund on loan to  Fulham FC
Tomás ConechnySan Lorenzo  to  _CONCACAF Players
Alejandro MeloSan Lorenzo  to  Gimnasia de La Plata
David DroccoArsenal de Sarandí to  Huracán


Loris NeryValenciennes FC to  AS Nancy
Brandon ThomasStade Rennais FC on loan to  CA Osasuna
JonnyClub Atlético de Madrid on loan to  Wolverhampton Wanderers
JonnyRC Celta de Vigo to  Club Atlético de Madrid
Alireza JahanbakhshAZ Alkmaar to  Brighton & Hove Albion FC
GottardiCS Marítimo to  Non-Affiliated
DannyNon-Affiliated to  CS Marítimo
Gevorg GhazaryanCS Marítimo to  GD Chaves
Amido BaldéCS Marítimo to  Non-Affiliated
Marko BakićCF Belenenses loan return to  SC Braga
Bruno PereirinhaCF Belenenses to  Non-Affiliated
Miguel RosaCF Belenenses to  _Portugal Other Clubs
BetinhoCF Belenenses to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Henrique AlmeidaCoritiba FC to  CF Belenenses
LicáNon-Affiliated to  CF Belenenses
Nuno CoelhoNon-Affiliated to  CF Belenenses
Zakarya Bergdich_French Lower Leagues to  CF Belenenses
Filipe MendesCF Belenenses to  _Portugal Other Clubs
MikaNon-Affiliated to  CF Belenenses
Jhon Murillo_Turkey Other Clubs to  CD Tondela
Sulley MuniruNon-Affiliated to  CD Tondela
KakáCD Tondela to  Non-Affiliated
Joãozinho_Other Clubs to  CD Tondela
Marcelo LarrondoRiver Plate to  Defensa y Justicia
Rafael CrivellaroNon-Affiliated to  CD Feirense
João SilvaNon-Affiliated to  CD Feirense
Bruno NascimentoNon-Affiliated to  CD Feirense
PeçanhaCD Feirense to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Rafael Bracali_Portugal Other Clubs to  Boavista FC
Tiago MesquitaBoavista FC to  CD Feirense
Hélton Leite_Série B & Lower Leagues to  Boavista FC
KucaBoavista FC to  Non-Affiliated
VagnerBoavista FC to  _Other Clubs
Jean Sony AlcénatCD Feirense to  Non-Affiliated
Michał MiśkiewiczCD Feirense to  Non-Affiliated
BargeCD Feirense to  Retired Players
WellingtonCD Feirense to  Non-Affiliated
EdinhoGD Chaves to  CD Feirense
Fábio SturgeonGD Chaves to  CD Feirense
Nemanja PetrovićGD Chaves to  _Other Clubs
Fábio SturgeonGD Chaves to  GD Chaves
Yannick DjalóVitória de Setúbal to  East Asia Players
Emrah BaşsanVitória de Setúbal to  _Turkey Other Clubs
EdinhoVitória de Setúbal to  GD Chaves
Rúben Lima_Portugal Other Clubs to  Moreirense FC
Pedro TrigueiraVitória de Setúbal to  Moreirense FC
EdnoMoreirense FC to  Non-Affiliated
Bruno RamiresMoreirense FC loan return to  Cruzeiro EC
André MicaelMoreirense FC to  West Asia Players
Pedro TabordaMoreirense FC to  Retired Players
Rúben MicaelEast Asia Players to  Vitória de Setúbal
Fernando AlexandreMoreirense FC to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Marcelo OliveiraMoreirense FC to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Felipe_Portugal Other Clubs to  CD Nacional
Jota_Portugal Other Clubs to  CD Nacional
Sérgio Marakis_Portugal Other Clubs to  CD Nacional
Diego Barcelos_Portugal Other Clubs to  CD Nacional
Aleksandar Paločević_Portugal Other Clubs to  CD Nacional
Éder MilitãoSão Paulo FC to  FC Porto
Magnus Wolff EikremNon-Affiliated to  _Other Clubs
Mario PašalićChelsea FC on loan to  Atalanta BC
Peter Van OoijenHeracles Almelo to  VVV-Venlo
Maxime LestienneNon-Affiliated to  Standard Liège
Mitchell DonaldNon-Affiliated to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Joey Van Den BergReading FC to  NEC Nijmegen
Kasim NuhuBSC Young Boys to  TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
Emiliano VelázquezClub Atlético de Madrid on loan to  Rayo Vallecano de Madrid
Sergi GómezRC Celta de Vigo to  Sevilla FC
Óscar BarretoRio Ave FC loan return to  _Other Clubs
Danielson_Portugal Other Clubs to  Rio Ave FC
MarcãoRio Ave FC to  GD Chaves
Francisco GeraldesRio Ave FC loan return to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
Yuri RibeiroRio Ave FC to  SL Benfica
João NovaisRio Ave FC to  SC Braga
Rui VieiraRio Ave FC to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Miguel RodriguesNon-Affiliated to  Rio Ave FC
Samuel Di CarmineAC Perugia Calcio to  Hellas Verona FC
Riccardo FiamozziDelfino Pescara 1936 to  US Lecce
Tommie HobanWatford FC on loan to  _Other Clubs
Jordy ClasieSouthampton FC on loan to  Feyenoord
Bryan CabezasAtalanta BC on loan to  Fluminense FC
Nicolas HaasAtalanta BC on loan to  US Città di Palermo
Gelson MartinsNon-Affiliated to  Club Atlético de Madrid
Pedro QueirósGD Chaves to  
RabiolaNon-Affiliated to  FC Paços de Ferreira
Vasco RochaFC Paços de Ferreira to  FC Paços de Ferreira
Mário FelgueirasFC Paços de Ferreira to  _Other Clubs
RicardoFC Paços de Ferreira to  _Portugal Other Clubs
CíceroFC Paços de Ferreira to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Hélder GuedesRio Ave FC to  West Asia Players
CássioRio Ave FC to  West Asia Players
Pedro MoreiraRio Ave FC to  Non-Affiliated
YazaldeRio Ave FC to  Non-Affiliated
LionnRio Ave FC to  Non-Affiliated
André Vilas BoasRio Ave FC to  Retired Players
Bruno TelesRio Ave FC to  FC Paços de Ferreira
RonnyNon-Affiliated to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
PeléRio Ave FC to  AS Monaco FC
FabrícioPortimonense SC to  East Asia Players
Wenderson GalenoFC Porto on loan to  Rio Ave FC
Fede VarelaPortimonense SC loan return to  _Portugal Other Clubs
Wenderson GalenoPortimonense SC loan return to  FC Porto
Rafa SoaresPortimonense SC to  Vitória de Guimarães
Rúben Fernandes_Other Clubs to  Portimonense SC
Ricardo Ferreira_Portugal Other Clubs to  Portimonense SC
Filipe Chaby_Portugal Other Clubs to  CF Belenenses
CauêMoreirense FC to  East Asia Players
Matheus PereiraGD Chaves loan return to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
MarceloRio Ave FC to  Sporting Clube de Portugal
Jonathan SilvaSporting Clube de Portugal on loan to  CD Leganés
QuiqueCA Osasuna to  RC Deportivo La Coruña
Sulley MuntariRC Deportivo La Coruña to  Non-Affiliated
SidneiFC Krasnodar to  RC Deportivo La Coruña
Adrián OrtolàFC Barcelona on loan to  RC Deportivo La Coruña
Gastón GiménezEstudiantes de La Plata to  Vélez Sársfield
Federico AnselmoArgentinos Juniors to  Quilmes
Jakub KoseckiŚląsk Wrocław to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Jakub KoseckiŚląsk Wrocław to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Jakub KoseckiŚląsk Wrocław to  _Turkey Other Clubs


Alberto AquilaniUD Las Palmas to  Non-Affiliated
Raffaele Di GennaroSpezia Calcio loan return to  FC Internazionale Milano
Diego RicoCD Leganés to  AFC Bournemouth
RicharlisonWatford FC to  Everton FC
Xavier PentecôteNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Xavier PentecôteNon-Affiliated to  Retired Players
Georges MandjeckAC Sparta Praha to  _Other Clubs
Amato CicirettiSSC Napoli to  Parma Calcio 1913
Xabier EtxeitaAthletic Club on loan to  SD Huesca
João MoutinhoAS Monaco FC to  Wolverhampton Wanderers
Robin OlsenFC København to  AS Roma
Fabio ColtortiRB Leipzig to  Non-Affiliated
MalcomFC Girondins de Bordeaux to  FC Barcelona
Tim KrulNon-Affiliated to  Norwich City FC
Fabián CastilloTrabzonspor AŞ to  Club Tijuana
Jarosław JachCrystal Palace FC on loan to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Tom InceHuddersfield Town FC to  Stoke City FC
Marc WilsonNon-Affiliated to  Bolton Wanderers FC
Grzegorz KrychowiakParis Saint-Germain FC on loan to  FC Lokomotiv Moskva
Riccardo BroscoCarpi FC 1909 to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Roberto InsigneParma Calcio 1913 to  Benevento Calcio
Giacomo BerettaFoggia Calcio to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Massimo VoltaAC Perugia Calcio to  Benevento Calcio
Mitchell Te Vrede_Turkey Other Clubs to  NAC Breda
Vinnie Vermeer_Dutch Lower Leagues to  NAC Breda
Rai VloetNAC Breda to  _Other Clubs
Rafael LonguineSantos FC to  _Série B & Lower Leagues
Carlos SánchezCF Monterrey to  Santos FC
Jonathan Reis_Turkey Other Clubs to  FC Twente
Queensy MenigFC Nantes to  _French Lower Leagues
Vincent EnyeamaLille OSC to  _French Lower Leagues
José FonteNon-Affiliated to  Lille OSC
Liassine CadamuroNîmes Olympique to  Non-Affiliated
Simon PouplinOGC Nice to  Non-Affiliated
Gonçalo GuedesValencia CF loan return to  Paris Saint-Germain FC
Samuel BouhoursStade de Reims to  Non-Affiliated
Alfredo OrtuñoNon-Affiliated to  Albacete Balompié
Maksym KovalFC Dynamo Kyiv to  West Asia Players
Robin LodNon-Affiliated to  Real Sporting de Gijón
Andy DelortToulouse FC on loan to  Montpellier HSC
Vincent BessatSM Caen to  Non-Affiliated
Yacine BammouFC Nantes to  SM Caen
Clément GrenierEn Avant de Guingamp to  Stade Rennais FC
MalcomAS Roma to  FC Girondins de Bordeaux


Chancel MbembaNewcastle United FC on loan to  FC Porto
DouglasFC Barcelona on loan to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Daniele AltobelliUS Salernitana 1919 to  
MalcomFC Girondins de Bordeaux to  AS Roma
Jacques Alaixys RomaoOlympiacos FC to  Stade de Reims
Fabián MonzónUniversidad de Chile to  Non-Affiliated
Nacer Barazite_Turkey Other Clubs to  Non-Affiliated
Sebastián UbillaWest Asia Players loan return to  Universidad de Chile
Agustín FaríasAPOEL FC loan return to  _Other Clubs
Rafael Romo_Other Clubs loan return to  APOEL FC
Reza GhoochannejhadNon-Affiliated to  APOEL FC
Cristiano PicciniSporting Clube de Portugal to  Valencia CF
FabricioBeşiktaş JK to  Fulham FC
Kasey PalmerDerby County FC loan return to  Chelsea FC


Sebastián OlivarezGodoy Cruz Antonio Tomba to  Belgrano
Rafael CabralNon-Affiliated to  UC Sampdoria
Leonardo BlanchardSerie C - Girone A to  Non-Affiliated
Nicolas HaslerToronto FC to  _CONCACAF Players
Magnus Wolff Eikrem_CONCACAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Jaime AyovíEast Asia Players to  West Asia Players
Federico MattielloAtalanta BC on loan to  Bologna FC 1909
Claudiu BumbaCS Concordia Chiajna to  _Turkey Other Clubs
Marco CarraroAtalanta BC on loan to  Foggia Calcio
RodyCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
DédéCAF Players to  Retired Players
David Louhoungou_French Lower Leagues to  _French Lower Leagues
Emmanuel MayukaCAF Players to  _Other Clubs
Gomo OndukuCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Lassad NouiouiCAF Players to  Retired Players
Soufian El HassnaouiCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Mohamed Amine AoudiaCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Pape NdawCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Roy ContoutCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Saâd TedjarCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Mourad MeghniCAF Players to  Retired Players
Mario MartinezCAF Players to  _CONCACAF Players
Änis Ben-HatiraCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Saleh GomaaCAF Players to  West Asia Players
Mourad SatliCAF Players to  _French Lower Leagues
Sofyane CherfaCAF Players to  Serie C - Girone A
Mourtala DiakitéCAF Players to  Retired Players
Abdelfettah BoukhrissCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Fahd AktaouCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Samuel InkoomCAF Players to  Non-Affiliated
Dani SchahinNon-Affiliated to  CAF Players
Omar Gaber_CONCACAF Players to  CAF Players
RodriguinhoSC Corinthians P to  CAF Players
SomáliaToulouse FC to  West Asia Players
Brahian AlemanGimnasia de La Plata to  West Asia Players
Lucas AlbertengoIndependiente to  Estudiantes de La Plata
Gustavo ColmanRosario Central to  Non-Affiliated
Maximiliano RodríguezSan Martín (SJ) to  _Other Clubs
Carlos RodriguezTigre to  Peñarol
Jacobo MansillaTigre to  _Other Clubs
Walter SerranoGodoy Cruz Antonio Tomba to  San Martín de Tucumán
Juan GaleanoArsenal de Sarandí to  Aldosivi
Juan GaleanoAldosivi to  Arsenal de Sarandí
Tobias FigueiredoSporting Clube de Portugal to  Nottingham Forest FC
Costel PantilimonWatford FC to  Nottingham Forest FC
Jack ColbackNewcastle United FC on loan to  Nottingham Forest FC
Jonathan BiabianyAC Sparta Praha loan return to  FC Internazionale Milano
Lukáš Vácha_Other Clubs to  AC Sparta Praha
Mario Holek_Other Clubs loan return to  AC Sparta Praha
Pontus WernbloomPFC CSKA Moskva to  Non-Affiliated
Bibras NatkhoPFC CSKA Moskva to  Non-Affiliated
Georgi MilanovPFC CSKA Moskva to  Non-Affiliated
Aaron Olanare_Russia Other Clubs loan return to  PFC CSKA Moskva
Facundo MonteseirínArsenal de Sarandí to  Lanús
Pablo BeckerRosario Central to  _Other Clubs
Aleksei BerezutskiPFC CSKA Moskva to  Retired Players
Vasili BerezutskiPFC CSKA Moskva to  Retired Players
Rodrigo Arciero Patronato de Paraná to  Banfield
Carlos MatheuHuracán to  Peñarol
Daniel MontenegroHuracán to  Retired Players
Iván RossiRiver Plate to  Huracán
Omar AldereteGimnasia de La Plata to  Huracán
Facundo QuignonSan Lorenzo  to  Lanús


Walter LópezSpezia Calcio to  
Cristiano Del GrossoVenezia FC to  Delfino Pescara 1936
Fabio LucioniBenevento Calcio to  US Lecce
Vasile MogoșAscoli Calcio 1898 FC to  US Cremonese
Darwin MachísGranada CF to  Udinese Calcio
Luca RigoniGenoa CFC to  Parma Calcio 1913
Stipe PericaUdinese Calcio to  Frosinone Calcio
Alessandro SalviAS Cittadella to  US Città di Palermo
Franco ZuculiniHellas Verona FC to  Colón de Santa Fe
Michele CavionUS Cremonese to  Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
Samir UjkaniUS Cremonese